Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Things I love having done!

Do you ever sit back, daydream, think wishfully that you could just pop into your local spa/hairdressing salon or even spend the day with your closest and mostest for some pampering?  I know I do.  I have gone from hating strangers touching me, fear of the hairdressers to absolutely loving being pampered, though please stay away from my feet, that is one phobia I cannot deal with.

This is a post about some of the things I absolutely love being done to me and why, honestly it isn't as rude as it sounds.  As a beauty blogger, you won't be surprised to find out what they are and why.

I have quite a busy and stressful job, at times all I want to do is sit back or indeed lay back and escape from that world and just do something for me, sadly I don't get too many opportunities to do those very often, but if I did, well this is what I would want.

Someone washing my hair for me

One thing that I absolutely love having done whenever I go to the salon for a haircut/trim is having someone else wash my hair.  Not a chore in itself and it is something I actually don't mind doing, but it is just so relaxing when someone else does it for you and combined with a head massage, hair brushing and temple rubbing, I am almost snoring in minutes.

Having a facial

I haven't had many in my life, well two actually but I do love having a facial.  Both times I have been lucky enough to have one, it has been totally amazing, relaxing and de-stressing not to mention that feeling of total cleanness afterwards is something I can never repeat at home.

Having a manicure

This is something I have recently started to really really enjoy.  I had a bad experience of a manicure when I was at University and the manicurist at the time, instead of filing my nails, used scissors to cut them, slipped with the scissors and anyway... needless to say I have had a fear since. 

 Now having been to a few blogger events and met some absolutely lovely manicurists, this is something i had begun to enjoy and something I look forward to having done.

Hand and arm massage

This is another treatment that I find really relaxing, though it has been a while since I have had it done.  It is incredibly relaxing to have something massage both your hands and your arms using many lotions and potions.  The last one I had was at a beauty event with Debenhams last year and the lovely ladies of Elemis were on hand to do this exact treatment and it was pure heaven.

Back and Shoulder massage

This is possibly one of the best treatments ever, though again, a bad experience when I was at Uni for a spa day with my housemates terrified me.  The masseuse was so rough with massaging my shoulders that I screamed in pain for her to stop because it was utter agony and for weeks it hurt like anything to move.

Then a few years ago, I took the plunge having had chronic back-ache for weeks to go and have a massage and honestly it was the most amazing thing ever, so relaxing and de-stressing and something that almost had me in a deep sleep.  I find that with having a stressful job my shoulders are usually always quite tense and having them massaged literally cures everything for me.

So there you have, the top 5 things I love having done.  

Do you have a favourite treatment you like to have? is there anything you absolutely swear by?


  1. Great idea for a post! I love having my back scratched :) x
    Sweet Dreams

  2. I totally agree on the massages but I hate having my hair washed at the hairdressers! I love washing my hair myself so having someone else control the water temperature and the pressure with which they wash my hair is horrific! They always seem to splash me too! Great post :)

  3. It's strange that you post this, as I have a HUGE fear of the hairdressers. But on Friday I went and had my hair cut for only the second time in 14 years (it really needed it). I still wasn't comfortable. especially wish someone washing my hair, but I am glad that I went.


  4. Yes, Yes & Yes to all of these!!! I used to have a massive fear of hairdressers after having some really had haircuts, but now I love going and almost never cancel my appointments at the last minute :) I do love being pampered, having someone wash my hair and having a facial are probably my two favourite :)


  5. I had a bad experience getting my nails done when the manicurist used clippers on my acrylic nails but used them the wrong way round and cut my finger :( I still cringe every time a beautician uses them on me now and it was years ago! x

  6. all of them sounds very relaxing! getting facial hurts when it comes to extraction, but I love the result, so I don't really mind the pain :D

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