Sunday, 16 February 2014

Pioneer X-SMC11DAB-S

Music is quite a big part of my life, always has been, whether it is going to a gig, listening on my iPhone, listening to the radio or playing old skool CD's at home.  The one issue I currently have is that having upgraded my iPhone, where most of my music is stored, my old music system which was an iPod docking station has become obsolete due to the change in charging mechanism.  So I wanted something other than a mug to use as a speaker (I am sure you are all aware of the mug trick, if not ask!).

So when Pioneer asked if people would be interested in reviewing one of their products, I jumped at the chance, firstly because I miss playing music and secondly because I have never owned anything my Pioneer.  So the X-SMC11DAB was duly dispatched to me on loan to have a play with it and see what my thoughts were.

My first reaction was how small, slim and stylish it was in comparison to my old docking system which looked more like a brick and took up quite a lot of room.  Its main features is that I could connect it to my iPhone 5, it has a DAB radio, the ability to play CD's plus a USB port so I could my iPad into it to play back MP3's.  This device is also wall mountable and has a remote control that you can use to control everything from playing a CD, music from your iPod, setting the sleep timer and turning it all off.

No sooner had I got this item in my possession it was unwrapped and set up, literally within minutes, no need to read the handbook that comes with it, for me, everything I needed to know was on the box in front of me.  It has two speakers and two passive radiators they are called and that simply means they produce more bass than regular ported systems.  All I can say is that it can be very loud, infact I am sure my neighbours loved a bit of Queen blasting out from this, well I couldn't have it and not test the sound right?  No matter how loud you have the sound, there is no distinctive rattling or vibrating and I tested it out using different types of music from Metallica and Queen to Cheesy 80's and 90's music whether on CD or via my iPhone, it sounded brilliant.

If you prefer the radio then tuning it is also an easy task, simply press the 'Tune' button on the top and it searches for you, coming up with a lot of different options in seconds and I came across some radio stations like ABBA FM that I only wish I could get all of the time.

I also liked being able to play one of my de-stressing CD's before going to sleep and being able to set the timer to go off, a function that I never thought I would use, but did during the whole time the device was with me.  You can also use it to come on in a morning and again for this is an absolute dream, no having to get out of a warm bed to switch something on as you listen to the news before you get up

I am not too good with the techy stuff, so for a full list of specs you can find them all HERE. This device retails at around £220 and if money wasn't an object I wouldn't hesitate to buy it.


  1. This looks fab, we love music too so would be fab in our house. Must check it out x

  2. Sounds amazing! A good sound system is always a must when music is an important part of your life!
    Eden from edenroses xx

  3. This is a great device, I am sure the neighbours loved a bit of Enter Sandman ;) x

  4. Those speakers looks amazing!!

    Mon Petit Billet

  5. Sounds fab. I really want something like it so I can listen to the radio from my phone (kissfm :p) while doing the housework and so on. x


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