Tuesday 25 July 2017

Erborian Cleansing Water with 7 Herbs

If you didn't know by now, then Erborian has become one of my favourite brands and has featured on my blog quite a few times now and I am yet to find a product that I am disappointed in or dislike. Its name derived from 'Herbs of the Orient', was born back in 2007 when two women, both experts in the demanding world of cosmetics happened to meet. Blending the power of Korean textures and ingredients with French sensoriality and know-how and they are really worth checking out.
Erborian Cleansing Water
To date, there are just two cleansing waters that I have found and liked. La Mer which I just cannot afford to keep repurchasing and this from Erborian which I just absolutely adore.

Using a combination of 7 Herbs used for this Cleansing water are:

  • Tiger grass: anti-inflammatory, helps to heal
  • Rosemary: anti-stress and antioxidant
  • Small Chamomile/: restorative effect on dry, sensitive and Irritated
  • Japanese knotweed: Relieves pain and treat scrapes
  • Licorice: Reduces melanin generation at the origin of pigmentation
  • Skullcap: Promotes skin lightening and mitigation tasks
  • Green Tea: Prevents damage Caused by UVB rays
The ingredients come together, those ingredients manage to gently cleanse the skin and remove every trace of makeup along with dirt, grime and lord knows what from my skin after a day travelling around London (grim). When I come home from work or wherever I might have been, as soon as my shoes (Fitflops) are off then the first thing I do is clean my face and this is what I use, it is then just before bed that I will double cleanse.

The micelles contained in the formula help to trap impurities and a single step, the face looks clean, moisturised and it does it all without leaving my skin feeling dry and in need of moisture. The scent that accompanies this micellar water is one that is best described as fresh, in fact it is quite pleasant and once used it makes your skin feel incredibly clean. 

Priced at just £19 you can find it right HERE at House of Fraser.

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