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W=HB² Power Duo Serum

When news of the W=HB² serum, curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to give it a try. W=HB² which stands for Wellness = Health X Beauty2 is described as being an exclusive, premium beauty brand which is committed to perfection through the science of wellbeing. Created by Yilin Wang, a leading BioChemist, W=HB² has been researched, developed and produced in one of the leading skincare laboratories in Switzerland using advanced technologies to create a brand that truly delivers.   You can probably see, from that introduction, why I wanted to try the serum for myself! 
W=HB² Power-Duo-Serum
W=HB² Power-Duo-Serum
W=HB² Power-Duo-Serum
W=Hb2 embraces this duality with the belief that true beauty is defined by your inner health, peace and spiritual wellbeing, something I have been told on one or more occasion at product launches, it is just W-Hb2 has seemingly put a lot more thought into the meaning behind it.

Wellness = (Health x beauty) Squared = W=Hb2
H = Health – inner body status, the “Yin”. The foundation for beautiful skin.
b = beauty – outer reflection, the “Yang”. The mirror of internal balance.
2 = squared – true wellbeing requires spiritual health and beauty as well as physical. 
Positive energy; mind, body, spirit, heart, doubling health and beauty.
= W = Wellness – harmony and balance.

As for the product? Well whilst I know looks are not everything, this is one very luxurious looking product.  With a two-phase, fragrance free, triple action treatment, what you are essentially getting is two products in one bottle thanks to the double pump.  Designed to be applied twice a day after cleansing, the serums work to promote balanced skin health, beauty and protection.  So after cleansing your skin, you simply apply just one pump of Phase 1 and massage it into the skin until it absorbs and then immediately afterwards you apply just one pump again of Phase II and gently massage it into the skin, after which you can complete the rest of your skincare routine.

The two serums:

Tri-Active Age Corrector Ingredient Complex (A light gel texture) With an emphasis on the internal strength and resistance of the cellular matrix, it helps to ensure cellular vitality, hydration and elasticity are maintained to assist repair and delay the effects of premature ageing. Key ingredients and benefits include:

1. PhytoCellTec Alpine Rose Stem Cell: encourages skin stem cell vitality.
2. Biotechnological Tri-Peptide: boosts collagen production.
3. Probiotic Bacterium: skin barrier strengthening.
+ Botanical Sodium Hyaluronate: hydration.


Tri Active Brightening & Anti-Pollution Ingredient Complex. (Soft Pearly Fluid) Protects the outer skin layers to help maintain an effective barrier to environmental and lifestyle aggressors that threaten the internal structural integrity of the skin, slowing cellular turnover and causing damage to skin tone, radiance, strength and elasticity. Key ingredients and benefits include:

1. Niacinamide: UV & blue light damage repair, skin brightening.
2. Moringa Seed Pure Cure Peptide: pollutant purification.
3. Raspberry Stem Cell Technology: ageing environmental stress guard.
+ Sodium Hyaluronate: hydration.

Both of these serums are so lightweight on the skin, it is quite amazing to see just how far one pump actually goes. A gel-like formula, I have found that they absorb fairly well with minimal massaging needed and as soon as Phase I has settled you can immediately apply Phase II.  Not sticky, not tacky and with no fragrance, it is without question an absolute luxury to use.  I have had this serum in my possession now for a good few months and have been using it as advised and what I have found is that where my skin would usually become quite dry and dull, it is infact the opposite - very hydrated and soft to the touch.  What really stands out for me is that there is some UV and blue light damage repair thanks to the inclusion of Niacinamide, an ingredient my skin just loves. 

This W=HB² serum is priced at £110 but it is a great investment and in order to tempt you that little bit more, if you use the code Queen15 at the check out (here) you can save yourself £15% but be quick the offer is valid for just 30 days!

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  1. It sounds very technical, but very good for the skin. Not sure if I could bring myself to spend £110 on it though :O x

  2. The packaging alone makes me want it but the product itself also sounds fab xx

    Beautylymin| AnastasiaBeverlyHillsNorvinaPaletteGiveaway

  3. I actually haven't heard of this brand before.

    Candice |

  4. Aaaah the packaging is so cool! Pricey product but worth it if it works! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. Ooh sounds like a fabulous serum! x

  6. I love serums and this one looks interesting x

  7. I love a good serum but this sounds a bit pseudoscience-y for my liking whenever i hear the term "wellness" it just makes me stay far away

  8. I can't help myself when it comes to serums, oils and masks. This one sounds very luxurious and an absolute dream to use.

    Roxie |

  9. The packaging is so beautiful! It sounds incredibly luxe xx

  10. The packaging is perfection, it does sound really good. But a bit out of my price range. Xx

  11. It sounds lovely but it’s waaay out of my price range unfortunately x

  12. It sounds interesting and the packaging is really cool x

  13. This might just be the fanciest packaging ever! x


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