Wednesday 25 January 2023

Four Aesthetic Ideas for Your New Bedroom Look

Redecorating is a task that is equal parts stressful and fun. In between all the admin of planning your renovations, booking handymen, and figuring out how to use certain tools for the umpteenth time, there is that same excitement that would take you over as a young child choosing their room colour for the first time.

Four Aesthetic Ideas for Your New Bedroom Look
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Indeed, the way you choose to decorate can say a lot about who you are as a person, whether bright yellows for an innovative soul or light blues for an open, airy personality. If you find yourself stuck for bedroom decoration inspiration, you could always reverse-engineer these principles – right down to some core aesthetic values you hold. But what might these look like? Here are four strong examples with trendy pedigree:


Cottagecore aesthetics have been taking the internet by storm in recent years, inspiring everything from Tumblr mood boards to outfits and even entire lifestyles. The “-core” suffix has been used to describe specific and niche trends or genres online for some time, inspiring some unique frameworks for aesthetics and style; cottage-core is one of the most popular, encapsulating a particular rural cosiness that comes from a traditional countryside cottage.

But how to incorporate this in your bedroom? Natural colours and materials are paramount, whether ‘raw’ linens and cotton or unvarnished wood furnishings. Rugs, blankets, and throws are a must, while matte neutral colours on the walls can help reinforce the cosy vibes.

“Soft Girl”

The soft-girl aesthetic is a close relative of cottage-core, having originated similarly and cultivated a similarly enthusiastic following. This time, though, the trend has emerged more fully on video sharing platform TikTok, as people share their fashion tips, shopping hauls, and, yes, their bedroom d├ęcor.

Soft girl aesthetics also have an element of nostalgia attached to them, harking back to the gel pinks and glitter of the early-00s. Pastel pinks and bright accents perk up a room in that familiar candy-gloss fashion, while maximalist displays of plushies and dolls fill out the space. Soft touches to your finishings, such as smooth surfaces and soft fabrics, gives you complete control over every aspect of your room’s colour, finish and feel.


Bohemian, or “boho” style has been around for generations now, and, like many other quintessential aesthetics, enjoys its peaks and troughs of popularity. While boho may appear to be on the downswing at the moment, interest in this hippy-influenced smart-slacker style is fast regaining ground. Bohemian chic is often defined by its worldliness; European aesthetic instincts meet Middle Eastern fabrics and textiles, to create a vibrant space that is equal parts vibrant and chilled.


Just as soft-girl aesthetics seek to capture a specific feeling through a snapshot of a time gone by, so too does indie aesthetic. Indie encompasses the best of alternative culture in the 1990s, from the grungy heights of Nirvana’s fame to The Strokes’ reinvention of New York rock ‘n’ roll.

Indie aesthetics are very much in the eye of the beholder and can signify either the quiet cool of early alternative rock or the countercultural swagger of leading underground artists. What they share in common are bold colours and a maximalist style not dissimilar in effect to soft-girl aesthetics – only using posters and alternative artwork instead of dolls and plush toys.

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