Thursday, 15 August 2013

Amie Skincare - Your Skins Best Friend

Amie has become a brand I am always excited to see and use. the name meaning friend in French, is a brand which is non-expensive, kind to skin and contains no nasties. My morning routine at the minute involves two Amie products - first there is Morning Clear which is a facial wash and then there is Morning Dew, a matte finish moisturiser.

Starting with Morning Clear which is in the pastel pink coloured tube, this product is pH-balanced and uses what are called harmonising natural actives such as:

  • mayblossom and elderflower purify and decongest the skin, keeping oiliness in check and helping prevent spot formation. 
  • Natural sugar moisturisers ensure skin is not stripped or dried out. 
  • Cocoa seed butter nourishes and sweet almond oil softens. 
  • Orange blossom and raspberry tone pores and refresh skin.
Putting all of these ingredients together it leaves your skin feeling fresh, properly washed and smooth to the touch. What I love about this product is the texture of the wash which is quite creamy and it lathers really well upon contact with water and the fruity smell it gives is wonderfully refreshing.

After showering and then further using a toner and cleanser, I moisturise and again with Amie. Morning Dew, which is contained within a pastel yellow coloured tube.

Morning Dew is described as being a "really light daily moisturiser that’s totally mineral oil-free and parabens-free" which I am sure will get the thumbs up from some bloggers. As you apply this to your skin, it is surprisingly quick to absorb itself and it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch. When a product states that it will leave a matte finish what does it really mean? Well in the case of this moisturising cream I am told that "it gives skin all the hydration it needs while controlling shine and leaving a smooth, matte finish that’s a perfect base for make-up or facing the day or night ‘au naturel’" and having used it for the last few weeks I can almost certainly tell you that it does that.

As with the facial wash, this product also contains those harmonising natural actives and in this case they are:

  • organic rosehip and bilberry nourish, 
  • natural plant sugars hydrate 
  • Vitamin E acts as an anti-oxidant protecting against sun damage and pollution. 
  • Lemon Fruit Extract acts as an effective antiseptic 
  • Orange Blossom is an excellent skin clarifying agent, helping to remove excess sebum and keep oily skin clear.

Again this smells really wonderful and it has one of those scents which lingers on your skin all day long. As someone who often suffers from an oily t-zone, I can confirm that it does indeed help remove excess sebum and keep oily skin clear, so much so that I haven't even opened the new pack of blotting pads I bought prior to use these two products.

Both of these products retail for £4.95 and they can be found in places like Waitrose or from their own website which you can find HERE

Have you tried these products? have you tried any Amie products?


  1. It's a lovely brand, I've loved everything I've tried x

  2. These sound like great products, affordable and no nasties! Will have to have a try!

    Jo x

  3. I might try the facial wash out when I finish my current one, I'll look out for it.

  4. I've heard of Amie but I haven't tried them. I will after reading this, great review :-) X


    1. Thanks hun and they are definitely worth trying xx

  5. I love Amie products, I'm currently using their Cooling Clay mask, it's gorgeous!
    Thanks for a great review I will look out for it when I'm looking for a new facial wash :)

    Lyndsay xx | Fizzy Peaches ♡

  6. I've never heard of that brand before :) Sounds like a lovely product, thanks for the review xx

  7. I haven't tried these particular Amie products but I love their exfoliator, their cooling clay mask, their eye makeup remover (which is super sensitive, yay) and their skin shield moisturiser.

    Great brand and lovely post - will have to try one or both of these products :D

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. The Clay mask is amazing and the skin shield I also love. Not tried the exfoliator or make-up remover xx

  8. I'm hugely impressed by the brand. Every product I try I love x

  9. I like the sound of that moisturizer, the consistency looks perfect for me too. I haven't tried anything from Amie yet. xx


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