Thursday, 17 July 2014

Bobbi Brown Dupe from the High-street!

Every do often you swatch a product and think "ooh that me reminds of X"

Well not that long I was sent this lovely Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick compact which is described as follows

"For an instant glow that's like moonlight, sunlight and candlelight, all at once, take this full feathery brush, twirl around the compact and sweep across the face. The result is addictive"

It comes packaged inside this wonderfully sleek black palette with the Bobbi Brown logo/insignia clearly visible and you can read more about it HERE from my review.

Then I happened to be in Boots waiting for a prescription and I had 5-10 minutes to wait (dangerous) so was having a swatching session, well I am a beauty blogger after all, when I swatched a compact from Seventeen, called the Shimmer Brick, and it immediately reminded me of the Bobbi Brown compact and therefore is a great dupe.

Now to me, the idea of the a dupe is a product which is similar, not the same and this Seventeen compact for me, is just that.  The Seventeen compact is described as being:

"A shimmering powder that creates a beautiful pink bronzed glow. Sweep a brush through all 4 shades, then lightly dust onto cheekbones"

So what do they look like?

When I swatched both products together, which you can see below, the Bobbi Brown one is the top swatch and Seventeen the bottom one

So not a perfect match by any means but they are quite similar and if you look at the two swatches, I actually prefer the Seventeen swatch because the colour is so stunning, that said the Bobbi Brown swatch is equally beautiful and is one I wear quite a lot.

The Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick would cost you around £32.50 and the Seventeen Shimmer Brick costs just £4.99 - huge saving!

Have you found a good dupe lately?


  1. Oh I love the Seventeen Shimmer block! I took this travelling with me last year - an absolute staple for a bronzed glow!

  2. Great dupe :) I didn't know about the seventeen shimmer block but after reading this post, I might just have to add one to my collection! :)
    Brenda @

  3. I actually have the 17 brick in my collection and I love it!


  4. I think I'm with you and prefer the colour of the Seventeen version - and definitely the price too! :)

  5. I never know whether it's worth shelling out the money for the more expensive brands of make up... On one hand it probably lasts longer and is better for the skin but on the other it's so tricky to resist such great savings! Love your blog x

  6. Ahhh! Don't you just LOVE it when you find affordable high street alternatives to high end beauties! These are both stunning colours xo

  7. Looks gorgeous. I have the Revlon shimmer brick version and it's very nice too. X

  8. I prefer the Seventeen swatch too. You can never have too much sparkle as far as I'm concerned. x x

    Just Me Leah

  9. The Seventeen one looks lovely, definitely picking one up on my next Boots trip. xx


  10. I once bought a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick from a charity shop for £2.99!!! To be honest I wouldn't pay full price for it, the Seventeen one looks fab.


  11. I must try the Seventeen one as i love the look of the Bobbi Brown!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  12. I think I actually prefer the look of the Seventeen one looking at this, I think the shade would suit me slightly better :) fab dupe! X

  13. A great dupe I've seen is the 'w7 in the buff palette' which is nearly the exact same as the 'urban decay naked 2 palette' but for considerably lower price. You can get the w7 one for €5 and the urban decay is around €40 in my local store. Big difference :) I love finding great dupes ;)


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