Friday 29 September 2023

How to celebrate ‘Galentine’s Day’ in style

Sure, you’ve heard of Valentine’s Day. You might make special plans each year, from date night with a partner to sending hopeful Valentine’s Day cards to crushes. But have you been missing out on Galentine’s Day?
How to celebrate ‘Galentine’s Day’ in style
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It officially falls on February 13th, the day before the big one, and it’s a great way to honour your best female friendships. Galentine’s Day came about thanks to Amy Poehler’s character in the TV series Parks and Recreation and has since taken off among gals across the world, regardless of relationship status!

Whether this is your first year celebrating or you’re hunting fresh ideas, here are five fun options to get your group chat going.

Sisters’ staycation
Flight prices are going to ‘continue to rise’, according to the Jet2 boss. So if an indulgent trip abroad is beyond your gang’s means, why not holiday together closer to home?

You could book a cottage somewhere and enjoy the British countryside away from work, kids and irritating partners. Or maybe a city-centre apartment is more your group’s vibe.

At the end of the day, location shouldn’t matter too much; being together is what’s important on Galentine’s.

Dinner and drinks
Few activities allow you to properly catch up quite like a night on the town. You could book a meal to settle everyone’s stomachs before moving onto a few bars. Eat, drink and chat, then dance the night away! Square Meal is perfect for finding restaurants, bars and even venues for hire.

Alternatively, why not start early with a bottomless brunch? Or keep things civilised with an alcohol-free event, like coffee or hot cocoa and cake.

Gals’ night in
Of course, there’s no obligation to go out for Galentine’s Day. You could have just as much fun by staying in, especially since it falls on a Monday this year!

You might host a dinner party if you back your skills in the kitchen or keep things simple with a takeaway instead. Once everyone’s fed, move on to high-energy games or a nostalgic movie night.

If your gang doesn’t get much opportunity for self-care in everyday life, then a day of pampering could be the answer. Head to your nearest spa or book in for some beauty appointments - not that you need any!

If those options aren’t your style, perhaps some retail therapy will do the trick. Take your time, try new outfits together and offer plenty of positive encouragement!

A healthy challenge
For a completely different approach, your team could take on a physical challenge of some sort. That might mean hiking a nearby mountain, skydiving or just trying a new gym class.

Whatever the case, you’ll feel even better for coming through it together – and more motivated to start!

Could any of these ideas suit your squad this Galentine’s Day?

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