Wednesday 17 May 2023


When it comes to a desert island product I would have to take, it will always be mascara. It is my favourite makeup product and I absolutely love trying and testing new brands. The latest item to my collection is the Bella Wanderlash Mascara.
This mascara is already a cult favourite with so many and has already amassed a beauty guru fan base with the likes of MUAs Hannah Martin, Nicola Chapman and Celine Bernaerts, all of whom give their coveted seal of approval. So if is good enough for them, it should be good enough for me right?

Housed in a gilded styled tube, WANDERLASH is not only vegan and cruelty free but it also boats of being free from 30+ disrupting ingredients such as fragrance, parabens, silicones, talc and sulphates.
WANDERLASH delivers a long-lasting, clump-free, instant false lash effect that leaves lashes upright and plump all day long. How? Designed specifically for a gravity-defying lift, the concave-curved wand has special lifting brush technology and is packed with intricate waved fibres that capture every single lash, submerging each in its curl-defining formula. The end result? Lifted lashes otherwise only achievable in the salon, that beg to be fluttered.

Rich and creamy in texture and intensely black in colour, the formula boasts a dynamic, unique blend of innovative active ingredients.
  • Jojoba Oil promotes length,
  • Hemp Extract hydrates and conditions and
  • Blackcurrant encourages a thickness effect. 
Also brimming with vitamins and potent antioxidants, each ingredient has been selected for their ability to nourish, protect and anchor follicles for longer, healthier, cashmere-soft lashes. 
The perfectly curated wand allows for buildable, effortless lashes which do not clump after a few applications and on my lashes, which are quite long, it isn't heavy and doesn't make my lashes feel weighted down, so that is a huge plus point.  It also lasts pretty much all day, if I apply it at 7.30am as I am leaving for work, it is still in place until the early evening when I am done for the day and on occasion, I haven gone out after work and have not had to re-apply.  Removal is also an easy task, I always use an eye makeup remover before cleansing and it comes away easily with no need to over rub the eyes.

It is fair to say that I really like this mascara and at £28 it is really worth trying.

Plus it has added ingredients to care for the lashes. Hemp Extract (to condition & hydrate), Jojoba (to promote lash length) & Blackcurrant (to promote lash thickness) 

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