Monday 27 February 2023

Lacura Eyeshadow Primer

I love a good dupe and one brand who seemingly gets it good on most occasions is Aldi with their Lacura range. The last addition to my stash comes in the form of the Lacura Eyeshadow Primer, which you might say looks and sounds similar to the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion.
Lacura Eyeshadow Primer
With its similar designed tube, though different in colour - Urban Decay use their purple shade where as Aldi Lacura have chosen to use an Ombre purple and blue colouring, but the jewel-like cap on the tube is almost identical. One of the biggest differences being the price £3.99 v £19.50, assuming the Aldi offering is worth its money.
Prolong the look of your eye makeup with the new Lacura Eyeshadow Primer. This primer glides effortlessly onto the lids to create the perfect canvass for makeup application.
I have tried many eyeshadow primers over the years and always end up coming back to Urban Decay because it is just so good, but then came Lacura!
Lacura Eyeshadow Primer
Lacura Eyeshadow Primer
With its incredibly soft applicator, Lacura has managed to create something which doesn't hold too much of the primer, so there is no wastage. Formulated with polymer technology, this formula has a super lightweight texture and it features a finish which prevents creasing and locks in your makeup all day.

I adore the shade of this primer, incredibly light and not at all noticeable once it has been applied to the lids, of which, you need the smallest amount.  Once applied, you don't even notice it is there, it doesn't dry or feel heavy and after a few seconds, you can apply your eyeshadow.  It does create a crease-free base and impressively, I have found my eye makeup stayed in place for 6-7 hours before I needed to re-apply, so it got me through a day of work, but if going out in an evening, there would be a need to re-apply.  With Urban Decay, I do get a slightly longer wear, but in reality for me, there isn't a lot to choose between the two.

For £3.99, the Aldi Lacura Eyeshadow Primer is one to pick up if you see it in store or even online.


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