Monday, 24 July 2017

Love Me Beauty - July Edition

This month's Love Me Beauty has arrived packed full of some pretty amazing brands and from them, some incredible products and not forgetting the rather beautiful little bag which accompanies all of the products. This month sees some changes at LMB HQ. Whilst you will still get 60 credits for your £10, there will no longer be any limited edition edits, which means products will remain available to purchase for as long as they are in stock. I personally think this is a really clever move as it means there will be more choice on products and you can continue to keep buying that one product you really like, without paying the full whack!
Love Me Beauty - July Edition

This month the bag has five products in it, some I have seen before, some I have used and some I haven't.

Eco Tools Sponges | 20 credits
Love Me Beauty - July Edition
Love Me Beauty - July Edition

I absolutely love these sponges and have said my sister needs to switch from using a brush to a sponge and these come as a pack of two. I use mine all of the time and featured them here. I like that these sponges come in two different sizes and colours are said to help create that airbrushed camera-ready look. The dark green blender is soft and flexible which makes the application of foundation and the lighter green sponge which is much more firm is the one you would use for the precision application of products such as your concealer.

Ecotools Buffing Brush | 20 credits
Love Me Beauty - July Edition
This second offering from Eco Tools is a Complexion Buffing Brush which has densely packed bristles and a flat top. I really like using this for my liquid foundation, it is really soft and buffs effortlessly. I like the chunky handle which makes holding it much easier to apply your foundation.

Nails Inc | 25 credits
Love Me Beauty - July Edition
Love Me Beauty - July Edition
I was really happy to see Nails Inc with this months selection and this particular polish is called Bayswater Avenue and it is described as being your on-trend nude-pink which it absolutely is. Perfect for everyday wear, you only need to apply two coats of this polish for a beautiful finish. I find it is similar to Fiji from Essie shade wise, though the formula for Nails Inc is slightly thicker.

Nip+Fab Gycolic Pads | 5 credits
Love Me Beauty - July Edition

These pads are ones I have used before and I do like them. They are soaked in exfoliating glycolic acid which helps to retexture and resurfaces your skin, then witch hazel which helps to tone. Then we have both hyaluronic acid and soothing blue daisy which helps to reveal brigand smoother looking skin.

Rodial Dragons Blood eye Mask | 15 credits
Love Me Beauty - July Edition
I am a huge fan of eye masks and this is one product I haven't tried from Rodial. Dragon’s Blood does sound like an odd ingredient, but no Dragon's were harmed to make this product, Instead, it is created from the resin from the Croton Lechleri Tree which is also known as the ‘Dragon Tree’ and the sap has been used for centuries for medicinal and healing purposes. Putting that together with Rodials expertise in bio-cellulose technology, these eye masks work to intensely hydrate and moisturise the delicate eye area. When used, the skin is said to be comforted and refreshed and the added use of arnica extract helps reduce the look of under-eye puffiness for an instant, brighter-eyed appearance.

So there you have the July Edition of Love Me Beauty and if this is something you need in your life (you do) then here is an offer for you:

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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Christian Breton Eye Priority

Christian Breton, an expert in Eye Treatment has, using his 25 years of experience created a range called Eye Priority and it is a range which comes together to care for the most sensitive part of your face - the eye area.  That extensive range has an impressive 18 products which are designed to tackle a variety of eye concerns based on the use of Cryotherapy, something that really interests and intrigues me. The area around the eye is five times more sensitive than the rest of the face and is always the first to show tiredness, lack of sleep and because of that sensitivity, it is here that the first signs of ageing begins to appear along with wrinkles and fine lines.
Christian Breton Eye Priority
For me, my main eye concerns as I've mentioned in previous posts is that I find it incredibly hard to sit back and relax, switch off and sometimes insomnia sets in and sleep becomes a luxury, so for me, eye products are an absolute must. TO that end I have three lovely products which I have been using.

Eyecare Anti Fatigue - If you have tired eyes, the kind that you just want to rub with your fists until you either wake up or fall asleep, then this is the product you need.  Inside the pot is a cooling gel formula and it is said that helps to relieve signs of ageing and fatigue around the delicate eye area and pays specific attention to and targets puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. 
Christian Breton Eye Priority
I find it incredibly relaxing to apply and because the non-oily gel delivers a cooling sensation upon application there is no need to use a rollerball or any other form of facial tool, it does everything for you in one application. I also found that it absorbed effortlessly into the skin and because it has both and melts in effortlessly to calming and decongesting properties any darkness and puffiness under the eye slowly fades away. Priced at £45 for 15ml it is worthy of the investment if you want to alleviate any of the issues mentioned and you can find it here.

Masque Yeux Perfection - This is described as being a perfecting and lifting eye mask and it is a really nice treat for those tired and weary eyes. I find that spending most of my day in front of a computer does irritate my eyes, they do become dry and itchy and I rely on facial masks to keep me alert and add that much-needed moisture throughout the day.  
Christian Breton Eye Priority
This product has a luxuriously rich texture which,  not only replenishes moisture but is also designed to target signs of ageing and fatigue around the delicate eye area.  Using ingredients such as Aloe extract and antioxidant Vitamin E, the eye cream delivers what is referred to as 'a comforting veil onto skin' and it is hydrating and it does to restore lost moisture to leave my eyes feeling a lot smoother and refreshed. I just don't have enough lines and wrinkles around my eyes (thankfully) to confirm whether or not it does visibly reduce the appearance of lines and creases.  Again, this product is priced at £39 and you can find it here.

The final product is my favourite of the three I have tried and they are the Anti-wrinkle Hydrogel eye contour masks which claim to transform skin in just 25 minutes. The anti-ageing patches are quick and simple to apply; simply remove the film and place on the under-eye area, much like any other eye mask you might have used.  
Christian Breton Eye Priority
Once they have been applied, the masks provide an instant boost to visibly awaken that eye contour.area.  They are enriched with Kaolin, Vitamin E and Collagen, all of which work to offer essential hydration and nourishment to the eye area. Then Ubiquinone works to visibly smooth the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Priced at £27 for a pack of three, you can find them right here.

If eye care is important to you, then this range is well worth looking into. I have absolutely loved using it and it is a brand that lives up to its claims and it promises!

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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Tropic Skincare Clean and Refresh Natural Body Wash Range

Tropic Skin Care’s mission has always been to create natural, cruelty free products that will genuinely benefit the skin. With no toxic chemicals and instead just using nutritious ingredients you re treated to luxurious, pampering products that always stay true to their ethos.
Tropic Skincare Clean and Refresh Natural Body Wash Range
If you like a body wash which not only smells delicious, keeps your skin feeling hydrated and moisturised and is not only pH balanced but free from harsh chemicals, then you need to meet Tropic's brand new Body Wash range.  Freshly made in a Beauty Kitchen in Surrey, Tropic have come up with three incredible scents to tempt you and I have been lucky enough to be using all three - zesty Mangosteen, Thyme and Mandarin, exotic Frangipani, Star Anise and Tiare Flower, and sweet, citrusy Wild Mint, Lime and Pineapple. Each scent is formulated with gentle, natural cleansers from coconuts, sweet almond and avocado oils to give skin an infusion of silky softness, as well as guava leaf juice and bamboo water to refresh and soothe all over.

Combines zesty, tropical ingredients with a hint of thyme for a truly addictive and uplifting scent.  I love that this scent, it takes on the zest of the fruit but the earthiness of the Thyme really adds that extra something.

Embraces the exotic ingredients that Tropic is best known for, to bring you a deliciously irresistible flavour.  This is just an incredible scent which is floral fresh and there is just a wonderful hint of Jamine which seeps through that I just love.

Encapsulates all things tropical. Sweet, juicy pineapple meets zesty lime and refreshing mint for an all-encompassing burst of happiness. This is my favourite of the three body washes and it is just an incredible scent. It is the perfect blend of freshness meets fruity and when you have been out enjoying the sunshine, it perfectly cools down the skin.

Tropic Skin Care are certified Cruelty Free, Vegan Society Approved & made with natural plant extracts but even so, it still manages to lather really well and as it does so, the scent of each body wash really does come to life and the scents are just amazing.

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Friday, 21 July 2017

TEN brands I haven't tried!

As a Beauty Blogger I have been lucky enough to work with some incredible brands, try some amazing products and as well as getting exclusive and insider information into my inbox on a weekly basis there is still a whole host of products which fill my social media channels and feed, from brands, who I have never tried and I thought I would share them with you.

Oh and I don't own a single Naked Palette!

Not in the Bag

There is no specific reason as to why I haven't tried them, sometimes it is because they are over-hyped and everyone has them and other times because I am so indecisive, I just never get around to giving them a try.

Anastasia Beverly Hills - One name known to most Beauty Bloggers is quite possibly Anastasia Soare aka ABH. Products such as the Dipbrow Pomade, Modern Renaissance Palette and the most recent Aurora Glow Kit have adorned my feed constantly.

Becca - Again the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop or the Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette. Both on my timeline constantly but neither of them has graced this face of mine!

Chantecallie a brand I can barely pronounce but again one I am seeing everywhere right now and as well as being luxurious and expensive, as a brand I don't know much about it and yet it is so pretty I just want to try it all, especially the perfecting bronze powder and the vital essence!

Hourglass - I know many are already shocked by this fact owing to my obsession with the Lip Stylo's but not a single item is in my stash and the reason for that is I just want to try so many things that I can't decide where to start. It is a brand I want to trolley dash in Liberty and have one of everything!

Jouer Cosmetics - As with Hourglass, there is so much I want to try but I don't know where to begin and more so, I am not the biggest fan of buying a brand that I haven't swatched in a department store on my hand, online. But it just calls my name!

Kevyn Aucoin - There are two products from Kevyn Aucoin which grab my attention every time someone features them on their blog - The Celestial Bronzing Veil or The Neo Limelight which look and sound incredible and I am yet to find a review that doesn't like them and those reviews are the ones I sometimes like to read before making a purchasing decision, odd though that might sound!

Laura Mercier - A good blogger friend of mine is obsessed with both the Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath or with pretty much the whole Make up range especially the Foundation Primer-Blemish-Less which both sound incredible.

Morphe - For this, I have Gemma over at Gemmaetc (formerly MissMakeupMagpie) to blame. Until she started posting incredible photos on Morphe palettes on her Instagram and blog, I was blissfully unaware of how amazing this brand looks and I am now already wanting the Morphe 35OS Shimmer Nature Glow Eye Shadow Palette and I did promise myself that I wouldn't buy any more until I had used a few up!

Nyx - As a highstreet brand, this is one I could go and easily play about with, but my local Boots store need to sort the testers out and clean the stand, it is vile.  That aside, Lip Lingerie is the product I see on my timeline the most and I love the different shades available!

Tarte Cosmetics - At least once a month my timeline has a special offer, known as a TSV (Todays Special Value) from QVC and I am yet to snap one up. Rainforest of the Sea is quite possibly one of the most loved collections that blogger friends rave about along with 

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara which I do, as a mascara fiend, really want to try!

So there you have ten brands and a whole host of products which bloggers on my social media feed love and adore and yet I remain in the dark.  I would love to know which product you would recommend from which brand and why!

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