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Lush Christmas Giftsets

Christmas time at Lush is one of my favourite times and just a few weeks ago I went to an event to see all that Lush had to offer (you can see the post HERE). One of the things I do love are the gift sets, they are so many choices that there is always something for everyone and today I am sharing two of my favourites.

Joy to the world - This little gift set is priced at just £8.50 and is in that 'Secret Santa' remit for me. Containing two products - Dream Cream and Snowcake soap.

Joy To The World

Joy to the world contents

  • Snowcake soap - This shimmering sweet marzipan-scented soap makes for a creamy and comforting Christmas treat. Made with a palm-free soap base, benzoin, soothing rose and uplifting cassie absolutes, this soap creates a rich and luxurious lather. 
  • Dream Cream - This simple cream works like a dream on upset skin: cooling and soothing ingredients like oat milk, rose water and chamomile blue oil calm down hot and itchy skin. That’s why it’s one of our bestsellers, with many of you telling us it gives great relief from eczema. We steep oats in hot water to make oat milk. Oats have long been used to treat eczema and cool skin down as they contain antihistamines, and we've added extra nourishment in the form of rose water, cocoa butter, organic extra virgin olive oil, and vegetable glycerine.
The second gift set is called Jingle Bells and this is one of the best gift sets I have seen from Lush because, yes you guessed it, it jingles! The outer packaging for me is just as exciting as the contents because look, how festive is this? It is as Lush put it, a band in a box, you can use the box as a drum or a tambourine! It costs just £29.50.

Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells contents

As for the contents well, Lush have really spoilt us with this one, it contains 6 of their best selling items and they are:
  • Drummers Drumming - Reusable Bubble Bar. Drum up some energy with our first musical bubble bar. Made with refreshing and uplifting bergamot, this hits the right note with lovers of strawberries and cream. To use, hold it under running water or swish it around in the bathwater until you get the perfect bubble bath. Remember to pop it on the side to dry out so it will last you longer than the first day of Christmas... £
  • Magic Wand - Reusable Bubble Bar. Wave a magic wand over bath time with this re-usable bubble bar. Fairies of all ages will love this candy sweet magic wand. Swish around your bath or hold under running water for Snow Fairy-scented bubbles, then pop it on the side to dry out for next time. Don't forget to make a wish. 
Magic Wan & Drummers Drumming
  • The Comforter Bubble Bar - Sometimes you just need to shut yourself off from the outside world under a blanket of fruity foam that will put you back in the right frame of mind to face the world. This bar is supersized, so you’ll only need to crumble half a bar under your tap to make enough bubbles for a long, comforting soak. Cassis absolute gives a distinctive blackcurrant fragrance, while bergamot adds an uplifting note. 
The Comforter
  • Golden Wonder Bath Bomb - If you're wondering what's inside this golden bath bomb, give it a shake and drop it in the bath to reveal its glittering contents. Soak in its soft citrus fragrance as the vibrant gifts inside unveil themselves and make you feel as if you're bathing in luxury. The uplifting blend of sweet orange, lime and cognac oils will leave you feeling cheerful. 
Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

  • Luxury Lush Pud - Unwind (or calm down excited children) with this soothing bath bomb. Perfect before bedtime, drop this in the bath and watch it create pastel-coloured islands in the pink water as it fizzes and froths. Sharing its fragrance with Twilight bath bomb, the comforting tonka absolute, ylang ylang, and relaxing lavender oils will help banish tension.

Luxury Lush Pud

  • The Christmas Hedgehog - If you're feeling prickly this festive season, indulge in a soak with this softening bubble bar made with organic shea and cocoa butters as well as soothing essential oils. Crumble under running water and unfurl in the silky waters as the rose absolute and ylang ylang essential oil get to work on frosty moods.
The Christmas Hedgehog

Have you bought anything from the Lush Christmas Range? Do you see anything you like from these two gift sets?


  1. What a cute set! Love the box too :)

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  2. Oh I do lovel the current Lush Christmas boxes and secretly hoping someone gets me one this year

    Laura x

  3. I love Lush, it is beautifully scented. I'm happy to give Lush as gifts and receive it too!

  4. I always think the Lush boxes are such great presents because they are packaged so adorably! These two both look lovely :)

    Great post!
    Charlotte xx

  5. I love lush at Christmas dont really buy much the rest of the year though, want to get some bits in the sale hopefully.


  6. I do love a bit of lush! Esp Rose Jam shower gel & Magic Wand x

  7. Love the look of the jingle bells giftset! (insert heart eyes emoji here) haha!


  8. The Jingle Bells one sounds amazing, I really want that wand hehe. xox


  9. Love Lush Christmas products, these gift sets look really cute x


  10. oh god i adore these sets by lush ...

    Beauty Redefined

  11. How cute is that Jingle Bell box?! I've seen a set I really like the look of but can't remember what it's called... I know it had Butterbear in it, the hedgehog one and possibly Dashing Santa too... To be fair they're all great! xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  12. I love Lush products, this would certainly make my day! :)

  13. i actually purchased this the other day! to me, from me :D

  14. The packaging of this set looks just so cute and festive <3

    Pink Frenzy

  15. I've seen videos of the Golden Wonder in action and MY GOD does it look absolutely amazing. I unfortunately only have a shower lol but I want to go hijack someone's tub just so I can try it out!


  16. These sets look fantastic, unfortunately Santa didn't bring me any Lush this year :( xxx

  17. I didn't get any lush this year and missed out in the sale. These look great! x

    Keeley x

  18. OMG, I am still so behind lush. I want to spend a day in their store just trying stuff!


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