Wednesday, 29 April 2015

50 things that make me happy

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The lovely Lianne from The Brunette Says tagged me to do this post, so here it is.  

1. My Hubs  - Most of you probably know him better as Beautykinguk, but yes those of you who did not know, now do know that we are married!  In short he is my everything.

2. My three cats.  I love these boys like nothing and no-one else.  I affectionately refer to them as my fur-kids as we have no children.

3. Aquariums - Growing up, I have always been fascinated by fish especially those in an aquarium.  There is something quite relaxing about watching them swimming around aimlessly.

4. The Sea.  The reassuring sound of the waves, the tide coming in and the noise from the sea is something I find relaxing and it helps me sleep better.

5. Chocolate - I am a total chocoholic and would happily munch my way through endless bars of Mint Chocolate Aeros.

6. Reading - I am a total bookworm and have always loved reading.  I am never without a book on the go and really should make more time for it.

7. Baths - Nothing beats a long hot bubble bath after a long working day/week.  That one hour of me time is something I look forward to and cherish.

8. Listening to music - When I can, usually when travelling too and from work, I have Spotify going on my iPhone and I have a varied taste in music and love everything from rock and metal to 80's cheese, house and trance.  My current obsession is Paloma Faith, what vocals that lady has!

9. Cake, see number 5

10. Going to the Zoo - I love the Zoo and can spend many an hour just standing and watching the Gorillas, Meerkats and even the Otters.

11. Dvd Night with the Hubs - The two of us on the sofa, with the quilt watching a film or a few episodes of anything we both enjoy

12. Manicure - I love having my nails done occasionally, there is something satisfying about having nice nails

13. Hairdressers - Not in general but the whole experience of someone else washing and drying your hair, then styling it for you.  Okay it might look great for a few hours, but I do love it.

14. Stationary - I love pretty paper, stickers, cute envelopes and so on.  For many years I penpalled and it is something I haven't been as active doing as perhaps I could and should have done.

15. Candles - I always have one lit when I am home and I just love them

16. Sleeping - I am a big fan of sleep, never do seem to get enough of it

17. Mums homemade rice pudding - There is something amazing about my mum's homemade rice pudding that I cannot compete with.

18. My Blogging Buddies - I have met some amazing people through blogging and I just love seeing them at events and catching up, to be honest I should make more of an effort outside of blogging to see these lovely ladies too.

19. Champagne.

20. Greek Food - There isn't a dish I dislike, I love it all!

21. Massages - Something else I should make more time to have given I suffer with back and shoulder aches

22. Handbags - You can never have too many

23. Shoes - For the same reason as above

24. My nieces and nephews -  a growing brood who all make me smile

25. My local park - I love being able to enjoy the green open space that is my local park and ive shared pictures of it on Instagram a lot.  It has a huge big pond with lots of ducks and Candian Geese whom I like to sit and feed.

26. Las Vegas - I got married there and absolutely loved the place and dream of going back one day

27. Bubblewrap - Who doesn't love popping it!

28. Facemasks - Whether it is a quick 5 minute one or a good half an hour version, I do love facemasks

29. Sunflowers - My favourite flower

30. Cheese - I am a cheese fiend and the smellier the better for me

31. Cleaning - I am sure I am not the only one who has those moments of just wanting to clean everything in every room and feeling really satisfied once it is finished.

32. Anything pink

33. Disney Films - Well who doesn't love a good Disney Movie?

34. Blog Comments - I love that people leave comments on my blog, im pretty rubbish at replying to them all, so must try harder

35. The moment an aeroplane takes off - There is something about that feeling as the plane has taxied down the run way (probably just me with this one)

36. Photographs - I personally hate having my photo taken and will avoid it at all costs, but, I do love looking back at old photos

37. Perfume - Something else I can never have too much of.

38. My friends - Meeting up with people outside of my working environment and not having to talk about work

39. Making lists

40. Lip Balm - Ive written a few blog posts about my obsession with them

41. Staying in a hotel - I love, if only for one night, checking into a hotel for the night (with the Mr).

42. Being hugged

43. Meeting new people

44. My blanket - My mum spent months and months knitting me a King Size blanket and I love curling up with it around me.

45. Discovering new products

46. Skyping with my nieces and nephews

47. Finding £10 in a pair of jeans that you had forgotten about

48. Surprises - When things arrive in the post that you are not expecting

49. Getting home after being away on holiday

50. Getting home from work and taking my bra off!

So there you have my 50 things and I am going to tag three of you to do this too:


  1. I really love your list - so many I can identify with, from baths to lip balm (and husbands too!)

  2. Great Greek food too, lipbalms, Disney, Cheese....loads of them!! :)

  3. ahhow so much fun reading this really ....Ithought I was reading about my self......

  4. I love making lists too! It's such a simple way to make me happy lol

  5. oh i do love the idea of this post and think i should make my own , theres a few i would share with you

  6. :) You do need to see more of your blogging buddies!

    and you got married in Vegas? Amazing!!!! I want to see pics!


  7. I agree with many of your list- apart from candles!! Not a fan. Love these positive posts

  8. Great list!

    I never twigged that you two were married, I feel silly now!

  9. Great list, I rarely make lists, I should as they seem so much fun. I fully agree that one of the best feelings in the world is taking off your bra. :) x Fab post, thank you

  10. What a great list. I love baths, sleeping, candles and fresh bedding too!

  11. I love this post and a great list. Its always lovely to find out a little more about the person behind the blog :) x

  12. Fantastic list - it is amazing all the things that can make us happy x

  13. I LOVE your list, I am a huge Disney fan and I'm aged 25, I want to incorporate Disney into every aspect of my life! I've managed to pass on the love of all things Disney to my son, I just hope he continues the love like I have! xx

  14. Fab post, really made me smile. Theres nothing better than getting home and whipping your bra off lolx xxx

  15. Great list but i am afraid I am not with you on the cleaning - hate it!! lol

  16. what a lovely post! definitely agree on the bra one. always such a relief

  17. now i will need to make a list like this!perfume and lip balms would be high up on my list along with taking my bra off at the end of the day lol x

  18. I love your list - these 50 things seem to be trending at the minute! But nobody else has said their Hubby! Good for you xxx

  19. You have managed to list 50 things!!! Like you - I hate my photographs taken!!.

  20. love this its such a positive post and also gives us a chance to get to know you more :)

  21. Such a fab list!! So many there are things that make me happy too. I need to go and write mine up now x

  22. Wow! I love such posts, good to know more about you! :)

  23. Great way to get to know you better :) I love everything pink too lol

    Pink Frenzy

  24. I love your list. My husband always laughs at me whipping my bra off when I get home!

  25. This is a great list! I will be coming back to it the next time I need cheering up!

  26. I love love your list ,, what a great idea

  27. what a feel good post - I share many of those pleasures!

  28. I love this! I can relate to a lot of them! xx

  29. Oooh I'd agree with so many of these! Love the last one :)

  30. Love your 50 things! Agree with so many of them like the sea and going to the zoo! Must do this post myself xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  31. What a great idea, i probably have hundreds on my list! lol x

  32. What a lovely list! I need to get a wriggle on and do mine!

  33. i love love love that cross stitch lol! and as for cake well that would probably be my 1-50


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