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Whilst I am at my happiest in water, the sea, a pool and obviously the bath, there are those times when I just want to have a relaxing shower, usually when I've got a hair mask on, have a body scrub to remove or just want to be in water there and then and not have to wait for the bath to fill up - yes I know, first world problems.
It is argued that a shower is never as relaxing as a bath, but I beg to differ because it most definitely can be and I was kindly sent some Waltz 7 Aroma Shower Tabs which is quite a mouthful to say admittedly, but it is what they do that counts. For those of you who sit and dream of having a bath in your apartment, flat or home, whichever it is you call your abode, dreaming and wishing to be surrounded by intense fragrances and breathtaking scents that we get from bubbles baths, oils, bombs and creams, these might just be the answer.

These Shower Spa Aroma Tabs do look a little bit like dishwasher tablets, so don't keep them under your sink with your cleaning materials, but they are for your shower and not your dishwasher.  I was not expecting anything at all from these tabs, I have tried similar products and they had been a letdown, so having already decided they would be useless, I was quite taken aback to find that in fact, they are amazing!  
So easy to use, you simply put them in your shower tray, or if you shower is part of your bath, lay them on the floor of the bath and then run the shower as you normally would.  At this point, as soon as the water comes into contact with the tab, and it needs to be fairly hot water, the tabs start to fizz, similarly to a bath bomb and as it does so, some of the most amazing scents are released and you just need to stand there for a few minutes and allow the scents to work their magic.  The tabs are quite big, so you can always break them into two pieces to enjoy more showers whilst using them too!

I have been using three different scents - Inspiring Lemongrass, Energising Mint and Relaxing lavender. All of the fragrances are just as their description states and they use essentials oil for fragrance, so if you want something with a kick them it would be Lemongrass, if you need a bit of a pick me up because you feel a tad sluggish then it is Mint and finally, the perfect one to use before bed is Lavender.  If these are not the scents for you then there are some other options which include Calming Forest, Relaxing Rose, Relaxing Pine and Inspiring Lime.

These shower tabs retail at €19.19 (£17.80) for a pack of 7, which works out at about £2.54 per shower.  What I love is that you don't have to stick to one scent, the site does allow you to buy mixed bundles. Waltz 7 are based in Austria, hence the prices being in Euros, but they do ship to the UK. If you spend over €29, then delivery is free (here).

Have you tried Shower Tabs before?

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  1. I have never heard of this concept before - how interesting! I am not a bath person, I prefer a shower, but I'd be worried in case these were powdery? x

  2. I haven't tried anything like this before but they sound really interesting xx

    Beautylymin| AnastasiaBeverlyHillsNorvinaPaletteGiveaway

  3. These sound great! I need to invest in some new products to pamper myself in the shower. Almost everything I own is bath related.

    Roxie |

  4. That is such a smart idea i had never heard of anything like this before! i need these in my life

  5. I really must get more of these! They are so good! I love them for a little luxe in the shower :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  6. Such a great idea! x

  7. I tried these last year and loved them. X

  8. Ooh they sound incredible! I’m sure i would love them x


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