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He won’t propose? Drop some hints!

If he hasn’t proposed after a couple of years of living together, sometimes it can feel as though your relationship is stagnating slightly. You’re ready and waiting for him to pop the question, but it seems like he hasn’t even thought of it — so why not drop a few hints to your man so that he knows that you’re truly ready to become engaged and wear the perfect engagement ring.

Angelic Diamonds are here to help! Here are some of their best tips to make sure he’ll be proposing with the perfect engagement ring in no time.

Make sure that your married friends are always close by
Try to make sure that you and him are hanging around your married friends, or family members that have children, so that he experiences more serious relationships other than your own. This will make him realise that you’re comfortable with him being around others in more serious relationships. 

Even though marriage does have its ups and downs, this could be said of all relationships. Demonstrating this commitment through your friends will help him to understand that you’re who he wants to be with. Although men who have parents that are divorced sometimes struggle to trust this commitment, replacing negative feelings with positive ones in this type of environment may help to bring him around to your way of thinking.

Make sure you’re a go to guy
Relationships can become boring when you’re constantly in your assigned roles and doing the same things for one another, never fall into a routine. To avoid this, make sure you’re always his go-to guy as well as his girlfriend. If you’re constantly being left behind for the guys, then this is going to put a strain on his ability to propose and take you seriously. 

Like his interests, and share your interests with him, so that you can do more things together rather than apart. If you can be part of his whole life, rather than just someone he spends time with, then he’ll feel like you’re indispensable. Once you get to this point in your relationship, then he’ll feel like proposing, as he can’t spend his time without you!

Try and show some tough love sometimes
Being cruel to be kind can be really difficult, but when it pulls off it can really work. If you don’t see your relationship heading in the right direction, and things are flatlining, try and find his pulse again by telling him you may move out. 

Without being dramatic about it, why not spend more time with the girls or situations where he will miss you and want to know how you are doing? Although he knows that you’re always there for him, this will make him feel that he isn’t being as included as he should be, and he’ll start to wonder why. Keeping him on his toes in this way will make him realise that he needs to put the effort in (by proposing!) so that he can get your undivided effort and attention in the future. 

Always be open and honest
If you want to be in a successful relationship, then communication is always key – no amount of hints and tricks will completely make up his mind. If you want to get engaged, then why not talk to him about why it’s important to you. 

On the basis that he knows how much you mean to him, and how much he means to you, then your relationship is bound to end in happiness. Sometimes people have the same fears and doubts within a relationship, but they are just too afraid to address them with each other. By talking about your future together, he’ll know that you want to be a part of it. By giving him that gentle nudge in the right direction, you may just be engaged before you know it. 

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  1. I'm single, so never been so far away from this lol, I would love to get married though :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. I think I need a boyfriend first! Hahah! Great advice though honey!

  3. It's funny because I ave never been overly concerned about getting married, I love my family unit and having kids and being together but it's not the be all and end all for me, although I do know it's really important to others and for them these are great tips

    Laura x

  4. I'm "old school", I would rather him asking me because he loves me and not because of hints and threats of moving out. Anyway, each to their own.

  5. I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with most things here, getting married is a HUGE commitment, it's not like dropping a hint for a weekend away or a birthday present. You shouldn't be getting married because you've been living together a couple of years, or because your friends are pressuring you, you get married because you love each other! Tough love? aka blackmail, terrible idea!! The only thing I agree with is the communication part, in particular this part ‘no amount of hints and tricks will completely make up his mind’. when my OH proposed, it was completely unexpected and out of the blue, it was well thought out, and romantic as hell. Why does HE have to propose anyway? If you're THAT desperate to be engaged, propose to him!

  6. I'm engaged but I've never been one to be concerned about getting married. I think if your partner loves you then they will propose to you in their own time, no point giving any hints. Anyway, what's stopping the female proposing!?

    Rachel | Hey Rachieface


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