Thursday 20 June 2024

The Health Benefits to Your Mani/Pedi

How amazing is the feeling of getting a manicure and a pedicure when you need a little self-care? It feels like being able to relax, to feel pretty and to feel like you are in control of something. In a world so full of fear and anxiety, being able to take an hour or two to allow someone else to take care of you can feel unreal; as if it’s not something you could have ever dreamed of. And yet, did you know that your mani pedi session can do so much more for you than make you look pretty?

Most people view their appointment with a nail tech as a way to have professional looking nails, but it’s also the first thing to be cut from the budget when times are tough. Right now, it feels like times are always tough, so you won’t opt to pay for the HEMA Free Builder Gel or the additional spa package that often comes with a pedicure. You might even feel too guilty to pay for it in the end. Either way, you need to think about why you should KEEP your mani pedi in your budget. We’re here to tell you that it’s perfectly fine to indulge a little if you can’t indulge a lot. You should remember that both manicures and pedicures come with health benefits. Don't believe us? Let’s dive into the benefits of both.

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  1. You’ll have smoother skin. You know that one of the most comfortable things to have is smooth, comfortable and hydrated skin. The first benefit of getting your nails done - hands or feet - is the benefit of smooth, healthy and rejuvenated skin. Hands are always being worked and often, worked far too hard. You need to have your skin looked after and any reputable nail tech will take care of more than just your nails. They’ll be looking to hydrate your feet and hands, ensuring that the skin is effectively cleaned. They will remove all of that dirt and grime build up on your hands and the same can be said for your feet. No reputable nail salon is going to focus on the nails and nothing else; they will ensure that your hands and feet feel healthy and well cared for, too.

  2. Leveling out your feet. Did you know that a pedicure can balance your weight better? The pedicure you love will help you to level out the surface of your feet and help you to distribute your weight more evenly. This will reduce the risk of wear and tear on joints and decrease the likelihood of accidents and reduce the health impacts on your spine and any headaches. In other words, your pedicure is going to help you to correct your posture and get your feet leveled by a nail technician or increase your chances of being healthier.

  3. You will improve your blood circulation. When you go and get your nails done, your technician gives you a massage. This massage will help you to do more than just relax. They are there to help to promote healthy blood flow. This is necessary all year round. An increase in blood circulation can help your body to distribute heat during the colder seasons, and it's going to make you feel more energized and awake. Increased blood flow can also help to reduce any pain that you may be feeling in your hands, feet and legs, which can make a very big difference to your overall mental and physical health. It's also fantastic for your heart. If being at the nail salon is going to be a good thing for your cardiovascular system, then surely you should be booking your appointment yesterday. You don't have to allow your body to become a dumpster, and if you know that the blood is pumping better, you're going to get rid of the waste out of your body and look good for it at the same time.

  4. You're going to be able to prevent infections. With the help of a mani pedi, you will be able to prevent infections and make yourself feel so much better.Fungal infections happen to thrive in dark, damp spaces, which often ends up being your shoes. As you're constantly exposing your feet to moisture, it's very easy to develop fungal infections on your toenails. Nail technicians are very familiar with feet, therefore they will be able to ensure that they spot any infections in the beginning stages before they spread. Going for regular pedicures can ensure that you don't end up susceptible to any further issues. 

  5. Say goodbye to Calluses. Calluses on your feet are caused by repeated pressure. They have the potential to become very painful, and they can be removed by your nail technician if they know what they're doing. Nail technicians can also help you to prevent getting calluses because they'll scrub off the dead skin cells on your feet, so you don't need to worry about having dry and flaky feet anymore.

Image source: Pexels

  1. You are going to feel far more productive. Just going to get the manicure yourself. Ensures that you are taking time out to do something that's just for you. Don't think of it as keeping you from doing the important tasks, but giving you time to sit down and relax and take a breath. Taking a break, even if it is just to get your pedicure done, is known to increase and improve productivity. This means that you're allowing your mind to refresh. Think about the way that your computer acts once it's booted up after a long time. That’s like your brain. Keeping yourself and your mind busy at all times can result in a decrease in your attentional resources. You don't want to be decreasing your focal capacity, so make sure you're taking breaks.

  2. You will ease any anxiety. When you are forced to spend time away from your phone and your screen, you end up disconnecting. Getting your nails done means that you can't sit and scroll on your phone. Being present and away from your phone gives us a moment to relax and clear your mind. It's a very small way to improve your mental health, your attention and allow your brain to release that melatonin at night to help you sleep. The more time you spend away from your phone doing activities such as mani pedis, the less time that you are building up your anxiety.

  3. It's a stress reliever. The massages that you get during a mani pedis are going to help your blood circulation, but that's not all. Massages can help you to destress and relax. The fact that your hands are completely occupied and you're disconnected from your phone gives you a moment to be present and enjoy your massage properly. Getting your nails done is your time, and being able to destress yourself is going to give you a clearer mind from all of the tasks that you have to do.

  4. You can improve your confidence. Let's be honest, the aesthetics of getting your nails done is a great way to improve your confidence. Mani pedis are a great advantage of self-expression and you get to choose the colors and the designs that you want as well as the length and the shape of your nails. The choices that you have when it comes to nail customisation are huge and you can give off a sense of style and personality as a result. Expressing yourself through your nails can also help you with matching your clothing. For example, if you love to have dark red nails, having a power suit while you wear those nails in that colour can really help you to feel more confident. The best part is that your hands are nothing to be self-conscious about because your nail technician has made them soft, giving you that fresh coat of Polish and removing any hangnails or imperfections. Any presentations you do at work and every hand you shake are going to see these nails looking beautiful.

  5. Improving your self esteem. Sometimes it's not easy to practice self-care, however, doing so is a great way to improve your self esteem because you're going to be investing time and money in yourself for a change. When you invest in yourself, you also send yourself a positive message that you matter. You are worth the cost and that's going to leave you feeling out of Queen. Nice nails also lead to compliments from others which can also increase your self esteem and make you feel good. Why wouldn't you want to feel good?

The health, both physical and mental benefits of a mani pedi are going to last you for a long time. It forces you to take that step back and often that's something we forget to do in the fast-paced world that we're living in today. You never had your nails done before then maybe it's time you go and get your appointment booked now.

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