Wednesday 3 April 2024

Simba Hybrid® Topper

When you think about how much time we spend in bed, it is so important to make sure you are comfortable - do I have the right mattress and pillow, all of which should help you get a good night's sleep, not to mention that the temperature has to be right as well. I am obsessed with my Simba pillow, the difference it has made to sleep has been amazing, but more recently I have been lucky enough to receive the Simba Hybrid® Topper.
Simba Hybrid® Topper.
Laying in bed, be it for sleep, reading, relaxing or whatever reason you choose, should be comfortable and struggling to find that comfortable position, waking up with back pain or even discovering lumps and bumps in your mattress is a sign that you need a new one.  I my case, as we cannot agree on which new mattress we need, the Simba Hybrid® Topper has been amazing and having now slept on it for a month, it is a great investment!
Transform any mattress in any instant with our comfort-boosting mattress topper. Unlike a more traditional memory foam mattress topper, our innovative design combines up to 2,500 Aerocoil® springs and a layer or open-cell Simbatex® foam to keep you cooler and more cushioned. Includes removable, washable cover.
So, the Simba Hybrid® Topper is designed to fit any mattress and comes in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. Made using the up to 2500 Aerocoil® springs and a layer or open-cell Simbatex®. Explained simply the Simbatex® foam is ‘open cell’, which means it has a less dense structure than traditional memory foam, allowing more airflow; the Simba sleep engineers have also infused it with graphite, a natural mineral which draws heat away from the body.  
Simba Hybrid® Topper
As someone who doesn't like to be hot when they sleep, but won't leave my legs dangling out of the bed incase someone grabs my foot, this has been the biggest difference for me, being cool and still covered in a duvet is just the dream combination, I am warm but not too hot.

Unlike other mattress toppers I have tried, and there has been a few, this one has an added an anti-slip base and with ir four snug-fit, corner straps which not only helps to keep your topper firmly in place, it also means it doesn't move across the bed as you turn over, get in and out of bed or sit up, once it is in place, it is there until you move it.

When the Topper arrives, the box is huge and inside it is vac packed, so once you have extracted it from the box, which is great fun if you have cats, the advice is to unravel it and let it slowly inflate, which does do within a matter of hours, at this point you can manoeuvre it into place. 
Simba Hybrid® Topper
I have the king size version and it is the perfect size for my bed, what surprised me is how easy it is to fit into place, unlike my mattress, it doesn't need two people to put it into place, I managed it on my own, secured the straps and once the cats had bounced about it on, made the bed, excited to test it out.  It took a few days to get used too, gone was the lumpy rut and in its place was a soft, comfortable hug, the best way to describe it, and for the first time for as long as I can remember, I slept for a good few hours and didn't wake up feeling as though I had been trapped in a vice.

The Simba Hybrid® Topper prices start at £219 for a single, rising up to £399 for a super king size and it is worth every single penny!

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