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HER Haircare Rituals

Whenever I am asked if I would like to try some new haircare products, I always jump at the chance. As well as trying my best to ensure my skin is kept in tiptop condition, my hair is just as important.

HER Haircare Rituals is a brand I had never heard of until a wonderfully packaged lot of products arrived at my door. The brand, if you haven't heard of them comes from a place called Veneto in Italy and is co-owned by entertainer John Barrowman who is also the co-creator. From his own eyes, he has seen first hand what women’s hair has to endure on a daily basis. whether it is colouring and blowdrying to curling and straightening, a performer’s hair has no time to recover from these treatments. And neither does yours. It is said that the average woman’s hair endures a great deal more stress than most men’s. This is why John and HER haircare have designed these products which help combat the effects of daily styling, air conditioning and many environmental factors to reverse the damage caused by everyday life.

So in my package was the Nourishing range which comprised of a shampoo, conditoner, hair treatment and a nourishing oil. My hair is combination, it has greasy roots and dry ends, is quite fine but I have a lot of hair on my head. I tend to wash my hair every other day in the summer and every two days in the winter unless I feel it is necessary to wash it more frequently. Once a week or at least once every two weeks, I use a treatment on my hair as I have always been told to do by any hairdresser.

HER Haircare Rituals

The first things to note about this range is the rather stylish packaging. Pure white bottles with black lids and the HER logo right in the centre of the bottle, they are sleek in design whjch wouldn't look out of place in an exclusive salon.

Nourishing Shampoo, £15.00. This is described as follows:

"This luxurious cleanser offers complete nutrition for dry, damaged hair. A blend of revitalising natural sugars with hydrolysed sweet almond, wheat and rice proteins, intensely nourishes the hair leaving it soft, supple and brilliantly shiny"

As soon as you open the lid, as I always do with any new product to smell it, this is most definitely a scent I really like. It has one of those fresh scents combined with a citrusy blend which makes for an uplifting scent and something you would probably like as a candle to create an atmosphere to give you that get up and go. Once on the hair it lathers with ease and you only need a small amount to cover your entire head, something I particualy like in a product as there is nothing worse than using half the bottle and only get minimal lather, it never feels as though you have washed your hair. It is as easy to wash out as it is to apply and once you have done so and my hair always feels lovely and soft, not lank or overly heavy.

HER Haircare Rituals

Nourishing Conditioner, £17.00 described as follows:

"This velvety conditioner contains natural oils including Olive, Avocado and Brazil Nut which effortlessly nourish, to replace lost moisture and protect dry, distressed hair restoring weightless body and natural shine".

I don't use a conditioner everytime I wash my hair, I have found they weigh to heavy on my hair, but this conditioner I really really like. Again ti has a fresh scent too it, though totally different from the shampoo and you can get a definite scent of Avocado. Once this has been applied to the mid-lengths and ends of you hair, you leave it on for 30 seconds before rinising out, again an easy task which doesn't require a lot of rinsing to ensure every last trace is removed.

The final two products withing my package was the 300 Trecento Treatment and the Nourishing Oil.

The 300 Trecento Treatment comes packaged in a box which mimics the design of the shampoo and conditioner bottles, only inside the pot if black and looks even more exclusive. It won't surprised you to hear that this treatment smells good enough to eat, it is almost heavenly. Unlike most treatments, you actually use this before washing and conditioning and to use you ensure your hair is slightly damp, towel off any excess water and then apply from root to tip and leave for 300 seconds (clever name) or 5 minutes. You can of course opt for a deeper conditioning treatment which you leave on for 15 minutes.

HER Haircare Rituals

HER Haircare Rituals

This Treatment is described as follows:

"This weekly pre shampoo treatment is at the core of the Her haircare ritual. A one-step deep conditioning treatment clinically proven to rebuild and repair dry/damaged hair. A must have for anybody using hot styling tools.

In just 300 seconds (5 minutes) natural plant extracts including Shea butter, Olive and wheat protein penetrate the hair to rebuild, strengthen & moisturise from within. The Trecento Treatment creates a protective layer to restore resilience, strength and elasticity to minimise frizz, enhancing health & shine". 

HER Haircare Rituals

HER Haircare Rituals

Once you have had the treatment on which the allotted time, you simply wash out using warm water (not hot). When I used this for the first time, I had expected it to leave my hair feeling lank and greasy, a problem I have encountered with similar products, however it did neither of those and once I had completed the washing and conditioning process, my hair felt soft and smooth and really well conditioned. Given it is packed with oils, vitamins and natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Olive and Ginseng, it is no wonder my hair always feels so lovely after use and what's more, an absolute pleasure to style.

Finally the Nourishing Oil which is a clear see-through bottle this time, is described as follows:

"This luxurious, weightless elixir powered with four precious oils; Argan, Radish, Sweet Cherry and Moringa nourish, tame, detangle, and protect the hair leaving it feeling silky, supple, and with a lustrous shine".

HER Haircare Rituals

To use you simply rub 2 or 3 drops between your fingers and run all the way through the mid lengths to the ends of the hair, it is easy to use because the bottle has a pump action dispenser to make life much easier. Once you have combed through and styled your hair as you would normally do, like me you should notice how super soft and shiny your hair is, not to mention how amazing it smells.

I have really enjoyed using these products, they smell amazing, they leave my hair feeling soft, smooth and super shiny and I just love the packaging.

Have you tried this range?  


  1. The packaging is incredible, I must say, and looks like they're top quality products. I had no idea John Barrowman was behind this!

  2. This sounds like a beautiful range and the packaging is really lovely!! I really like the sound of the treatment, what a clever product name :)

    Jess xo

  3. The packaging is beautiful! They look so so nice, high quality and one to keep out in the bathroom!

  4. Oh I've been to Veneto before totally off subject but it's a lovely part of Italy. I've got say the packaging on these products looks lovely I'd been totally interested in them if I saw them in a shop. The 300 Trecento Treatment sounds like it be prefect for my hair love the fact its got olive oil in it :-)


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