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Anatomicals Quirky Gifts

Anatomicals are known for their rather quirky named products, some are literally laugh out loud funny and others you snigger away at on your own. The three products I have for you today made me cackle if nothing else and are one of those gifts that would be perfect for office Secret Santas, which is what I did with mine and couldn't show you until now, as they might have been spotted!

Anatomicals Trio

High Noon For The Prune - Dry Relief Balm RRP £3.79

Anatomicals Dry Skin Relief Balm High Noon For The Prune is an all-natural remedy for eczema and extremely dry skin and is formulated specifically for children and adults. This formula includes all-natural ingredients and features the amazing healing power of the Cocus Nucifera Extract and Gardenia Tahitensis.

Anatomicals Dry Skin Relief Balm High Noon For The Prune incorporates these oils from the Cocus Nucifera Extract with other soothing botanicals like cocoa butter, and Vitamin E to create a truly remarkable product in an easy-to-use use “balm tin” – kind of like a super-sized balm for your whole body.

All natural, easy to use relief for your kids dry skin and eczema.

  • Ultra moisturizing for dry & sensitive skin.
  • Improves eczema and extreme dry-skin in 3 days
  • Soothes and softens your driest, hardest, and roughest skin.
  • Soothing itchy, painful irritation immediately
  • Reducing irritation/symptoms from dry climates
  • Soothing sunburn, minor scrapes and burns, and rashes
Anatomicals high noon for the prune

'Oi! You Throbhead' - Headache Relief Balm RRP £3.79

This cooling temple rub is rich with soothing botanical extracts and including our favorite, super-concentrated Menthol Crystals: the essence of mint created by a freezing process. In traditional aromatherapy, Eucalyptus and Peppermint are stimulating and refreshing, Lavender supports balance and calm, and Mandarin is uplifting. This portable aromatherapy balm promotes calm and a sense of relaxed well-being, and helps to clear and cool sinuses.

To Use: Rub a small amount of Oi! Throbhead Headache Relief Balm onto temples, forehead, back of neck, or anywhere that needs a little soothing & breathe it in. Sit back, close your eyes & relax.

Oi You Throbhead

World Pore 3 Deep Cleansing nose, chin + forehead Strips £6.99

The end is nigh. at least it is where your blasted blackheads are concerned. World Pore 1 (1980-1985) saw the destruction of them on your nose. World Pore 2 (1996-2001) saw the destruction of them on your forehead. World Pore 3 (2009- ) now sees the annihilation of them on your chin. beauty leaders (more interested in T Zones then demilitarized zones) can all agree that nothing beats a glowing complexion. launched simultaneously in the Uk, America, Russia, Germany, and yes even Iraq, these weapons of mass gorgeousness will wipe ugly blemishes off the face of the earth. and more importantly off your face.

To use
  1. Thoroughly clean the face with water, ensuring the skin is free from any cosmetics or other skin treatments.
  2. Wet nose/chin/forehead area thoroughly with clean water.
  3. With dry hands open the nose/chin/forehead strip sachet and peel the strip from the liner.
  4. Apply the strip with the shiny side down on the nose/chin/forehead. Take care to smooth out any bubbles or creases.
  5. Allow the strip to dry naturally for about 10-15 minutes and then carefully start to peel the strip off from two ends towards the middle. If the strip is too firmly attached or is painful to remove, wet the area thoroughly until the strip is easy to remove.
World Pore 3

So there you have some fun little quirky gifts for the office.  I know that one of my colleagues would appreciate the humour of Oi Throbhead for sure!

Do you like Anatomicals products?


  1. I love Anatomicals for their packaging and have used so many of their products. I think I need Oi! You Throbhead right now though haha! xx

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

  2. I love anatomicls! I got a few bits for Christmas that I am excited to try. I don't know why but I had it in my head they were more expensive than this, what a pleasant surprise. I'll have to try the one for dry skin as I've been getting a bit of eczema on my forehead this winter.

  3. The Headache Relief Balm sounds like amazing product. Def gonna try this out since I have a headache all the time haha
    thankyou for sharing, love <3


  4. Oh these sound great and also a bit of fun! Sounds good that they work pretty as well. Thanks for sharing

    Laura x

  5. I actually loved the oi you throbhead , although my husband didnt like it , would love to give the others a go

  6. I love Anatomical products and their names are so funny. It reminds me of bed head but beauty products with the tongue in cheek names.x

  7. Headache balm??? Sounds good to me since I don't like to take tablets but I do get a lot of headaches. xox

  8. I haven't tried many products from anatomicals but it looks like a good brand x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  9. These are so quirky and fairly unisex too which is handy as men are always more difficult to buy for in the secret santa!

    Keeley x

  10. i definitely need the oi! you throbhead. i get headaches at work often :/

  11. The names of the Anatomicals always makes me laugh as well, just fun packaging as well! Some great products in this post!

    Carrie |

  12. These are super cute ! useful for all !

    Rachael , from -

  13. Now I know what to get my friend as a gift ;) She's a cosmetic addict and those are super quirky!

  14. I haven't heard of this brand before but I really like the sound of the balm. I use balms a lot for chapped lips and sore noses when I have a cold.

  15. Love the quirky names - will have to get some of that headache balm as my 11 year old suffers from headaches and loathe to give him pills too often!

  16. Love the names of them! never heard of this brand before.


  17. Love the names and like the sound of the headache relief balm! x

    Pink Frenzy

  18. I have herd about this brand but I have yet to try them out. May give them a go soon xxx

  19. I love the design of these products, really fun x


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