Monday, 9 June 2014

What would you wear?

One of my closest friends has a big birthday coming up.  As she hits 40 she is determined that she is going to have one party that she has always wanted but never had - fancy dress.  I have been to fancy dress parties before with many wide and varied themes - Abba, 1950's, Cops and Robbers you name it, I have probably been to it.

This time it seems she wants to go with the horror/Halloween theme, not particularly attractive but quite good fun all the same and given as I have a few months notice, a friend and I have already been looking online at things we could wear either as a gruesome twosome or as individuals. The one site we have both agreed we like for options is Acefancydress and so far these have been my favourite:

Of course, you couldn't have Halloween without a witch costume

The possibilities are of course endless because anything can be adapted to become a horror or Halloween costume and that is part of the fun.

What would be your ideal fancy dress party?

'This post has been done in collaboration with Ace Fancy Dress'


  1. I love the top middle costume :-)

  2. I love how Halloween always seems to be "sexy" like "sexy zombie" or "sexy Ghost" !

  3. Oh zombie Dorothy looks cool!

  4. I think the witch costume looks cute :D

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  5. These are some scary outfits! I think I'd go for a disney character :) x

  6. Personally, I'd probably go for a bride corpse, just so I could wear my wedding dress again :D Not that it would fit around my pregnant belly! lol


  7. Zombie Dorothy is the best of them, pretty funky. Ive seen bad Alice in Wonderland which is pretty cool too!
    Two Hearts One Roof

  8. Love the look of the Sinful Witch one! X

    Ps I'm back yay x

  9. Am i the only one who didn't know what fancy dress meant? I thought you meant dressing up in nice outfits not a costumed or themed party. I'm from the U.S. by the way.

  10. I always enjoy TV character fancy dress - the possibilities are endless and always such good fun :)

  11. I love Halloween - perfect excuse to dress up :p Don't know how I'd feel about the theme for mid summer though lol. However, love the zombies so I'd probably choose that! xx


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