Monday, 23 December 2013

Lush Rudolph Face Mask

I am a huge fan of Lush products, yes I am a Lushaholic and I love the Christmas Range. As soon as I know Snow Fairy has been released for those precious few weeks, I stock up.  I did a mini Lush Haul which I wrote about HERE and one of the products from that haul is the Rudolph Face mask.

Soothe and nourish your skin, with fresh cucumber, oatmeal and tofu. Scented with organic lavender oil, this calming mask will reduce redness and restore nutrients to your skin

Is the description for this face-mask.  Called Rudolph it has been designed to give your face and neck a little TLC which I am sure most people need, especially with this constant change in weather, my skin is not a fan of the cold weather and in order to make sure I don't end up looking like Freddie Kruger, I ensure my skin gets a little extra TLC as and when I can.  This face-mask sounded ideal when I came across it in the Lush store, especially as it promises to soothe, nourish, and calm skin, as well as reducing redness and restore balance. 

The main ingredients, which as you will know from Lush are endless and natural, are 
cucumber, oatmeal, tofu, and lavender.  Then we have tea tree, Calamine Powder and witch hazel which help to keep those blemishes at bay. I was quite surprised to see tofu included, mainly because I can't stand the horrible taste or texture whenever I have tried to eat it, but if it does give my skin a little TLC, I might be much nicer to it.   Now all of those ingredients aside and many more that haven't been mentioned but can be found online. I am sure you are wondering what the red blob is right?  Well it is of course Rudolph’s red nose, which is made from a bright red rounded piece of jelly to stick upon your own nose once you have applied the mask.

Being handmade and full of completely natural ingredients, Lush face masks can be quite thick and lumpy and this one is no exception.  Resembling porridge in texture and looks this facemask actually smells much better than it looks and they do say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

The mask is because described as porridge and the overly done stuff that literally clings to the pan and no amount of milk is going to make it any easier to eat.  Yes simply put, this mask is a fairly thick texture and when you apply it to your face it can be quite tricky, I found it easier to apply my mixing it with a tiny bit of water.  As I always apply as mask before getting in the bath or if I am just laying on the sofa, I tend to have some water in the sink anyway to wash my hands after I have finished applying any mask.  Once applied to your face, simply lay back and relax.

I left the mask on for around half an hour before I rinsed it off. Removing the mask was much easier than applying it and I used some damp muslin cloth to remove most of it before using a mirror to make sure I hadn't left anything lurking in and around my hairline or my eyebrows (it happens) and then once everything had been removed, I patted my skin dry and was surprised to find how lovely my skin felt.  When the mask is on your face, or any mask for that matter, I am never too sure whether anything is actually happening because if it doesn't harden for peeling off or wiping off, but stays as it was when you applied it, then what has it done?  Well this one did a lot.  my skin was soft and smooth to the touch, I had a lovely rosy glow and best of all, my skin felt so hydrated and moisturised that I didn't feel the need to instantly grab a moisturising cream and cover my face in it, because unlike some other masks I have used, I didn't feel that this one had stripped my skin of everything and left my skin feeling really dry.

Overall this is a fantastic face-mask and one I have really enjoyed using it.  It retails at £5.50 for 60g and it comes in one of those lovely black tubs which you can keep, take back and once you have 5, get another face-mask for free. 


  1. Lush is good! Yes, something to say about texture but great quality inci
    Have a nice day!

    Viky --- MySecretFashionPoison

  2. You cannot go wrong with a face mask that has a wearable nose with it ^^ sounds quite scrummy actually... it's great to hear that it worked wonders to your skin :) cannot wait to go to the sales and pick up some... or alot of the things

    zara xx

  3. This is a great and calming face mask and I've really enjoyed wearing it this winter :o). Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  4. I think ill pick this up in the sale! I love everything from the lush christmas collections!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  5. I love the sound of this, not sure if I'll manage to try it though now :-( xx

  6. This looks kind of ross, but usually the most disgusting looking face masks work the best! Haha!


  7. awww the red nose, too cute!!! :D the mask itself sounds just my cup of tea, intrigued by the added tofu. xx

  8. Oh my gosh... visually it looks awful, but it sounds amazing! I definitely would love to give this a try! xxx

    Gem // Miss Makeup Magpie

  9. This is so cute with the Little red nose. I haven't tried any of the face marks from lush before but really ought to xx

  10. Looks interesting but gross at the same time.

    Uncover the Untold

  11. Mine went mouldy before I got chance to use it :(


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