Tuesday 29 August 2023

How to Stop Hair Loss in Its Tracks: Top Treatments to Try in 2023

Hair loss and balding can affect anyone, and it tends to knock your confidence down many pegs once it happens. While some are happy enough to fully embrace the change by making a bald head their new look, not all are happy about it. If losing your hair is stressing you out, and you don’t want to rock a shaved head, don’t worry. You can take several steps to completely change your look and ensure you remain with a stunning, full head of hair.
How to Stop Hair Loss in Its Tracks: Top Treatments to Try in 2023
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Start By Understanding Why Your Hair is Falling Out

While genetics plays a huge part in whether you maintain your full head of hair as you age or not, there are several other causes that need to be ruled out. Hormonal imbalances and changes, for example, frequently result in hair loss. That’s why pregnant women and women going through menopause may notice their hair falling out more regularly, to the point where they now have to deal with bald patches. The good news is that, as your hormones stabilize, your hair should grow back. It’s not, however, a guarantee.

Medication, medical conditions, stress – all of these can cause hair loss. If you want to ensure that your hair retention efforts work as well as possible, go to a doctor to get to the bottom of your hair loss and work from there.

How to Stop Hair Loss in Its Tracks

There is medication out there that may be able to stop your hair loss in its tracks. These medications inhibit the conversion of testosterone into DHT, which is a leading cause for balding in women and in hereditary cases. Do keep in mind this medication only works to slow or stop hair loss. It cannot help you regrow your hair.

Hair Transplants
If you want to return hair growth to areas that stopped seeing new growth altogether, you’ll need a hair transplant. Hair transplants for both men and women are one of the most popular treatment options available at hshairclinic.co.uk in Dubai. How much the treatment costs depends entirely on how much hair you need to be replaced. If you have light thinning or your hairline has receded, your efforts will not only take less time but also cost less.

Other Hair Options
You can mimic the look of real hair in several ways. Hair loss treatments are another option, which involve stem cell hair growth serums to target hair shedding and stimulate hair follicle growth. One of the easiest is Advanced Tricho Pigmentation, which essentially works to mimic the look of real hair follicles growing on your scalp. The goal is to help mimic the look of a close shave, even if your hair itself doesn’t actually grow there anymore.

You can also get a wig made for you. Getting one made with real human hair and designed with your head in mind can help you reclaim a full head of hair with natural-looking results. You will need to learn how to properly put your wig on so that you can move your hair around with ease naturally and not have anything fall out of place. If you’re expecting sudden hair loss (for example, going through chemo), you can even use your existing hair to create your own custom wig.

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