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4 Ways to Style Individual Lash Extensions

One of the most popular treatments in the beauty industry, lash extensions have changed over the years –moving from strips of lashes made from a fake synthetic material to the modern individual lashes crafted from a fluffy PBT silk material which closely resembles the look and feel of your natural lashes. It’s not just the lash products that have been innovated but like most industry's there are trends that have emerged leading to even more lash products. Consult your client and depending on their wants adjust your thickness, length, curl and even colour to suit their needs. This blog highlights four different ways that individual lashes can be styled to create different looks with different lash products.

1. Natural lash extensions for an everyday style

Ways to Style Individual Lash Extensions
(Pinkfishes Classic Lash Extensions in 0.10 thickness Credit: @thelashcompany_aestheticsessex) 

Lash extensions don’t have to be dramatic – they can also be used to enhance your client’s natural features for a subtle but elegant everyday style. Classic lash extensions involve applying 1 lash extension to every natural lash which means you could enhance your clients lashes but very naturally. Depending on how subtle your client would like the extensions to be consider doing the following to create a more natural lash extension. Firstly, using a lighter thickness will make the lashes appear thinner, you could use a 0.10 or 0.15 lash extension to do this.

Choose a flatter curl more similar to your client's natural lashes, curls such as B & C will be less curly making the lashes look more natural as opposed to dramatic. Use shorter lengths, this one might seem obvious for creating a more natural look but don’t use extensions much longer than your clients' natural lashes. Consider using brown lashes, they mimic a closer shade to a natural lash as opposed to jet black lashes, so will therefore appear more natural on a client's eye.
4 Ways to Style Individual Lash Extensions
(Pinkfishes Brown Flat Classic Lash Extensions in 0.15 thickness Credit: @pinkfisheslashco)

2. Thick lash extensions for extra volume

Natural beauty aside, let’s consider the way that lash extensions can be used to create volume and enhance a more dramatic look. Russian/Volume lash extensions involve applying a number of lash extensions that have been made into a fan onto each natural lash, this technique was developed on from classic lash techniques and used to create bolder lash extensions. Whilst using the Russian volume technique there are also various products you can use to increase the dramatic effect of lash extensions. When it comes to thickness, you actually want to use lighter lashes to create more dramatic lashes. This is because the thinner lashes you use the more you can use in one fan to create a great dimension of fan. We recommend using Mega Volume lash extensions in a 0.03 thickness as you can create a fan with up to 20 lashes on using this thickness!
4 Ways to Style Individual Lash Extensions
(Pinkfishes Mega Volume Lash Extensions in 0.03 thickness Credit: @pinkfisheslashco)

Whereas if you are using a heavier thickness such as 0.10 we would only recommend using 3 lashes in each fan. In terms of the curl why not try a D or U Curl lash extension as they will give the effect of lashes being lifted – the same effect a lash curler would create! Finally, of course you could also increase the length of the lash extensions you use to create a clear transformation. At Pinkfishes we offer up to 20mm lash extensions. When creating dramatic lash extensions, it is very important to consider what your clients natural lashes can hold and perhaps use a combination of the above to ensure the extensions are also healthy.
4 Ways to Style Individual Lash Extensions
 (Pinkfishes Mega Volume Lash Extensions in 0.03 thickness, lengths 13-18mm Credit: @bethanyrosebeautyy)

3. In-between lash extension when you want the best of both

Many clients won’t know what they want and may even contradict themselves. They want extensions that enhance their own but aren’t too long or they want an everyday style that’s also great for going out. There are various ways that you can enhance Classic Lash extensions, decrease the effect of Russian/Volume Lash extensions or even combine the two for a perfect in-between style! Firstly, to create a more dramatic classic lash extension try increasing the thickness you use so that the lash extension is more prominent, use a longer length or choose a curlier lash. To create a more natural Russian lash extension, use a thicker lash and decrease the number of lashes per fan, for example use 0.07 lashes to create a 5D Fan. You could also use a flatter curl and decrease the lengths used. Alternatively, you could create a Hybrid set which is a combination of Classic and Russian eyelash extensions in one set. You can adjust what percentage of the set is classic or Russian depending on how natural or dramatic your client would like the set to look.
4 Ways to Style Individual Lash Extensions
(Pinkfishes Hybrid Lash Extensions in 0.15 Flat and 6D Pre-fanned lashes Credit: @emhlashesandbrows)

4. Creative lash extensions

You can go even further than the basic techniques and use specialist products to execute beautiful creative lash extension looks. You can use M Curl lashes to create an eyeliner effect on your client's eyelid as the curvature of the extension makes the lashes look flicked.
4 Ways to Style Individual Lash Extensions
(Pinkfishes M Curl Lash Extensions Credit: @extendedldn)

You can use coloured and glitter lashes to make the extensions pop. Why not try pre-made spikes to add wispiness to your set or try out wet lashes to make your clients lash extensions appear wet!
4 Ways to Style Individual Lash Extensions
(Pinkfishes Pre-Made Spikes Credit: @beautybyylucy)

Overall, in an ever-developing industry there is a lash extension style for everyone. Check out Pinkfishes, the eyelash specialists, range of eyelash extension products to see what styles you can create.

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