Sunday, 26 February 2017

Tropic Skincare Colour Click Lipstick

Tropic Skincare is a brand which has products which are Vegan and Cruelty free and within their range have everything from Skincare and Bodycare to Makeup. As Lipstick week continues on the blog today I am talking about Tropic Skincare Colour Click Lipsticks. 
Tropic Skincare Colour Click Lipstick
Tropic Skincare Colour Click Lipstick
Tropic Skincare Colour Click Lipstick
Encased in some super sleek matte back casing with god lettering. These lipsticks are enriched with camellia, jojoba, avocado, Shea, Coconut and argan oils that work to nourish and condition your lips. Instead of using beeswax they instead use a vegan wax in its place and it makes no difference to the performance of that lipstick and how well it performs.

They have a super smooth and creamy formula which glides on to the lips adding colour with everything from muted nudes and striking red hues to beautiful berry bullets there is definitley something for everyone. I was given the task of choosing my favourite shades and it was quite a hard choice and in the end I opted for Jazzberry Jam and Rosehip. To remove the lipstick bullet from its casing, you simply click the end to release it and the click is really quite satisfying and my inner-child just loves it.

Starting with Jazzberry Jam which, I chose purely because of the name, it can best be described as a shimmering plum shade and it sits somewhere between plum and a berry red. On the lips it lasts for a good 2-3 hours before the need to re-apply.

Tropic Skincare Colour Click Lipstick
Tropic Skincare Colour Click Lipstick
Tropic Skincare Colour Click Lipstick
Rosehip is a seductive red berry shade and it sits between a red and a berry shade without conforming to either. What I love about this lipstick is that it not a red and not a berry, it is simple as that. I don't fee comfortable wearing a red and a berry colour is usually my go to shade so I kind of feel I have tried something new.

What I love is that Tropic Skincare have managed to successfully combine the functionality of a lipstick with the added benefits of enriching and protecting skincare.  Available in 5 other shades which are:

  • Poppy - A vibrant 1950’s Marilyn Monroe red
  • Peach Perfect - A subtle peach to enhance your natural lip colour
  • In Bloom - A sheer soft rose for a subtle spring blush
  • Dragonfruit - A fresh pink coral for the young at heart
  • Sweet Pea - A soft pink pastel to warm anyone’s heart
The Tropic Skin Care Colour Click Lipstick retail for £14 each.

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Friday, 24 February 2017

Benefit they're real! double the lip

If you have been reading my blog this week then you might have noticed that I have a lipstick things going on. I am obsessed with lipsticks right now - crayons, liquids, sticks, stains and so on and because there are so many amazing releases right now, it seemed like a great idea to have lip week on the blog!
Benefit they're real! double the lip
Benefit they're real! double the lip
The Benefit 'they're real' family is growing and moving on from the eyes where the family already has Mascara and eyeliner, we now have LIPS and more eyes which are coming in a separate post, but today we are doing they're real Double The Lip!

The description goes 'Get fuller-looking lips in one easy stroke with they’re real! double the lip'. So what you get is not just a lipstick, but a lipstick and lipliner in one, a total revelation for those like me who never ever remember the need for a lip liner and I can count on one hand how many I actually own!  The custom Teardrop tip is said to grab and define your lip line as well as filling the lips in with a complimenting colour for both the appearance of volume and dimension.  

There are eight double the lip products within the range and all of them are semi-matte with everything from your very nude neutral to the brighter more daring shades and here they are: 
  • Nude Scandal, 
  • Lusty Rose, 
  • Juicy Berry 
  • Pink Thrills
Benefit they're real! double the lip
Benefit they're real! double the lip
  • Fuschia Forever
  • Flame Game
  • Criminally Coral
  • Revved-Up Red
It did take a while for me to get the hand of how these lipsticks worked. With the liner being at the top of the tear drop, remembering to turn it upside down to do your bottom lip was something I forget all the time and getting it to sit right on the outline of my lips has been testing, but I have persevered and can now master it with no problem, the curse of having thin lips!

What I love is how the liner and the lipstick compliment one another and work so well together. They are also not only really pigmented but also really moisturising too which is an added bonus plus the formula is so lightweight that once applied to the lips you forget that it is there. The longevity is also really impressive, once applied you get a good 4-5 hours wear time and after lunch when I have re-applied it stays again for the same amount of time and impressively I have found very very little transfer onto glasses or mugs when I have had a drink.

I am finding it hard to pick a favourite shade, I can narrow it down to three - Lusty Rose, Juicy Berry and Nude Scandal and those are the three I have used the most. I am not brave enough to even attempt to pull off the coral but it is beautiful.  If you have been wanting to add to your lipstick stash then I would definitely recommend investing in one, of these. They are just a little bit different to anything else you will own and regardless of your skin colour or tone there is something for everyone. Priced at £16.50 each double the lip is widely available from the likes of Benefit, John Lewis, House of Fraser, Boots stores, Lookfantastic, and ASOS to name just a few!

What do you think to these? Do any of the shades catch your eye?

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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Burt's Bees Lipstick - The Lipstick that Loves you back!

It is fair to say that I am a huge Burt's Bees fan, whether it is the skincare or the makeup, I love it and I am yet to feel disappointed by anything I have tried.  Imagine my delight to learn there was to be a brand new launch featuring 18 lipsticks - yes EIGHTEEN!!
Burt's Bees Lipstick - The Lipstick that Loves you back!
Burt's Bees Lipstick - The Lipstick that Loves you back!

Burt's Bees New 100% Natural Lipstick collection deliver luscious, bold colour which moisturises your lips thanks to the use of Beeswax, Moringa Oil, Mimosa Flower Wax and Raspberry Seed Oil. So a lipstick that cares for your lips as you wear it.

What I love about these lipsticks is their texture, not only do they feel more like a balm than a lipstick, they are incredibly creamy and just hug your lips but at the same time are so lightweight you don't even know that you are wearing anything on your lips. 

Fully pigmented with a satin finish, these lipsticks are broken down into different colour groups and given the wide variety of shades, there is definitely something for everyone.  

So with the Pinks and Corals, there is five to choose from:
  • Iced Iris - If you like your creamy bubble gum pink shade then this is the one for you.
  • Doused Rose - For me, this is a deep rose shade that has slight hints of mauve. 
  • Fuschia Flood - A medium light Purple Pink shade 
  • Magenta Rush - A medium reddy fuchsia shade
  • Sunset Cruise - This is a really pretty medium coral shade.

Burt's Bees Lipstick - The Lipstick that Loves you back!
Burt's Bees Lipstick - The Lipstick that Loves you back!
Then we have the nude family and here you have a choice of three different shades to choose from and they are:
  • Nile Nude - A light beige nude almost reminds me of the Kim Kardashian nude!
  • Blush Basin - This has a peachy-pinkish sheen to it and is stunning.
  • Suede Splash - A shade I didn't think I would like but do. It is a medium brownish mauve, the perfect daily nude.
Burt's Bees Lipstick - The Lipstick that Loves you back!
Burt's Bees Lipstick - The Lipstick that Loves you back!

The red family come next and no lipstick collection would be complete with a red, though in this case there is four to choose from and they are:
  • Scarlet Soaked - This is a medium red shade with Coral undertones.
  • Crimson Coast - This is a deep ruby red shade but it has hints of purple
  • Ruby Ripple - No doubting it, this one if your classic medium dark Red
  • Russet River - This one if a dark almost vampy brownish red
Burt's Bees Lipstick - The Lipstick that Loves you back!
Burt's Bees Lipstick - The Lipstick that Loves you back!

Sadly I don't have Scarlet Soaked, in my box, there are two Ruby Ripple shades.

Which means the final six lipsticks belong to my favourite Plums and Berries and the choices here include:
  • Tulip Tide - This one is a cool pink’ish nude.
  • Wine Wave - I adore this shade and it is a deep, warm plum
  • Lily Lake - This one is a medium brownish mauve and one I have worn more than any of the other shades during the daytime
  • Brimming Berry - This one is a warm berry pink shade
  • Juniper Water - The kind of shade everyone needs in their stash. This is a vampy oxblood, burgundy-red shade
  • Orchid Ocean - This is an intense shade of purple
Burt's Bees Lipstick - The Lipstick that Loves you back!
Burt's Bees Lipstick - The Lipstick that Loves you back!
Burt's Bees Lipstick - The Lipstick that Loves you back!

I am sure you will agree that this is one impressive release of lipsticks and choosing a favourite colour is quite hard. What I am most impressed with is how long the lipstick lasts once applied and without question these are one of the longest lasting lipsticks, colour wise, that I own and you do get at least 7 hours wear, during that time I have never felt the need to re-apply or even add lip balm which is a slight worry for a lip balm addict with an ever increasing stash. Priced at £9.99 each, these Burt's Bees lipsticks are made with recyclable packaging and are free of parabens, phthalates, petrolatum and SLS.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Spring Edit by Sheerluxe with Latest in Beauty

Image Credit Sheerluxe
Latest In Beauty have had some incredible boxes lately and this Spring Edit in collaboration with Sheerluxe is really impressive. With 13 full-sized beauty treats inside the box from incredible brands, including my absolute favourite Aquis Towel, it has a value of over £260 but is selling for just £69 - HERE!

AQUIS Lisse Luxe Hair Turban (worth £30) I have done a review of this (here) but this towel will not only dry your hair naturally and quickly it also helps to de-frizz, so those annoying flyaway strands of hair stop ruining your day.

This Works Stress Check Breathe In (worth £16) - This is a roll-on rescue remedy chock-full of natural oils to invigorate, soothe and relax.

Living Proof Healthy Hair Night Cap Overnight Perfector (worth £30). With this product, you apply to hair before bed and prepare to wake up to smooth enviably glossy locks – and the effects last for up to five hair washes.

Scentered Love Candle (worth £16) - Scentered is a really lovely brand and again I have reviewed some of their products before on this blog (here). The description with this candle is to 'Harmonise the mind and body with this comforting aromatherapy blend'.

Soigné Nail Polish Crème Au Beurre (worth £11) - Everyone needs a nude shade of nail polish and this one is described as being a 'sophisticated nude shade which is easy to wear and always on trend'. 

The Konjac Sponge (worth £8.99) - The original, multi-award winning 100% pure Konjac Sponge with added pink clay.

Browtician Minimalist Square Tip Tweezer (worth £7.99) - These high-grade stainless steel tweezers are a must-have for polished brows and the handy travel case makes on-the-go grooming a breeze.

100 Acres Bubble Bath (worth £14) I absolutely love the sound of this and so will anyone else who adores the fresh scent of Lavender - 'A heavenly blend of rose and lavender to leave mind and body restored and relaxed'.

Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips (worth £12) - Everybody needs this beauty in their stash, it is my absolutely favourite go-to product, it is just brilliant and again I reviewed it here.

Smith & Cult Above It All Top Coat (worth £19) - These are the most incredible nail polishes from packaging to actual product. This top coat is said to need one application only.

Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream (worth £14.50) - This hand cream uses both shea butter and lanolin to protect and soothe even the driest of hands, it’s no wonder this cream is quickly gaining cult status.

Perricone MD Photo Plasma Broad Spectrum SPF30 (worth £30) - This is moisturiser has a lightweight texture which glides on skin smoothly and evenly, leaving it soft, hydrated and radiant.

Institut Esthederm Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser (worth £26.50) - This is a soft and rich cleanser that delves deep into pores to remove impurities for a refreshed, glowing complexion.

Finally there is a SheerLuxe Luxe Slogan T-Shirt (worth £30), whether or not you would ever pay £30 for a white t-shirt with a logo on it I don't know, but that is its price.
For a box with a value of over £260, for those of you wanting the exact price it is £265.98, then for £69 I am sure you will agree it is an absolute bargain and a chance to try some amazing brands, all from one box and it is here.

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