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NO2O Dry Sheet Treatment Masks

I absolutely love facemasks and I love that they come in all shapes, sizes, fragrances, textures and you can choose whether you want something that is clay, bubble, peel off, rubberised, sheet, mud, creme and perhaps most importantly you can choose a mask for a particular problem, issue or just for some pampering.  One type of mask I had never used until recently was a dry sheet mask.
NO2O Dry Sheet Treatment Mask selection
NO2O by Aqua Skincare is a range of 4 dry sheet masks, infused with a combination of power active ingredients and peptides which leaves your skin feeling ‘wow’. Based in Truro in the beautiful County of Cornwall, Aqua Advanced Skincare was created to offer something more than just your average beauty salon, all of their treatments and products are based on correcting and preventing damage to your skin and maintaining the health of your skin.

The NO2O Dry Sheet Treatment Masks combine breakthrough skincare technology and scientific formulations in an easy-to-use and mess-free way. Using an innovative delivery system to ensure that your skin is enriched with nutrients and peptides which continue to work long after the mask has been removed.  This was an absolute first for me when it came to a facemask that was dry and even more so that you can use each mask twice making them even better value for money.
NO2O Dry Sheet Treatment Mask
NO2O Dry Sheet Treatment Mask
NO2O Dry Sheet Treatment Mask Fitting
To use these masks, you first need to ensure that you have cleansed and dried your face to remove any surface dirt and grime that is just sitting there.  Once you have done that, you apply the dry sheet mask and then once it is on the face in the right position and thankfully there is even a slit to ensure the mask stays in place using your ears, massage it for 30 seconds and in doing this you activate the ingredients.  Leave it on the skin for 15-20 minutes to work its magic.  I was admittedly not sure what to expect at all, part of me assumed I would need to wet the mask somehow to make it work and another part of me, the sceptical part, expected there to be absolutely nothing happening once the mask was in use.

The first of the four masks is the Detoxing Dry Sheet Mask and it uses a whole host of ingredients which slowly penetrate the skin to balance oil production as well as being purifying and clarifying. 
NO2O Dry Sheet Detoxing Treatment Masks
These ingredients include:
  • Salicylic Acid - designed to unclog pores which can actively cause acne, reduces inflammation and regulates oil production
  • Red Clover - Anti-oxident which eliminates toxins whilst calming and soothing the skin
  • Boldo Leaf Extract - Calms the skin and assists in healing
  • Kokum Butter - Essential fatty acid-nourishing and moisturising without clogging the skin
I have combination oily skin and I loved how this mask felt on my skin when I used it for the first time. Anything that I can use to balance my oily skin, is always worthy of trying and the one thing I did notice a few hours after using is how calm my skin looked having had a flare-up of flushing to my cheeks.

The second mask is the Protecting Dry Sheet Mask and this mask uses a combination of powerful active ingredients and peptides which slowly penetrate the skin for visibly firmer, hydrated, plumped and tighter skin whilst protecting against further environmental damage. 
NO2O Protecting Dry Sheet Treatment Masks
Those ingredients include:
  • Pichia Heedi Natural Extract - Reduces inflammation and enhances collagen production
  • Moringa Oil - Antioxidant which supports the skin's overall health
  • Shea Butter - A Natural fatty acid which nourishes and moisturises 
  • Carcinine Peptite - Protects the skin from further damage and environmental stress
Living in London, I feel as though I need to do everything I can to protect my skin from environmental stress, a day of travelling around the city can leave my skin feeling just awful.

The third mask is the Hydrating Dry Sheet Mask and this mask is my favourite of the four. Again, as with the masks so far, this one uses a combination of powerful active ingredients and peptides which slowly penetrate the skin for visibly hydrated and plumped skin, whilst adding protection against increased moisture loss. 
NO2O Hydrating Dry Sheet Treatment Masks
Those ingredients are:
  • Hyaluronic Acid - Replenishes moisture and assists in collagen production.
  • Saliporine Extract - Reinforces the natural moisturising factor of the skin-improving hydration over a longer period of time.
  • Phytosterol and Squalene - Nourishes, repairs and protects the skin's natural lipid barrier function.
What I loved about this mask when I used it the first time is that my skin was feeling particularly vile having just had one of the heaviest colds I have had for some time and my skin felt dry to the touch, even though I kept up with my skincare routine as best I could manage.  One use of this mask and my skin felt incredible and there was a definite change in moisture.

The final mask within this collection is the Firming Dry Sheet Mask and it also infused with 

a combination of powerful active ingredients and peptides which slowly penetrate the skin for visibly firmer, hydrated, plumped and smooth skin. Overall texture and tone are improved with a luminous and rejuvenated result. 
NO2O Firming Dry Sheet Treatment Masks
Those ingredients include:

  • Hyaluronic Acid - Replenishes moisture and assists in collagen production.
  • Silubum Marianum Fruit Extract - Anti-oxident and anti-inflammatory- promotes the repair of skin cells
  • Grape Seed Oil - Tightens the skin- moisturising and smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lupinus Extract - Supports and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for firmer skin.

This was the mask which intrigued me the most because it does so much for the skin. What I liked about this mask was just how smoothing and moisturising it was. I am lucky to not have many wrinkles to be too worried about.

Having been initially sceptical about these masks, I am happy to say how wrong I was and how fabulous they are.  They are priced at £20 each (here) but you can purchase all four masks as part of a pack for £60 and when you consider that you can use each mask twice, it works out to cost around £7.50 per mask, which I think is amazing value for money and I would definitely want to repurchase these again.

Have you ever tried a Dry Sheet Mask?

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  1. I haven't tried many sheets masks but I need to x

  2. The only dry sheet mask I have tried is from Charlotte Tilbury, which has shea butter so caused me to break out. I love the sound of the firming & hydrating ones here! xx


  3. I haven't even heard of a dry sheet mask before, sounds interesting!

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    Roxie |

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  6. I love the dry masks! They are so so good!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  7. Ooh these sound amazing! I need the detox one! X

    Lauren |

  8. I never realised that dry masks can have so many benefits!! x


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