Wednesday 8 November 2017

Erborian Spray-To-Mask

Erborian is one of those brands that I have featured quite a lot on my blog, I love it, I like what it stands for and best all Katalin Berenyi, one of the women behind the brand whom I have had the pleasure of meeting on numerous occasions is so lovely and has this amazing passion when she talks about each product and such a kind heart. One thing about Erbrorian is that they always manage to come up with some amazing products - the black cleansing oil is one which still wows me even now with how my skin feels after using it. But now I have something new that wows, Spray-To-Mask.
Erborian Spray-To-Mask
Erborian Spray-To-Mask
Spray To Mask is the product that I think most people will want to know about and it is unlike any other product that I have used. Katalin explained that the use of lotions in Korea is part of a daily ritual that has become part of the essential skincare routine we now boast about here in the UK and across Europe.  I know I am all for changing and adapting my routine to make it work for my skin and I am not sure I will ever be that person who has a routine and sticks to it. However, if you have a multipurpose product that can do more than one job at any one time, then I am going to love it.

Inspired by hydrogel masks, Spray-To-Mask helps to revive even tired skin. When used it coats the top layer of skin, the epidermis, with a gel-like spray which is formulated using a natural gum. Once on the face, it forms a film and as it does so, its key active ingredients are released and working with the newly formed film, helps to seal the skin's moisture.  The key active ingredients include:

White Ginseng Complex: Antioxidant, smooth wrinkles, prevents signs of ageing, moisturizing, strengthens skin barrier function, protects the skin, soothing

  • Ginseng root extract 
  • Licorice root extract 
  • Wild yam root extract 
  • Kigelia fruit extract 
  • Horsetail extract 
Glycerin: Moisturising, prevents skin dehydration
Niacinamide: Brightening, helps to maintain skin hydration, improves the appearance of ageing skin.

To use you simply need a quick spritz onto clean skin and you wait for a film to form, again if you have tried a hydrogel mask, then it feels pretty similar on the skin, though at no point does the mask harden on the skin. As you do apply it, you get that same feeling of freshness that comes with using a facial mist and if you read my blog regularly, you will know I am a huge fan of those.  Once on the skin, you leave Spray-To-Mask on the skin between five to ten minutes, you then wash it off using warm water.  The whole process is really simple to follow and afterwards, my skin feels just incredible and I love that it is a spray-to-mask and totally unlike anything I have ever seen or used.  It also comes in a 60ml tube and retails for £34.  

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