Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Go Balmy Lip Balms from George At Asda

Wondering around Asda on a Sunday morning as you do, getting there too early to pay for your shopping, can lead to my wandering around and buying things on impulse.  My Asda has just had a make-over, nice though that is, nothing is where it was and I find that insanely annoying, I don't take well to change!  

That said, the beauty section is a little bit better than it was, mainly because there are now bits of make-up present, so when I came across these really cute lipbalms, it would have been rude not to pick them up and try them. I had been looking for some little gifts to go into a birthday box I was making and these fit the bill.

Every brand it seems is bringing their own lip balms out, Maybelline did it with Baby Lips, Collection have just done it with their Little Mix branding which you can read about HERE, Barry M have done it with Cor Balmy and Collection also have their Mardi Gras range, so for Asda to get in on the act is not a surprise.

The Go Balmy Asda range comes in four different shades and scents:

No.1 is Mint and the balm is see through, sheer some might say and to go with the mint scent the Go Balmy writing is in mint green.
No.2 is strawberry scented and is a light pink shade again with the Go Balmy wording in a light pink
No.3 is Cherry and the lip balm for this is a much deeper shade of pink, almost red and the writing matches the colour
No.4 is honey scented, this one is quite sweetly scented, though not over-powering and the lip balm is beige shade, an inbetween orange and brown colour whereas the writing on the tube is a bright orange.

Once applied they are surprisingly quite moisturising and there is a very slight hint of the colour when applied to your lips, but it isn't long lasting and they are quite good for wearing over lipstick.

These lips balms are currently on offer for £1.99 but have an RRP of £2.50, so they are definitely worth trying and would make a great gift for a youngster.

Have you tried these balms?


  1. Ooh these look so cute! Love the different shades - handbag essentials!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  2. The pink shade is lovely! I could never justify buying more lip balms though, I have a little makeup bag full of them and I never use them. I really should start again! :)

    Fiona @

  3. I really like the idea of the honey balm.


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