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Feelunique Spark Beauty | Indie Beauty

A few months ago, I went along to the Feelunique Spark Beauty Showcase, a chance to discover the cutting edge brands that are now available at Feelunique. Described as being your one-stop shop for discovering the best indie from the States. It’s the perfect place to stumble upon the most instagrammable products in skin care, body care, fragrance and colour cosmetics.
Feelunique Spark Beauty | Indie Beauty
Indie brands is a new concept to me and until I went along to the showcase, I wasn't too sure what to expect, but being given the chance to meet new brands and speak to their representatives was quite the eye-opener and since then I have been lucky enough to get to know just a few of them.

Pistaché is formulated in California using a unique blend of oils. Sima Mostafavi Founder of Pistaché Skincare created the brand having pulled up a complete blank when searching for skincare products that harnessed the power of Pistachio.
Feelunique Spark Beauty | Indie Beauty
Speaking about the brand, Sima said: 
"As a fourth generation pistachio grower, I know firsthand the long-term benefits of pistachio oil on hair and skin. But no matter where I looked, I could not find skincare products that were effectively harnessing the power of this unique ingredient".
As soon as I tried the body butter, I wanted it, the smell is just incredible, it feels amazing on the skin and I just loved how quickly it melted and absorbed. There is an entire collection of products from Pistaché on Feelunique and everything from a Bath Oil and Cleanser to Serums and Exfoliators.

Next up is Ogee and it is a brand which is organic, gluten free, GMO Free, plant powered and cruelty free and it was founded by a collection of beauty and fashion leaders who created some of the world’s respected beauty brands. Its hero ingredient is Jojoba Oil.
Feelunique Spark Beauty | Indie Beauty
I have been using the Ogee Sculpted Lip Oil (£18) which is a solid blend of Jojoba Oil and butters that melt instantly onto lips to moisturise and nourish, lightly infused with refreshing Peppermint Essential Oil to soothe and it is just divine. It is ideal for use on its own or under lipstick, it applied just like a lip balm but melts almost instantly as soon as it comes into contact with your skin. It isn't greasy or tacky and doesn't leave your lips feeling as though they are covered in lard.

Alongside this oil, the Ogee range also comprises of Face Creams, Face Oils, Cleansing Cloths and a serum.

Sticking with skincare, the brand which intrigued me the most is Cannabliss and it is described as being skincare made with naturally rich hemp oil, grown organically in Colorado.  The product I have been using is the Cannabliss Revitalizing Serum (30ml - £125).
Feelunique Spark Beauty | Indie Beauty
I adore this serum and it uses a blend of Sweet Orange, Hemp Oil, Aloe and Rosemary making it incredibly nourishing and moisturising on the skin. Totally Vegan and free of parabens, silicones, petrolatum, synthetic fragrances or dyes, the bottle features an airless pump keeps the serum naturally preserved and because it is so airtight, it also keeps bacteria from contaminating the lotion.
Cannabliss Organic certified vegan Revitalising Face Serum is a perfect blend of anti-aging Korean herbs infused with full spectrum hemp oil and essential oils. It’s nutrient dense, organic botanicals help to hydrate and firm the skin, promote cell regeneration, brighten and even skin complexion.
On the skin, it absorbs as soon as it comes into contact with the skin and it smells just delightful. Having combination skin leaves me with dry patches of skin on both cheeks, so using serums is a must within my skincare routine and this has been a delight to use.  One pump is more than enough for use on my entire face and it has made me want to try more products from the range.

As well as skincare, Spark Beauty also includes makeup brands and you will see the likes of Clove + Hallow, Reina Rebelde Brava and Real Her.  I loved the look of the lipsticks from Clove + Hallow, the formula was just divine but the product I was given comes from Real Her and it is The Spotlight Is On Me Highlighter.
Feelunique Spark Beauty | Indie Beauty
Described as being an empowering beauty brand created by a father for his daughter, a concept he came up with when she was born. 
"I felt like I had this rebirth of myself after my daughter's birth. It was striking to me how complicated it is for a girl to grow into a woman in today's society, and the impact that society has on a woman's life. I want to do whatever I can to make as much of a difference as possible, as quickly as possible, to help more women. RealHer started as a way to create a better social environment for my little girl." -Xiang, Founder and CEO.
So with a brand that has products for the face, eyes, lips as well as some tools, it has quite an impressive arsenal to work with.  For me, this Highlighter has been an amazing introduction.  With a formula which is both buildable and blendable, it is described as being a highlighter with a copper shimmer and it is just beautiful.

I have really enjoyed my introduction to Indie Beauty and alongside the brands I have within this blog post, there are so many more to try and I would love to know if any of them catch your eye.  You can read more and find many more brands from Feelunique right here.

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Top Tips for Creating a Luxurious, Spa-Like Bath Experience

A long hot soak in the bath. There isn’t anything quite like it, is there?
Top Tips for Creating a Luxurious, Spa-Like Bath Experience
Photo by Mutzii on Unsplash
Yet, if you’re anything like me, you won’t find much time to do this – and when you do, you’re in an out within 10 minutes because you’ve either got the water too hot or you’ve got something you need to do and haven’t left yourself enough time.

However, I’m here to share with you some wonderfully indulgent tips for bath times that’ll have you making that time for yourself at least once a week!

Make It Mindful
It’s easy to quickly run the bath, pour in some bubbles and jump right in. But that’s not going to do a lot for your mindfulness.

Instead, take some time while you’re running the bath to create the perfect ambience.
This means getting rid of those kids’ toys and that overflowing laundry basket, dimming lights, lighting candles, and adding essential oils to really add to the overall experience. For example, Neom Organics offer a range of bath and shower drops that are designed to de-stress you and help you relax and unwind.

And once you’re in the bath, take some time to close your eyes and focus on your breathing. This will help clear your mind of those day-to-day stresses, instantly relaxing your body.

Add Some Indulgent Touches
As well as those essential oils, bring some more indulgent touches to your bath so you don’t have to move for a long time. This includes a chilled towel that you’ve spritzed with the essential oils, a glass of chilled lemon-flavoured water and some of your favourite snacks.

Alternatively, if you’re getting ready for a night out or a relaxing night on the sofa, a glass of prosecco while you’re in the bath won’t hurt!

Greet Yourself with Further Luxuries When You Get Out
The indulgent feel doesn’t have to end as soon as you get out of the bath, either.

Before you get in, make sure you’ve left a dressing gown, slippers and some fluffy towels by the bath so you can wrap yourself up and continue to feel relaxed. Straight after your bath, it’s also a good idea to lather yourself in a gorgeous, scented cream as this will really bring the spa-like experience to your home.

As you can see, with these tips, you won’t be jumping out of the bath after ten minutes. Just perhaps when you start to look like a shrivelled prune!

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Introducing THE BEAUTY BOX by FUNMI FETTO AW18 - a collection of beauty must-haves specially curated by Funmi Fetto, Contributing Beauty Editor at British Vogue and it can be yours for just £25 (link).
THE BEAUTY BOX by FUNMI FETTO AW18What I really like about this box, other than the price (which is amazing) is that there is an incredible mixture of brands and products that you might have seen around, have never used, have wanted to try or love enough to want to stock up. They also make really nice gifts, which you can add products too as well!

Speaking about this box, Funmi said 
"As a long time beauty journalist - currently Contributing Beauty Editor at British Vogue - I am always asked for my product recommendations, especially by fellow women of colour. This led to a really exciting collaboration, with some of my best-loved brands, on a beauty box that included products I discovered and fell in love with on my beauty journey. I hope these `beauties' will become your favourites. Enjoy." 
Inside you will find the following:
  • Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil, 15ml
  • Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II, 7ml 
  • Clinique Chubby Stick™ Intense, Broadest Berry, 1.2g
  • Origins CLEAR IMPROVEMENT® Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores, 30ml 
  • MAC Strobe Cream, Pinklite, 6ml
  • Aveda Damage Remedy™ Intensive Restructuring Treatment, 25ml 
  • Bumble and bumble Bb.Curl Defining Creme, 60ml
  • FULL SIZE! Smashbox Photo Edit Eye Shadow Trio, Punked, 3.2g
All for only £25 (worth over £73*)

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