Tuesday, 19 June 2018

MasqueBar Masks

I am a bit of a fidget, it is rare I can sit still for too long without feeling the need to do something else, taking multi-tasking to the next level. One guaranteed to ensure I am sat still for a good 10-15 minutes is a face mask! 
MasqueBar Masks
Masquebar is a brand who I have absolutely loved getting to know over the years, from sheets masks to cream masks there literally is something for everything. Their mission is mission is to take you beyond what you will find today in stores and spas. They are determined to seek out unique products that will make a difference in your beauty regimen. Whether you want a cream mask, peel off mask or mud mask and whether it is for your face, eyes, nose, body or feet, then this range has something you can use and the products won't break the bank.

Over the past few weeks, I have been lucky enough to try out a few masks within the collection and whether or not you are familiar with the brand, there is literally everything you can think of.  New to the range is the Bronzing Self Tanning Sheet Mask and the Aloe Vera After Sun Bio Cellulose Mask.  

The bronzing mask being described as an easy to use self-tanning sheet mask which hydrates, brightens and adds colour to the skin. Using aloe extract, blueberry extract and soybean extract this sheet mask should be worn for 5 minutes to get a light tan, 10 minutes for a medium tan and 15 minutes for a dark tan but the warning is to not exceed 15 minutes of wear time. Priced at £4.99.
MasqueBar Masks
MasqueBar Masks
The Aloe Vera After Sun Mask is not only ideal for being used after being in the sun but at any time you feel your skin needs a bit of TLC. Incredibly hydrating, this mask is formulated with Aloe Vera and you simply leave it on the skin for 30 minutes and then if there is any gel left on the skin after using, massage it in. Perfect for hydration but equally, if you have spent a bit too long in the sunshine, then there is no doubt that this mask would be a welcome treat, especially if it had been in the fridge! Priced at £4.99.

With Summer considering making an appearance, it is time to ensure my feet look their best (if that is possible with feet) and I am a huge fan of foot masks.  Anything that I can use that minimises contact with my feet gets a huge tick and having spent at least 5 months trapped inside socks and chunky tights, it is time to sort out dead and dry skin.
MasqueBar Masks
These Gentle Exfoliating Foot Masks from Masquebar work to remove dead skin cells for smoother, softer feet. The nice thing about these masks is how snugly they fit your feet and they don't irritate at all whilst being worn. Designed to be on your feet for 60-90 minutes (I went for the full 90), they are enriched with Chamomile and Natural Botanical Fruit Extracts which soften and exfoliate. If you have never tried foot masks like these, then I urge you to, because it is quite the treat. After using the mask, there is often some solution left hanging about, so it is at this point you need to be careful about not slipping over on any non-carpeted floors, so having a towel nearby is always handy. Between 4-7 days after using, sometimes it could be a little while longer, the dead skin on your feet begins to peel. Priced at £9.99.

Eye masks are another of my favourite products and I've tried quite a lot of them from different brands.  Masquebar has two options within their collection.  The first being Pure Gold Hydrogel Eye Masks and they are formulated with hydrolized collagen which helps improve elasticity and then we have Charcoal hydro eye mask which contains both charcoal powder and coconut extracts which moisturise and soothe the under eye.
MasqueBar Masks
What I like about these eye masks is that they are to be sold in single pairs and will retail for around £2.99. Perfect for travelling with and a perfect little treat too.  Also, if you have never tried a product like this, being able to purchase one pair is a great introduction before you do splash out.

Staying with the Charcoal theme with these luminizing nose strips. Designed to unclog pores and remove blackheads as well as to purify, deep cleanse and detoxify the skin, these strips contain charcoal powder and witch hazel.
MasqueBar Masks
I like to use nose strips as a treatment at least once a month. Living in London means there is more dirt, grime and pollution in the air than you ever really need to be breathing in and having settled on your skin and in your pores, so any product that I can find and use to help remove as much as I can is an added bonus.  With these strips, which I have used, I have found them to be one of the best at staying in place one applied and when they dry onto the skin, they are not in the slightest bit uncomfortable to remove.  Using any product of this kind is always going to remove a lot of 'stuff' from your pores, but this one more than most others I have tried.  Priced at £9.99.

Next up we have the Masquebar Metallics Collection and it is here that you will find Rose Gold, Gold and Silver masks, all of which are designed to do something to and with your skin.  Available as a pod, sheet mask, peel off mask and a peel off mask in a tube.  
MasqueBar Masks
MasqueBar Masks
MasqueBar Masks
The Silver Pod Mask is a single use mask and again, something that is perfect for some TLC on the go. For the skin, this peel-off mask which dries on to the skin and it is enriched with natural ingredients such as Raspberry, Macadamia Oil, Peppermint, Lemon, Orange and Grapefruit oil as well as Sunflower Oil that help to brighten and soften your skin. The Sachet version is also shown above. Priced at £3.99.

The Silver Foil Sheet Mask is as you might expect is exactly as it sounds, a mask made of silver foil material. Its aim is to visibly hydrate and soothe your skin and leave it with a youthful glow complexion. It does this because it is enriched with Aloe Leaf Juice, Anise Fruit Extract and Camellia Leaf Extract.  Priced at £4.99.

The Rose Gold Foil peel off mask which is in tube form and it is enriched with natural fruit extracts such as Raspberry and Grapefruit to aid in purifying and soothing and moisturising your face.  Once out of the tube, this mask is very much a Rose Gold colour and on the skin, whilst it doesn't tingle or irritate, it does dry so you can peel it off.  Priced at £9.99.

The final mask in my collection comes from the Pretty Animalz masks and these are a lot of fun. There is a choice between quite a few animals which include a Cat, Fox, Penguin, Monkey and Panda to name just a few. Each mask has different properties, so there is plenty to choose from.
MasqueBar Masks
I have the Panda mask and it is described as providing the skin with intensive hydration while lavender helps to calm skin with its aromatic and skin soothing properties. These masks are priced at £4 each and are great for a girls night in, or even some one on one time.

This is just a brief introduction into Masquebar as a brand and I am still making my way through all of these amazing products, but this is not everything they have to offer. Masquebar masks are widely available from Feelunique, ASOS, BeautyMart, House of Fraser and Next.

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Monday, 18 June 2018

Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil

Vitamin C products are everywhere you turn right now and I have been using the Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil and liked it a whole lot more than I had been expecting too. Super Facialist is a British born skincare brand that allows you to be your own skin care expert, your own Super Facialist. The brand believes that products should work with the skin, not against it, so have carefully formulated a collection of unique products that beautifully connect nature, science and the senses resulting in simple skin care that works – for everyone.
Una Brennan Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil

Described as being 'the ultimate cleansing experience for fresher, more revived skin' there are two reasons I really like this oil. The first is that it is incredibly lightweight, so much so it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. It is infused with Vitamin C and nourishing Olive, Grapeseed and Rosehip oils. There is also then the use of Rosemary oil, Vitamin E and soothing Cucumber oil. All of these oils and no greasy feeling on the skin during or after using.  The second reason I really like it is the scent.  I am quite picky about scents in skincare, they need to really have a purpose and for this oil the citrus scent is just incredibly refreshing on the skin, making what is a beautiful cleansing oil all the more lovely to use.

I have used a fair few cleansing oils in my time, some leave the skin feeling like an oil slick whereas others I have felt left my skin feeling a little dry.  This Cleansing Oil which is highly soluble transforms itself into a light milky texture when it comes into contact with water.  I use it as a first cleanse and I am a huge fan of double cleansing, there is something about ensuring every little piece of dirt, grime, pollutant and general 'guff' is removed from your skin. So when using, I always dispense some of the oil into the palms of my hands and massage it onto my face, once I've done that for a few minutes, it is at this point I add the warm water, usually splashing my face lightly first and then by grabbing a muslin cloth to remove and rinse everything off and from my skin.  After using, my skin is left feeling cleansed, refreshed and softer to the touch.

Priced around £10.99 here in Boots, you can also find this Cleansing Oil in Sainsburys and online.

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Saturday, 16 June 2018

Latest In Beauty Summer Essentials Box

If you hadn't guessed by now, I am a huge fan of these collaboration boxes that Latest in Beauty have and right now, you can get yourself 20% off using the code LIB20 but we quick because you only have a few days left to grab one of the boxes on offer HERE.
Latest In Beauty Summer Essentials Box
The newest box on the block is this Summertime Essentials box, one which is described as being put together to get you beach ready with over £120 worth of new season-approved beauty essentials.  What I love about these boxes is how many products you get for your money and in this case for £30 you get:
  • LAURA GELLER Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Gilded Honey 2g
  • NUXE Sun Delicious Fragrant Water 30ml
  • MOLTON BROWN Vetiver & Grapefruit Body Wash 50ml 
  • LANOLIPS 101 Ointment Multi-Balm Strawberry 10g
  • BONDI SANDS Protect & Tan SPF15 Tanning Oil 150ml
  • LIVING PROOF Dry Shampoo 92ml
  • BEE GOOD Honey & Propolis 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser (with cloth) 30ml
  • DR ORGANIC Moroccan Argan Oil Glow Body Polish Pre-Tan Exfoliator 200ml full size
  • BIC Soleil Scent Disposable Razors pack of 4
  • SALLY HANSEN Miracle Gel Polish – Terra Coppa full size
  • BEAN BODY Coconut Coffee Body Scrub 50g
  • MERCI HANDY Hello Sunshine Cleansing Gel full size
  • SURE Women Pink Blush Antiperspirant Deodorant Aerosol full size
  • THE KONJAC SPONGE COMPANY Konjac 6 Wave Bath Sponge with Green French Clay full size
  • HD BROWS Lip Define – Naked full size

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