Thursday, 26 June 2014

Guest Post | The 5 major benefits of using UV nail polish

GlazeMe UV Nail Polish
If you’ve never used UV gel polish before, you wouldn’t know the benefits that it has over standard lacquer! To help you out, and to ensure you’ll never go back to standard polish, here are the five major benefits of using UV nail polish!

1. It lasts longer than regular polish

UV gel polish lasts for about three weeks usually – without chipping, fading or scratching off at all! That’s a lifetime in the nail polish world. As long as you cure it properly with the UV light it will last up to three times longer than normal polish. It’s absolutely worth using it; you’ll need to re-apply your lacquer less often, you won’t be as worried about smudging it straight after application, and lastly, there will be plenty of time in-between to choose your next colour.

2. It dries quickly!

Due to the curing UV light that is used, the UV gel polish dries within minutes. Not only is it handy for manicures, but absolutely perfect for pedicures – the quick drying feature means you can put shoes on merely minutes after painting your nails, and you will never worry about accidently knocking your hand into something smudge-worthy. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

3. It’s free from harmful chemicals

There are no harmful chemicals in UV gel polish, meaning that it’s not at all damaging to your nails. You can use this polish as many times as you like and you’ll never see your nails get weak or discoloured. That’s great news for anyone who is conscious of what they put on their skin and in their body. There’s no downside to using this miracle stuff!

4. It’s super easy to apply!

This polish is so easy to apply that it basically applies itself! As you paint it on your fingernails, the polish ‘self-levels’ and gets rid of the bumps and ridges on it’s own without you having to lift a finger. Simply apply it in the same way you apply normal nail polish, and you’ll end up with a smooth finish like never before!

5. It’s easy to take off!

UV gel polish is really simple to remove, which only makes it more inviting to use. The easiest way to remove UV gel polish is by soaking a finger wrap in acetone and wrap it around your finger for 10-12 minutes. For a more effective removal, wrap aluminium foil around the wrap to ensure it soaks into the polish completely. Once the 10 minutes is up, slide the wrap off – and bask in the simplicity of removing your polish.

There are clearly no downsides to using UV gel polish – so perhaps you should invest in some right away (unless you’ve already done the right thing and got some!) There are plenty of places to get UV polish from online, head to online stores like Glaze Me to look through all the colours, and perhaps purchase a couple while you’re there.


  1. I've used UV nail polish before & agree with everything in this post! The staying power is so much better than normal polish!

  2. Not heard of UV polish before, but I'm always on the look out for a good nail polish.

  3. You have me sold! I'm far too lazy to be constantly reapplying my nail polish! :)

  4. These sound great!! I love trying new nail polishes and it's always nice to see different brands from the usual "big" brands!! :)

    Layla xx

  5. I've found UV nail polish has spoiled my nails a few times. The UV light is like putting your hands under a sun bed too. I've had a few but will only be using it for special occasions now, I like to let my nails breathe in between :)



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