Tuesday 16 April 2013

Nail Varnish Haul...

I randomly found myself in Superdrug, as you do, looking for a pale pink nail varnish, the one I had was quite old and crusty and in need of replacing.  Anyway, as soon as I walked into Superdrug my eyes lit up:

Essie Shelves in Superdrug

A brand new Essie section that hadnt been there a week before!  So naturally I had to look and before I realised I had been stood there for a whole hour trying the different pinks out to decide which ones I liked best.

Then I moved along to the Rimmel section and NYC and put a few more varnishes into my basket and 7 varnishes later....

this is my Nail Varnish Haul...

My Nail Varnish Haul

So quite a few different types of varnishes in my collection now and the only one I have worn is Essie Delicacy which you can see below:

Essie Delicacy

Excuse the state of my nails... but hopefully you can see that it isn't too pink and instead adds a pearl-esque colour to my nails, which I really quite like.  I wasn't too sure to start with, but it has grown on me over the last few days and it hasnt chipped either which I am really impressed with.

What do you think to my haul?
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