Tuesday, 18 April 2017

DECIEM Launch New Brands on QVC - Special Offers!

There is no denying that Deciem has taken hold of the world of beauty, given it a firm shaking and has caught the attention of a vast audience, myself included.  Then having branched out into the makeup market, the world has gone crazy for The Ordinary Foundation and its now out of stock everywhere!

My most read post (here) has just hit the 500k mark from just a few years ago.  Following on from the success of their debut on QVC back in February, Deciem is back on that channel for an hour-long show TODAY starting at 6pm.
DECIEM Launch New Brands on QVC - Special Offers!
The show will introduce new DECIEM brands that have not been previously available on QVC and there are some outstanding bargains to be had. So if you have yet to try anything from the brand - Niod, The Ordinary, Inhibitif, Hand Chemistry, Stemm, Fountain, hif and Hylamide to name just a few, or if you are, like me, a groupie already, then this is your chance to stock up and here are the offers:

NEW! The Ordinary 5 Piece Anti-Ageing Set, £33.50 includes:
  • Buffet, 30ml
  • Advanced Retinoid 2%, 30ml
  • Lactic Acid 10%, 30ml
  • Natural Moisturizing Factors, 30ml
  • Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG, 30ml

DECIEM Launch New Brands on QVC - Special Offers!

NEW! Stemm 3 Step Hair Thickening Set, £51.60 (RRP £88 a saving of £36.40) includes:
  • Density Stimuli, 60ml 
  • High-Amino Shampoo, 480ml 
  • Black/Gold Fulvic Conditioner, 480ml
NEW! The Chemistry Brand Home & Away Set, £20 (RRP £27 a saving of £7) includes:
  • Hand Chemistry, 100ml
  • Hand Chemistry, 30ml
NIOD 4 Piece Dermal Science Skincare Set, £59.88 (RRP £140 a saving of £80.12) includes:
  • Copper Amino Isolate Serum, 15ml
  • Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex, 30ml
  • Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate, 15ml
  • Sanskrit Saponins, 90ml
Fountain Hyaluronic Molecule Duo, £37.52 (RRP £56 a saving of £18.75) includes:
  • 2 x Fountain Hyaluronic Molecule, 240ml
Chemistry Brand Hyaluronic Concentrate 240ml, £24 (RRP £28 a saving of £4)

NIOD Flavanone Mud 50ml, £24.50 (RRP £29.00 a saving of £4.50)

Within this little lot there is something for everyone to try, whether or not you are serious about your skincare routine, if you want to change things up, if you are intrigued by the names of these products, I promise you, Deciem is just an incredible brand and everything they do excites me.  So tune in at 6pm and get ready to grab yourself a bundle!

*this post contains PR samples unless indicated otherwise


  1. Well this is exciting! Some great deals x

  2. I really need to check out QVC! I never buy from there! *shock horror* xx

  3. DECIEM are taking over the world! Very exciting they are coming to QVC although it's not somewhere I tend to shop x

  4. This is very exciting! The 5 piece anti-aging set is what I would go for! xx


  5. This is really exciting, I really want to try some products from The Ordinary.

    Kristy | www.thevioletblonde.com

  6. They're such great deals aren't they?! 💜 Xxx

  7. QVC seem to have such good deals lately!!

  8. I love this brand and QVC, a match made in heaven. Xx

  9. Deciem are amazing & these are brilliant deals too. I adore The Ordinary products xxx

  10. Ooo I may have to watch this! I love a bargain!

    Dena | Dena Jayne | Bloglovin

  11. So exciting! They are fantastic deals too! X

  12. QVC always do such great deals don't they!

  13. I need to try more of The Ordinary stuff! I'll keep an eye on QVC.

  14. I've never actually shopped on QVC before, but I might have to give their TV show a watch to find some beauty bargains!

  15. I am so excited that Deciem is now available at QVC! Their primer is a amazing and I'm loving their toner so far. Can't wait to try more in their collection.

  16. Deciem are incredible, I especially love the Hylamide range.


  17. They always have some bargains don't they! I probably should check them out more often xx


  18. Some great deals there! I'll have to have a browse!

    Georgia x


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