Monday, 12 August 2013

How I got my own Domain Name

So a few days ago I announced that no longer was I a but instead I had become just a for my blog, going from to and I did so in less than 2 hours. This is something I had debated doing for some time, though my biggest fear was losing everything I had worked so hard to do.  Before I continue, I just need to point out that I am not quite self-hosting a website, I have simply got my own domain name and am still using blogger as I always have done to write, draft, schedule and publish my posts.  I figured that once I got used to my own domain name and am using it properly, I would then, with more time see how easy self-hosting would be.


How did I do it? read on to find out.  Firstly I had a look around online at sites where you can buy domain names from and settled on using GoDaddy which seemed to be a favourite site with fellow bloggers.

Then it is time to see whether or not your Domain name is available so in the middle section where it says 'Search for a new domain' you type in the name of you blog and decide whether you want .com,, .net and so on...Then if your favoured domain name isn't available it will show you what is and how much it is.
Domain Name Search - Beautyqueenuk
As .com for me was taken, I settled on and added it to my basket. Then you need to create an account if you do not already have one, takes a few minutes. Once you have bought your name for the number of years you can afford - mine was £5.98 for 2 years, you will get an email confirmation and then you are ready to go and transfer from Blogger to your own Domain  Name and this is the guide I used - HERE and it is really straightforward to follow.

You will need to be logged into both Blogger and your GoDaddy account to complete all the steps:

To Edit Your CNAME Record

  1. Log in to your Account Manager. - this means your GoDaddy Account
  2. Next to Domains, click Launch.
  3. From the DNS menu, select DNS Manager. The DNS Dashboard displays. - the second tab
  4. For the domain name you want to use with your Blogger account, click Edit Zone. The Zone File Editor displays.
  5. In the CNAME (Alias) section, click the www record. - 3rd option down (see below)
  6. In the Points To field, type below)
  7. Click Save Zone File, and then click OK.
Adding your domain name to your blog
Then you need to leave your blog for about an hour for these changes to take affect and then log into your blogger account to complete or check every 5 minutes like I did.

To Configure Your Blogger Account

  1. Log in to your Blogger account.
  2. From the Settings tab, select Basic.
  3. From Publishing, click Add custom domain.
  4. Click Switch to Advanced Settings, and then enter your domain name. For example, enter
  5. To specify another location in which to look for files, in the Use a missing files host? section, select Yes and enter the path. If not, select No.
  6. Click Save.
How to install your Domain Name on Blogger
Then click save and it should now look like this:
How to add your domain name to blogger
As you can see every depending on what your blog was will now be redirected to your new Domain, as mine shows above.  Again, it might take up to an hour before you can enter your new domain name and again I was checking it every 5 minutes.

At this point you should be able to simply refresh the page and all of your changes will have taken place - it is as simple as that! Then you log in and use Blogger as you always have done, nothing changes that, as I mentioned above, you have simply got a new domain name, not a website - that comes next.

That is how I became and hopefully I have explained it well enough and simple enough so that should you make the change, it goes smoothly for you. I am by no means an expert but if you do have a question, please do ask for tweet me @Beautyqueen_uk and I will try and help you.


  1. This is fab Rachel! I'm just about to have a go at this myself and your post made it look so easy, thanks! :) xx

    Beauty by Emma - Beauty Blog

  2. i just bought my first domain name (but not self hosting yet - baby steps!!), and took me 3 days to get it done to change over. Mainly the wait was the DNS being registered.
    GoDaddy was super helpful and quick to reply too, so recommend them too.
    Self hosting is the next step for me...ahhh actually its swapping from blogger to wordpress is my next step - worries me!! LOL!
    Nice having your own name isnt it!! ;)

    1. I couldn't believe how easy it was... Self-hosting scares me ha xx

  3. I have my own domain but not self-hosted, that's a step too far for techno-phobe me!xx

    1. Ha that's how I feel... I've achieved this and think I should, for now, quit whilst I am ahead xx

  4. Thanks for this post! I want to get my own domain at some point but i have no clue how the process works so this was definitely helpful and will be great to refer back to for when i do actually go through with it!

    Natalie xx

  5. Yay, your post is up :D Been waiting for this one! I'm hopefully going to change over at the end of the month so I'll make sure I come back to follow all the steps then.

    Great post.

    Lou xxx

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    PS: It was actually Go Daddy that I was looking at the other night when you emailed me :)

    1. Ooh good luck Hun, let me know how you get on with it x

  6. this was a really useful post :) I'll definitely need it at some point. Thanks for sharing xx

  7. I use GoDaddy too.
    Its really easy to do and your post is so helpful!

    Emily / Glittery Teacups

  8. This is really good! I'm considering buying my own too :)
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  9. I loved reading this post this post, I am really wanting to buy my own soon.

  10. I just bought my domain name directly through Google, kinda wishing I hadn't been lazy about it now cos it doesn't look anywhere near as difficult as I thought it would be! xo

  11. This is so helpful! Great post, I have considered doing this for a while but just can't afford it right now... some day! :) x

  12. This is a brilliant post, so thorough! I struggled doing mine ages ago, this would have been so handy to have! xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie ♥

  13. Hi, I found your blog via Beauty by Emma - can never read too many beauty blogs! I am purchasing my domain as we speak! Fingers crossed and thanks for your help.

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  14. Hi again, thought I should feed back. All went ok up to adding custom domain on Blogger. It wouldn't accept it and asked me to add another lot of numbers as well as to a bit I couldn't see. I noticed an option to verify with google web master. I logged in with my google a/c and had to log in to Go Daddy via that. A few seconds later my domain name had changed. Thanks for your help, I still would have had my old domain if I hadn't of read your post. xx

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  15. You are an absolute star, I have had my domain name for a few weeks now but didnt know what on earth I should be doing with the settings until I found your post and I bought it through go daddy too so you really helped me, thank you:)

  16. Nice blog really helpful for those who dont know anything about how to choose domain name for a website and register it online ..I followed the tips which you specified here and choose apt domain name for my business website and got it registered through online domain vendors like for affordable cost ....

  17. Thank you so much for doing this post! I have finally managed to do mine correctly! its only taken 2 months of trying.

    Chloe @

  18. getting your own domain is not that difficult. Nowadays even google also offers domain name. There are tons domain registrars out there you could start with and you could find sites like on similarto. you can see that there are close 50 similar alternatives of godaddy listed on similarto. Read through the reviews and go for what you feel is best.


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