Monday, 20 February 2017

Gosh Spring 17 Collection – the liquid Matte lipglosses

A few days ago I went off to see the launch of the Spring 17 Collection from GOSH and whenever there is a new launch you can guarantee there will be a product that just wows everyone and that is what I am sharing with you today - the liquid Matte lipglosses.
Gosh Spring 17 Collection – the liquid Matte lipglosses

Said to have been inspired by urban nature, these brand new Matte lipglosses, not only give an amazing matte finish but the colour payoff and pigmentation far exceeds anything I was expecting to find. All of the eight shades are infused with Dandelion and LIperfecton, so they not only hydrate the lips but also increase microcirculation, in short, this means an instant improved blood flow within the capillaries which can increase the volume of your lips - WOW.

I am loving liquid lip products right now and they do seem to be everywhere. As bold and bright as the pigmentation is for each one of these they are incredibly moisturising on the lips and not at all drying. They glide on to the lips in one swoop and dry really quickly. Once on the lips, they tend not to budge for a good 4-5 hours and there is no transfer of colour.

The eight new shades within the collection are:
001 Candyfloss – a lovely soft pink nude 
002 Pink Sorbet – a dusty rose colour 
003 Nougat Fudge – a peachy nude shade 
004 Chinese Rouge – a beautiful soft red
Gosh Spring 17 Collection – the liquid Matte lipglosses
005 Red Carpet – a bold red 
006 Berry Me – a beautiful soft berry shade 
007 Nougat Crisp – a darker nude 
008 Arabian Night – a gorgeous deep berry shade
Gosh Spring 17 Collection – the liquid Matte lipglosses
My favourite shades from this collection is Berry Me and Nougat Fudge which are both just stunning and I have also worn Arabian Night which is a really pretty and vibrant shade. What I do love is that there is a great choice of shades right across the colour spectrum and something suitable for most skin types.

Priced at £8.99 each for me, these are liquid lipglosses to look out for. Do you have a favourite shade to wear from the Gosh Spring 17 Collection?

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Sunday, 19 February 2017

New Colour Vibe Shampoo

Change it up in 2017 with NEW Colour Vibe – wash in hair colour that is fast to apply as well as being totally fuss and mess free! Simply apply in the shower when washing your hair for maximum impact – with minimal time and effort required. 
New Colour Vibe Shampoo
Colour Vibe’s convenient and conditioning nature means you can start the week as a blonde, try Wednesday as a red head and the weekend partying with pastel tones. Or mash it up whenever you fancy with every colour in between. 

Colour Vibe is good to go wherever the mood takes you! How To Get The Vibe Simply wash your hair and shampoo as normal for a clean base to start from, wring out any excess water, then apply your chosen Colour Vibe and comb through to the ends to ensure an even application. Leave on for 5 minutes (or longer if you want a stronger colour), rinse thoroughly and condition as normal. 

Colour Vibe will cleanse, tone and care for your hair in an instant - whatever your colour choice, age or mood! There’s an amazing 13 shades to choose from and Colour Vibe lasts for up to three washes or until you start again.  The colours within the collection are:

  • Blondes: Ice Blonde, Ash Blonde, Vibrant Honey Blonde, Soft Strawberry Blonde* 
  • Reds: Warm Copper Gold, Radiant Red, Auburn*, Mahogany Brunette: Chocolate Brown 
  • Pastels: Teal Breeze*, Lilac Dream, Pink Blush, Silver Touch
I was lucky enough to put these shades to the test and opted to try out Ash Blonde from the blonde range of colours and below are some before and after pictures of my hair. It is worth noting that of course in one wash my hair was not going to become bright blonde but what it did do was lighten the lighter blonde parts of my hair, which I was really impressed with.
New Colour Vibe Shampoo
If you fancy giving these a try then Colour Vibe is available exclusively at Boots and priced at £2.99 and right now they are on a buy one get one for half price, so if there is more than one you want to try, then now is the time. 

• *Soft Strawberry Blonde, Auburn & Teal Breeze colours exclusively available at
 • Colour Vibe won’t darken or lighten hair - blondes should use different blonde tones and pastels, mid tones should use mid reds, dark browns should use darker reds and chocolate brown. 

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Friday, 17 February 2017

L'Occitane New Intensive Hand Balm

If you love hand cream and especially that from L'Occitane then you will love the new Intensive Hand Balm which is enriched with 25% Shea butter to provide intense nourishing care, the Shea Intensive Hand Balm forms a protective film for dry to very dry skin.
L'Occitane New Intensive Hand Balm
L'Occitane New Intensive Hand Balm
L'Occitane New Intensive Hand Balm
Shea butter is a natural beauty balm, used by women in Sub-Saharan Africa. Since the 1980’s, L’OCCITANE has set up a sustainable and fair trade partnership with the women in Burkina Faso who produce it. The L'OCCITANE Foundation is involved in women's entrepreneurship supporting literacy, training and microcredit programs, as well as the development of companies created by women and I mentioned this over in the Solidarity Balm post which you can find here

Enriched with allantoin, a naturally moisturising and regenerative ingredient, this ultra-rich balm absorbs into the hands when applied and massaged in and it leaves your hands feeling soft, smooth, soothed and nourished without any trace or greasiness left on the skin.

If you love the original Shea butter hand cream, then you will absolutely adore this.  You can use this as a daily hand cream, or as an extra treat, use it twice-weekly as an intensive hand mask by applying a thick layer to hands and leaving for 10 minutes before massaging excess into the skin.

The Hand Balm costs just £21 and you can grab it right here.

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My ultimate Spa Day

It might surprise some people, but I have never been to a spa on a break and had an all out pampering session.  I have visited one or two places for a facial, a massage and a pedicure but I have never experienced the whole thing.
Image Source - Redletterdays
I have an incredibly busy and stressful job and am often feeling tense and stressed. That stress and tension lie in my shoulders and lower back which is often agony, so I should find more time to relax and take care of myself.

This week my inbox has been packed full with offers and money off deals for Valentines Day and the one gift that most of those emails mentioned were a spa break, all of them offering different types of deals and treatments trying to tempt me in.  As a blogger, I do of course pamper myself at home and there are many products that I can use to do that and sites that I can get advice from and purchase items. Ellison's supply wholesale beauty products to spas which help to create the perfect spa experience because the products are just as important as the treatment itself. This got me thinking if I could create my perfect spa day what would it be like?

Well, this post is inspired by many friends and some Bloggers who have shared their stories in print and in the video on their experiences on a Spa break and I have looked at some of those offers which landed in my inbox.  So, my perfect spa day would hopefully be with a friend that I could enjoy the experience with and have some well earned girlie time and a catch-up, I have many friends whom I haven't seen for absolute ages, so the chance to catch up would be amazing and what better way to do it.
Image Source - Redletterdays
The first thing I would love on arrival is to be greeted with a glass of Prosecco and the chance to relax and unwind with access to all the facilities especially the steam and sauna room, having travelled to the destination, the chance to shower, relax and unwind would be absolute bliss.

Having relaxed, it would be time for Afternoon Tea which of course I am a big fan of.  Over tea, my friend and I can have a good old catch up on what has been going on in each other lives.  After tea, I would love to have a full on body exfoliation and mud wrap which would let just lie back and relax, taking in the atmosphere of the spa. I like the idea of a mud wrap removing and eliminating toxins in the body but in a non-evasive and de-stressful way. Then as the mud sinks in, the chance to receive a relaxing face and head massage might just send me off into a relaxed sleep but would be much welcomed.

Once the treatments had finished it a glass or two of bubbly over a manicure or pedicure would also be a final treat to send us on our way back home to reality.

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