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Soap & Glory The Zest of Times

Without question, Soap & Glory gift sets have Christmas written all over them and I am someone who always looks forward to seeing what is on offer.  I featured The Zest of Times in my Stocking Filler Gift Guide (here) and it was an absolute bargain.
Soap & Glory The Zest of Times Tin
Soap & Glory The Zest of Times Contents
Nestled inside one of the best tins ive ever owned from Soap & Glory was 5 products and to me, they showcased the very best of what is on offer from the brand. I make no secret of the fact that Sugar Crush is my favourite Soap & Glory scent, there is something about the zesty, sharp lime scent which I just absolutely love and there is always a pot of the Sugar Crush scrub in my bathroom as both the mister and I love it.

The Sugar Crush Body Spray was a product I had never tried and being honest, I am still not too sure if I see the point of a body spray when I adore and use so much perfume. That said, I have used this and it wasn't quite as I expected it to be. Firstly, the scent is quite sharp but its longevity surprised me, it lasted for hours when spritzed and took quite a while to settle down. Featuring essential lemon oil and a Elemi oil which are said to give an energizing lift, the scent is described as being "A heady cocktail of vanillia musk blended with sweet lime, ginger and smashed brown sugar" almost making you think of a mojito, but for me not quite. I have given this a try as a room spray, spritzing it before I go into the shower and then coming back into my bedroom in a morning to get ready for work, it makes quite the difference to kicking you awake!

Next is the Sugar Crush Body Wash and this is a favourite from the range and one that is already in my travel bag ready for Paris in a few weeks time.  Again, the same zesty fragrance which comes to life once it comes into contact with hot water and steam, this is definitely a morning body wash but it can also be used as a bath lotion to give you those zesty bubbles too, perfect for those times when you need a bit of a pick me up because the fragrance is so uplifting. Using Kiwi Juice, kaffir limes, sparkling lemons, sweet vanilla musk and coconut oil, I love how this leaves my skin feeling after using.

After showering or bathing, I am sure you will want to intensify that zesty scent and that is where the Sugar Crush Body Buttercream comes into play. I am hopeless when it comes to using body lotions and butters, I start off using them every day, sometimes twice a day, but as time progresses, I always forget to use them.  This is my first time using the Sugar Crush Body Buttercream and the pot, which was 50ml is already empty. Enriched with both shea and cocoa butter, almond & coconut oil and a real hit of zest thanks to the inclusion of both uplifting lime oil and smoothing lime tree blossom extract.  What I liked about this body cream is that it wasn't overly thick and didn't feel tacky on the skin, instead it absorbs almost instantly on contact and really helped to intensify that zesty scent not to mention leaving my skin feeling super smooth to the touch.

One of Soap & Glory's cult products has to be Hand Food and back when the Sugar Crush version was released I immediately bought a tube. As with the original, this hand cream is neither sticky or tacky on the skin and is incredibly moisturising.  The texture is very much the same as the original Hand Food cream, the only difference with this one is the zesty lime scent which comes to life as soon as you begin to massage it in.

Finally, there are the Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack Under-eye Brightening Hydrogel Patches which are designed to revitalise tired eyes.  I spend a lot of my working day looking at a computer screen, scrolling through my phone and reading on my Kindle and all of this together contributes to very tired eyes, sometimes so tired that I just need to close them for a few minutes for a refresh.  Using what Soap & Glory refer to as being PUFFEASE™ technology (a tripeptide that reduces the appearance of puff) alongside ingredients such as cucumber fruit juice and liquorice root extract, it is described as being the perfect perk-me-up for peepers!  I am a huge fan of eye masks, more so if they are made of hydrogel because for me, it is just so much more refreshing and soothing.  I used these under-eye masks whilst relaxing just after the madness of Christmas and it was lovely to just sit back and relax for a few minutes, I'm not too sure how much they brighten but they definitely moisturise and soothe. 

Whilst this gift set is no longer available, each one of the products within the tin is (here) and you can purchase the travel size versions which are 50ml and prices from £3.50 or the full-sized versions which range in price from £6-£10.  For me, this is my absolute favourite Soap & Glory scent, I would love to know what yours is?

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  1. I love this scent too and Orangeasm - anything zesty and citrussy! xx


  2. I love their sets so much - always so fun and colourful x

  3. Soap & Glory gift sets really are amazing value for money. I will pick up the eye patches soon.

    Roxie | thebeautifulbluebird.com

  4. Soap and glory make some of the cutest gifts x


  5. Great post! I love Soap & Glory’s stuff, especially their body scrubs — they smell so good!

  6. I love this size gift set, it makes a perfect birthday present throughout the year. I bought tons in the Boots 70% sale last year and they were such a bargain. Mich x

  7. I love the scent of this range so much! Such a good little set!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  8. wow didn't realize Soap & Glory had so many products out like this! like the pink branding super cute

  9. I love Breakfast Scrub! Their packaging and scents are amazing!

  10. Just bought this as a gift for a birthday next month! So ideal x

  11. What a fab set, I love their eye masks x


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