Monday, 23 June 2014

Father's Day Delivery

Every once in a while I forget something, I am of course only human.  Fathers Day is quite a big deal to me, I only have one Dad (two Father-in-laws) and this is the one day I get to send him something that he really likes and enjoys and I get to let him know how much he means to me.  We share a private joke every year, he always knows what I am buying him, I don't even have to mention it, he knows this gift is coming and every year I joke and say I am going to do something different one year.  

This year I almost forgot, I had bought his present, which is a bottle of his favourite Whisky, in time, wrapped it securely and packaged it up ready to send off. I then got distracted by other things and this package sat there, and sat there until I suddenly realised two days before that I hadn't sent this parcel to my Dad and I needed it to arrive on the 14th June before 6pm because Dad was going fishing overnight and wouldn't be back until late Sunday and as Father's Day was 15th and there is no Sunday delivery, I need a solution.

Thankfully for me TNT saved the day.  This was my second time using TNT and I am really impressed with their service.  You can go on the website and get a price finder for how much it is going to cost, my package cost just £9.95 just VAT which was significantly cheaper than other avenues.  If you are not sure how to book your package, there is a really helpful online chat assistant who talks you through all of the options.  What I liked was not having to go through the effort of making an account to send one parcel, I could fill in all the relevant details, pay by my card, print off everything I needed and the job is done.

Following the four easy steps:
  • Enter Parcel Details to get a quote
  • Select the service you require
  • Enter the collection details and the destination details
  • Confirm and Pay

Now for me, as someone who works from 8am until sometimes 6-7pm in an evening with half an hour for lunch, someone coming to collect my package from me is a lifesaver because there is no way I can make it to go and take my package to be posted, it is quite a distance to walk, the Post Office is closed in a morning when I leave and the same in an evening.  Also I often work weekends as well and have the same problem.

Then once you have booked your parcel in for collection, a TNT representative comes to you office/home to collect it from you and off it goes on its way. Once it has left, you can track whether or not it has been delivered using the consignment number that you will have been given when booking your packaged for delivery. 

Throughout the whole booking process, there is the use of the livechat should you get a little confused and the FAQ section is really helpful.

TNT don't just deliver in the UK, they deliver worldwide and again the countries to which they deliver too can be found on the main website.  You can also post larger items and as with many items you might want to post, there are rules and regulations which need to be adhered too and once again, everything you need with regards to that is clearly visible.

Having now used TNT a few times, I have found them to be brilliant.  The package to my Dad arrived in plenty of time and in one piece.  I have also received quite a lot of packages via TNT and again, they have always arrived on time and in one piece.

Have you ever used TNT? How do you send your packages and parcels?

This post has been written in collaboration with TNT Express


  1. Haven't heard of these before, might check them out as hubby sends a lot of parcels Two Hearts One Roof

  2. Never heard of them before but do send my fair share of parcels and hate visiting the post office to send them! x


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