Saturday, 15 December 2018

MOR Snow Gardenia Little Luxuries

MOR is a bath, Body and Lifestyle brand from Melbourne Australia and there is something quite luxe about the whole range.  If you are still looking for stocking fillers which look like they should be a lot more expensive than they are, then MOR, who are available at Feelunique is a brand to be looking at.
These two products from their Little Luxuries Collection are simply divine with fragrances to match and they include Snow Gardenia, Blood Orange, Belladonna, Pomegranate, Bohemienne and Marshmellow, all of which are quite exotic sounding and they come in a choice of four different products - a Body Butter, Perfume Oil, Hand cream and a Soapette.
Drift into the dreamy world of Little Luxuries, where petite treasures leave you smitten with sweet cravings. Containing luxurious formulations and heavenly scents will enliven your mood anywhere, anytime.
The two products from the MOR Snow Gardenia Little Luxuries collection and MOR describe their Snow Gardenia fragrance as being "Like a stroll in a secret garden Blooming with beautiful Bergamot, snow white Gardenia and Angelica, ambrosial Juniper Berries entwine with Sandalwood, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang and Amber. Classic and feminine, this floral fragrance will allure and fascinate your sense" and it is one of those fragrances which jump out right at you as soon as you open up the outer packaging.

The first product I was drawn too is the MOR Snow Gardenia Little Luxuries Soapette (£6). It is housed inside a collectable tin and is wrapped inside the most beautiful tissue paper. 
Each Soapette is triple milled to ensure it produces a much more luxurious lather and each one:
  • Is a vegetable-based Soap
  • Contains both Shea Butter and moisturising Vitamin E
  • Is Paraben and Sulphate free
  • Has not been tested on animal
Given its size and the way in which it comes packaged, it is also perfect for travelling with as it just slots into your wash bag and doesn't chip and leave soap dust everywhere.

The second product is the MOR Snow Gardenia Little Luxuries Body Butter (£10) and it is described as having a light texture which is perfect for all skin types.  

What I like about the cream is how quickly it absorbs into the skin and is not at all greasy, once it has disappeared, all it leaves behind is the delicious Snow Gardenia scent which within this cream is slightly stronger than that of the soap.  Again this cream:
  • Contains Shea Butter for superior moisture, Avocado, Olive, Rosehip, Sesame & Wheat Germ Oil moisturises, hydrates & rejuvenates the skin
  • Contains Vitamins A, C & E improves the skin's softness, reduces the signs of ageing & reinvigorates tired skin
  • It is Paraben & Sulphate free
  • Is not tested on animals
Again, like the soap, this Body Butter is the perfect travel-friendly size and because the tub within which the cream sits is made of plastic, it is quite durable too.

This is my first introduction to MOR as a brand and they are just lovely.  MOR describe themselves as being creators of beautifully crafted bath, body and lifestyle luxuries for those seeking indulgent escapes from the everyday. Embarking on our sensory journey in 2001 from Australia’s culture capital Melbourne, we continue to awaken senses worldwide with collections inspired by tales of ancient civilizations, bygone eras, travel and art. Perfumed with signature scents and formulated with selected natural ingredients, each collection evokes a multi-sensory experience to transform your bathing routine into an indulgent daily ritual.

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Friday, 14 December 2018

Ancienne Ambiance Colonia Collection

Ancienne Ambiance is a London-based luxury niche brand which was founded back in 2004 and they specialise in creating fine fragrances, home fragrances, body-care, perfumes and natural hand-poured scented candles. I was lucky enough to gifted a stunning Bacca Berry Candle at the beginning of this year and it was just divine. Everything you find from Ancienne Ambiance is paraben free, has been created using natural ingredients and has recyclable packaging.
Ancienne Ambiance-Colonia -Collection-Goddess-Pouch
With Christmas on the horizon, I have, only the past few months been getting myself acquainted with some incredible fragrances from Ancienne Ambiance and it has been quite a journey.  You may or may not be aware that at the end of August, I managed to slip over and tear my ankle ligaments in my left ankle, now let me tell you, it is excruciatingly painful, even now as I am still wearing an ankle brace, and London is not very friendly to someone on crutches, so when this little package arrived, it really made me smile.

Packaged inside this Natural 'Goddess Canvas Pouch' (£22 here), which is just so well made and incredibly roomy, I found a neat little package of five 15ml rollerball fragrances to test and try out. These fragrances come from the new Colonia Collection and if you know someone who loves their luxurious fragrances, then these would be a great gift.  Within this collection, which is limited, there are three Eau de Toilettes and two Eau de Parfums, so the first three are perfect for wearing during the day and the final two are slightly more intense and perfect for evening wear.
Ancienne Ambiance-Colonia -Collection-Fragrances
The first fragrance is Colonia IV and it is described as being an uplifting traditional citrus fragrance and if you love your citrussy scents, then this is one which will tick those boxes for you.  It has top notes of Italian Lemon, Italian Red Tangerine, Brazilian Sweet Orange, Italian Bergamot which gives it an opening burst of citrus before the middle notes of French Lavender, French Orange Blossom come through to allow the base notes of Tonka Bean, White Musc allow the fragrance to settle taking out the sharpness of the citrus to leave the most beautiful uplifting scents.

The second fragrance is Colonia VI and it sits within the fruity family. What I like about this fragrance is that having read the notes which accompany it, it wasn't at all like I expected.  With top notes of Florida Orange, Argentinian Lemon it opens quite sharply and definitely grabs your attention before the middle notes of Blackcurrant Bud, Geranium come through with the floral notes and more intense fruit note which for me then dominate the scent. The base notes of Vineyard Peach and White Musc are not powerful enough to control the fragrance, but after a few hours the scent of peaches comes through and as the strength of the fragrance finally wears down, for me, it is the Peach that is the surviving note - it is this I was not expecting.

The final of the three EDT fragrances is Colonia VII and if you could bottle the scent of Summer, then this for me is it.  It sits within the Citrus/Fruit family and opens with notes of Italian Pink Grapefruit and Italian Tangerine and here we have two notes that are equally powerful but so well suited to work together in this way. The middle notes of Blackcurrant Bud and Italian Blood Orange only work to intensify the sharpness of those opening notes before the base notes of Marshmallow and White Musc settle the fragrance down to bring in a bit of sweetness. It is just absolutely stunning and my favourite of the three daytime EDT fragrances.

When we move to the Eau de Parfum, there is a stark difference between the two for me and the first is the intensity of the scent itself and the second is the longevity of the scent once applied.  With the EDP they last much longer on the skin, for me, I switched them over and wore the EDP's during the daytime and they lasted the entire day without the need to re-apply whereas the EDT's would have needed reapplying if I was going out of an evening.

The first of the EDP fragrances is Colonia VIII and it sits firmly within the woody family but there is a sweetness to it.  It has top notes which are described as being 'Green Notes' and it is here the fragrance takes its shape and remains strong throughout.  if you have ever been lucky enough to be surrounded by ripe fig trees, then for me, this is that scent and it is just beautiful and fresh.  The middle notes of Coconut are just noticeable, but only just and I quite like that it doesn't overpower that fresh scent but rather adds to it.  The base notes are Woody and Sandalwood and from them comes an almost powdery scent which, as the fragrance dries down, still allows that fresh scent of figs to come through.

The final EDT is Colonia IX which sits firmly within the Woody Oriental family. Described as being 'Exotic and Glamourous' this fragrance opens with the top notes of Bergamot, Cardamom and Lavender and together they open with quite the kick and it is here that you can sense the Oriental notes. Sitting in the middle we have White Flowers and whilst I can't detect them, it is for me the base notes that make this a wonderful scent and they are Sandalwood, Cedar, Patchouli, White Musk and it is here we have the woody and earthy scents which seemingly grab hold of those top notes to make this a stunning fragrance.

Here we have some truly wonderful fragrances and I have taken my time to get to know them and wear them properly before reviewing them.  I love that they are a collection of fragrances whilst all being totally different and taking you on a different journey.  This is exactly why they make such a wonderful gift and one that is so different to anything else I have seen and tried.

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Caudalie Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is coming with magical sparkles from the vines, that is accordingly to Caudalie and having been lucky enough to see their Christmas offerings, I have some beauties to share with you today and it is quite the collection.
Caudlie Christmas Gift Guide
The first gift set is one which I was really excited to see and it is the Reversatrol Lift Gift Set (£42) - Described as being a natural and effective skincare regime that visibly lifts resculpts and re-plumps the skin, thanks to the unique patented combination of Vine Resveratrol and micro hyaluronic acid. 
Caudalie Reversatrol Lift Gift Set
Inside the gift box, there are three products from the Resveratrol range and they are:
  • Resveratrol[Lift] Face Lifting Soft Cream (50ml) - The newest addition to the Resveratrol line up, this is a lightweight and nourishing cream which works to smooth wrinkles and strengthens the skin in one single step, to reveal a more youthful complexion and it does so thanks to vine-derived resveratrol and micro hyaluronic acids to diminish visible signs of skin-ageing.
  • Resveratrol[Lift] Firming Serum (10ml) - This serum, which is packed full of vine-derived resveratrol and micro hyaluronic acids helps restore a youthful complexion: skin appears firmer and more toned, and the facial contours are redefined.
  • Resveratrol[Lift] Eye Lifting Balm (5ml) - This balm which combines antioxidant-rich grape vine resveratrol with micro hyaluronic acids, lifts and smooths the areas around the eyes and lips. It reduces undereye puffiness and lifts the eyelids, to reveal a youthful, well-rested look.

Together these products have a value of £69 if bought separately and you can find it right here.

The second gift set comes in the form of a cracker and I a huge fan of Beauty Crackers. The Vinosource Cracker.
Caudalie Christmas Cracker
Inside, this cracker contains a trio of Caudalie heroes in a miniature form which are really cute. Inside you will find:
  • Vinosource S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum (10ml) - Described as being a rich in hydrating and soothing organic grape water, this serum is great for anyone who has slightly dry skin because it helps to restore the skin's natural moisture balance and leave it feeling soft and supple.
  • Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet (15ml) - I really like the gel-to-water formula of this sorbet as it melts into the skin upon contact, leaving it soothed, moisturised and strengthened. Specifically designed for sensitive skin, it immediately hydrates whilst reducing redness, for long-lasting comfort and hydration.
  • Caudalie's gorgeous Micellar Cleansing Water (30ml) - This gentle water cleanses and removes make-up from the face and eyes in one simple step. Suitable for even the most sensitive of skin.

This cracker has a value of £12.50 but is available for just £10.

Sticking with the stocking fillers and this time we have the Beauty Elixir Bauble. If you are a fan of Caudalie already, then you will more than definitely be a fan of this Elixir, I have featured it a few times on the blog already (here). 
Caudalie Christmas Beauty Elixir bauble
Inspired by Queen Isabelle of Hungary’s elixir of youth, this powerful plant-based facial mist smoothes away fine lines, tightens pores and gives the complexion an instant boost of radiance. 

Described as being a Caudalie cult product which is favoured by make-up artists, beauty junkies and celebrities, this Elixir has a whole host of uses which include:

  • Using as a toner in the morning.
  • Ideal for moisturising your complexion sponges.
  • Right after applying your foundation, as a makeup setter.
  • Spray on your chest and neck to instantly soothe and refresh.
  • Spritz for a pick-me-up and to tighten pores.
  • Store in your refrigerator for the ultimate cooling mist.
  • Spritz on your pillow, for sweet dreams.
  • On a plane to quench dehydrated skin.
  • After a workout, to calm redness.
  • Sprayed in a room, it creates a sensual aroma for relaxation. 
  • After make-up removal, to brighten and purify the complexion.

Once spritzed this Elixir fills the air with notes of benzoin, myrrh, orange, blossom, grape and rose, all of which work to give your complexion a rosy glow. Add to that astringent rosemary and the stimulating essence of lemon balm and mint and the scent is really quite incredible and it is of course really gentle on the skin.  Currently on offer for just £9 here.

The final giftset within my little arsenal of goodies is one of my favourites and that is the Luxury Vine Body Butter Set.  
Caudalie Luxury Vine Body Butter Gift Set
Inside this beautifully decorated box are two amazing products that I never expected to like and use as much as I have.  Described as being 

"Pleasure and well-being are wrapped together in an indulgent gift set! This luxurious box contains the must-have hand and body treats to restore, hydrate and pamper your skin" this Set Contains:

  • Vine Body Butter (225ml) - Rich in moisturising Vinolevure and natural ultra-nourishing Shea Butter, this balm deeply repairs dry skin. With a delicate fragrance, its creamy texture is rapidly absorbed and wraps your skin in a veil of satiny softness.
  • Hand and Nail Cream (75ml) - Moisturisation, softness and youth are all reunited in this antioxidant-rich hand cream for soft, soothed, protected skin. Lightweight and fast-absorbing without greasy residue.
This box of joy costs just £22 here and has a retail value of £34.

I hope this has given you an insight into what Caudalie has on offer this Christmas. There are of course a whole lot more gift ideas to be had whether you want to buy items singularly to make up your own gift hamper, I have my eye on this Divine Gift Set which contains some incredible products.
Caudalie Divine Gift Set

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