Thursday, 28 July 2016

Fitflop Cha Cha Flat Sandals

As summer is a bit hit and miss with hot days turning to rain followed by heat and mugginess, I am grateful that I can once again live in my Fitflops. I have said this many times before, but Fitflops are the comfiest pair of sandals that I have ever owned and whilst my black pair have been with me for more years than I care to remember, my new silver coloured version are just as comfortable and easy to wear.
Fitflop Cha Cha Flat Sandals

Fitflops stunning Cha Cha leather sandals are different from the two previous pairs that I have owned - basically they are not black! They are silver coloured and have a shiny, beaded, shimmying fringe which caught my attention as soon as I saw them. What I love about Fitflops is that you can wear them with anything - jeans, dresses, shorts and even your leggings and PJs and this pair I just absolutely adore.
Fitflop Cha Cha Flat Sandals
Fitflop Cha Cha Flat Sandals
Fitflop Cha Cha Flat Sandals
Fitflops have a built-in arch contour, so for me, this is perfect because I have flat feet and often struggle to wear heels because I find them so uncomfortable, this is my compromise. They also have what is called Microwobbleboard midsoles which makes each part of the FitFlop be it the toe end, mid section or heel end play a role in the toning of your legs by making your muscles work harder whilst encouraging blood circulation. The cushioned sole of the FitFlop is shaped for your foot to fit snuggly into it and it is said that this sole and the way it fits your foot is designed to slightly destabilse the way you walk which in turn makes you use more muscles in your legs when walking because the muscles in your legs work harder to ensure that the instability is conquered therefore giving you a work out as you walk. I have found that I can wear these when spending all day wandering around London hopping on and off the tube with no aches in sight, no need for a plaster and not a single blister has ever been left as a result of wearing them.
Fitflop Cha Cha Flat Sandals
Fitflop Cha Cha Flat Sandals
Fitflop Cha Cha Flat Sandals
The heel is super cushioned and the thong part which fits between my toes is super comfy and again doesn't rub or eat away at the skin, infact I don't even know it is there at all and forget I am wearing fitflops 

For me, these will only ever be the flip flops that I will wear, comfort wins every time and they are worth every single penny that have been paid because they last such a long time. 

These Fitflops are also made from leather, have a slip-resistant rubber outsole and retail for around £50-£70 depending on where you shop.

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Lush - Plum Rain

When I first saw this Plum Rain in Lush, the first thing that jumped into my head was Purple Rain by Prince (yes I am sure you are now singing it too) and being drawn to the name, the shower gel was in my basket doubly quick and paid for (£4.95 for 100g).
Lush - Plum RainLush - Plum Rain

Plum Rain is one of these exclusive to Oxford street products and smells just absolutely incredible, something I associate with most Lush products if I am being honest. Now unsurprisingly, I havent seen a lot of information about Plum Rain and with it being a new product, I am surprised it isnt even online.

Anyway, if you have ever tried a Lush Shower Gel, then you will know that they are amazingly thick and creamy, which ultimately means you only need a small amount for lots of lather and bubbles. Bright purple in colour (purple rain.... purple raaaaaain) it shimmers in the sunlight and smells slightly plum like, quite fresh rather than artificial and sweet but earthy all at the same time and as you might have guessed, it has quite a few amazing ingredients.

Starting with Umeboshi Infusion, something I have never come across before, Google tells me that it is infact translated to mean a Japanese pickled plum only it is more like an apricot than a plum and it tastes extremely sour and salty. Also included is: 

  • Petigrain oil which helps to clear greasy skin and fight skin blemishes and have calming and relazing properties.
  • Sicilian Mandarin oil helps to relieve stress and works to increase circulation to the skin, reduce fluid retention and help prevent stretch marks
  • Carrageenan extract which is extracted from Irish moss seaweed and acts as an excellent moisturising agent
  • Osmanthus oil is said to help with the body’s removal of toxins and is a great emollient for the skin leaving it feeling soft, smooth and moisturised. 
Plus there is also the inclusion of Fresh plum juice.

I absolutely love this shower gel, it doesn't take the top spot away from The Comforter, but it is just a delight to use and has such an amazing scent to it that I am without question going to purchase a larger bottle next time.  It leaves your skin soft and smooth and with a scent that lingers on the skin for hours after use.  A big thumbs up from me!

*this post contains PR samples unless indicated otherwise

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Back to Work Handbag Treat!

My poor Radley and Osprey black handbags are on their last legs, I have had both for 8 and 9 years respectively and the time has come to think about replacing them, something which makes me feel quite sad as I do get attached to my bags.

With that in mind, I have a few weeks off work coming up and in an almost 'Back to School' type thought, I think a new handbag is the perfect treat for returning back to the office.  Whenever I buy a new handbag, I always think about what I need to carry in it as opposed to what I always shove in there and this is what I have come up with:

Back to Work Bag

Michael Kors Rhea zip grey stud backpack which I absolutely adore the design of. It is a lovely shade of grey and the studs really stand out and capture the attention, more so than the name 'Michael Kors' even though it is present. It is deep enough to house most of my needs and almost colourful enough not to be bold and brashy.

Coccinelle Blue mini hobo bag is such a beautiful shade of blue that I am almost tempted to buy it for that reason! I love the design of Hobo bags and whilst this one is called a small bag, it would still just about everything I really need to have with me on a daily basis and would stop me adding items to fill the space.

The sensible options comes with Radley and this black Millbank shoulder bag. I like Radley bags because they are strong, reliable and dependable and pretty indestructable. Most of my handbags are, as I have said been black, it is a colour that goes with everything, doesn't really stand out amongst the crowd and is just a beautiful bag. 

The final option is a cross body bag, perfect for London life, doesn't make people hate you on a packed tube as you cram into that precious space in rush hour and they comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. Ted Baker Ellen purple cross-body bag is just beautiful and I love everything about it - the purple pink outer shade, the interal leopard print design and even the gold clasp is stunning. Again, perfect for fitting in the essentials with no room for extras and a great travelling companion in London during rush hour.

The question is, which one is the most practical or does that really matter?

*this post contains PR samples unless indicated otherwise/collaboration
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