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8 weeks of Inhibitif and here are my final results!

Wow, I have been using Inhibitif now for 8 weeks, that is two whole months and it has gone by so quickly.  Those who are regular readers of my blog know that I have done regular updates with how I am getting along with product and you can read about it HERE and HERE and also see HERE that I was featured in The Sun Newspaper (also shown in the section ‘In The Press’ on the top page) and there is more exciting news to come, but you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for that announcement!

8 weeks of Inhibitif and here are my final results!

Again just to re-cap for those of you who haven’t heard of or read about Inhibitif, it:
  • Targets unwanted hair in 3 distinct proven ways
  • Minimizes the need for hair removal in under 8 weeks
  • Reduces the long-term cost of hair removal dramatically
  • Is pain-free, risk-free, fast, easy and cost-effective
  • Is effective on all skin types, skin colours and hair colours
8 weeks of Inhibitif and here are my final results!

At my last update which was over 5 weeks ago now, the one thing people wanted to know was whether or not this was too much of a faff to use.  Well then answer then is the same as the answer is now - no it isn’t.  I am sure many of you like me add all kinds of lotions and potions to your body both in a morning and in an evening, adding something else into that routine is no more hassle than that, or it hasn’t been for me.  Every time I add moisturiser, I am reminded to use Inhibitif and here we are now 8 weeks on these are my findings!

The one good thing about this products is that you are told to apply evenly on shaved or waxed body areas twice per day for 2 months or until body hair appears nearly invisible. Then reduce application to 3 times per week to maintain results. Then you should see initial results within 2 weeks and then within 2 months hair should appear finer and finer until the hair removal routine becomes easier and less in frequency. So I am at the stage where I have been using it 3 times a week, usually Tuesday, Friday and Sunday though I do chop and change.

Here I am showing the photo I showed in the two week update as to what a difference using Inhibitif made two days after shaving, back there for me there was a massive difference:

8 weeks of Inhibitif and here are my final results!

Now I have been using Inhibitif for 8 weeks and below I am showing the difference Inhibitif has made 4 days after shaving, yes FOUR days after shaving my legs, there is little hair growth, certainly not enough for me to want to shave my legs and in some places the hair growth is dramatically slower than others, so I am currently shaving my legs every 5-6 days, a huge difference again which I will show you a photo of below.

8 weeks of Inhibitif and here are my final results!
 4 days after shaving
8 weeks of Inhibitif and here are my final results!

and below is 5 days after shaving, only slightly different and hair becoming more noticeable

8 weeks of Inhibitif and here are my final results!

When I first started this trial, I admit I was skeptical as to whether or not it would live up to its claims and quite a lot of people also added their comments stating they too were skeptical, but this serum has worked for me and it is a totally wonderful product and it fits into my skincare routine perfectly.

I do tend to suffer from scaly looking skin on my calves, but since using this product, that skin on my legs looks less dry and irritable and I am wondering whether or not this was due to the shaving products I had been using.

So there you have my 8 weeks trial with Inhibitif - I would love to hear your thoughts and views on my trial and if you do have any questions please do ask.

For more information on this product please look at this link HERE and it can also be purchased from Boots and a 250ml bottle it will only cost £29.99


  1. Those are amazing results! I need this very, very badly...going to go all over the internet to find somewhere that ships worldwide.

  2. Incredible!

  3. Seen quite a bit about this product lately and have to say im very excited about this product....the fact that it actually works as well...the results look great!!

  4. I reeeeeeaallllly want to try this, it seems fantastic!


    Em’s Mixed Bag

    1. It is better than I thought it would be hun x

  5. I use Inhibitif 1 month and i have allergic reaction i stop now. i have sensitive skin. it's not for me but it's maybe true result. try it. after 1 month i dont see difference on my hair. i desapointed i beleive it

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  7. I started using Inhibitif on my face on April 20, 2016 and it's now Aug 14, 2016, so that's almost 17 weeks now! I have to say that it's working wonderfully!!! I couldn't be happier! I have had a hair problem on my chin area for years and years! I did electrolysis for at least 25 years off and on with limited results. I finally decided that I could no longer afford it and it did not 'permanently' remove the hair for me completely. I thought I would give Inhibitif a shot and started using it on shaved areas of my face. I had to shave the area everyday at first and then decided just to pluck out the odd darker thicker hair instead. I have to say that the hair has definitely decreased and I only need to shave or pluck the hairs maybe once a month now! And the ones that do grow back are finer and lighter! I'm so impressed with this product and only use it probably twice a week on average now for maintenance!! It definitely works for me! Highly recommended. :)


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