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How to get soft, smooth lips this winter

Keeping my lips soft and smooth is a particular challenge in winter. There are various factors that lead to chapped, cracked and flaky lips at this time of year. The drop in temperature and biting winds combine to batter our lips. And when we seek warmth inside, the dry air from central heating creates even more problems. But there are ways to keep your lips smooth and soft in the winter, as these five tips show.
How to get soft, smooth lips this winter with Vaseline
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Slather on the lip balm
Prevention is better than cure in my book, so even if your lips aren’t cracked and chapped yet, you’ll still want to pay attention to them daily. An easy way to do this is to regularly apply a lip balm, like Vaseline, or any other favourite lip product that you prefer. This is especially important when you go out, as you’ll have given you lips a layer of protection to guard against the wind and cold.

Is Vaseline safe? I hear you cry. If you’re wondering about petroleum jelly dangers then you can put your mind at rest. There are no known common side effects, so you don’t need to worry about the question is Vaseline safe – the experts say it is. After all, it’s triple-purified.

Gently exfoliate with a soft toothbrush
If your lips have already become dry, then you’re probably keen to get to remove as much of the flakiness as possible. But the key is to be gentle, otherwise, the problem could get worse. A soft toothbrush is a really simple tool to use to buff away dry patches. 

Make sure it’s the softest you can find – the type recommended for young children is ideal. Use light, circular motions over your lips to carefully exfoliate. Try this once or twice daily, and apply a lip balm after rinsing your lips to lock in moisture.

Scrub away with natural ingredients
Another way to remove dead skin cells on your lips involves the rather tasty-sounding combination of honey, sugar and almond oil. The sugar crystals work as an exfoliator to help buff away flakes, while the honey helps your lips retain moisture.

Add a little almond oil to your homemade scrub and you’re good to go. Simply massage the mixture gently onto your lips and let nature’s magic do its work.

Stay hydrated
It makes perfect sense, but it’s something we often forget – if we’re not hydrated, then our lips won’t be either. Drinking regular sips of water throughout the day to get to the recommended amount of six to eight glasses will help you in so many ways, not least by keeping your lips moist and hydrated.

If you find it too chilly in winter to sip on a glass of cold water, try combining half a mug of cold water with half a mug of freshly boiled water for a winter warmer. Un-caffeinated fruit and herbal teas can help up your fluid intake too.

Make it humid
My final tip is to do with the air around you. If you really struggle with the dry air that central heating can cause, you might want to invest in a humidifier. These little machines add moisture to the air. They’re typically used to treat dry skin, noses, throats and lips. 

You don’t want to create too humid an atmosphere, as that can encourage bacteria, mould and viruses to grow, so make sure you buy a quality humidifier that offers an appropriate level of humidity.

So there you have five tips to help keep your lips soft and smooth all winter long.

*This post was written in collaboration with Vaseline - you can learn more on my Disclaimer page.


  1. I love a good lip scrub! Definitely a favourite :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. I really need stuff like this in my life. The cold windy weather is really taking its toll on my lips!


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