Saturday 18 February 2023

Are Period Pants Worth It?

Switching to products which are more sustainable, better for the planet and are generally less wasteful is becoming the norm. From shampoo and conditioner bars, refillable shower gels, PCR plastic, reusable cotton pads and words such as Terra-cycle all being part of everyday life.
Are Period Pants Worth It?
The latest switch I made was to period pants. Yes they are a thing. Having tried the Mooncup and genuinely finding it was just not for me, period pants are just genius and having now used them for 6 months, I wish I had switched sooner. For many, periods is a taboo subject, it is mentioned with embarrassment and sniggers but I’ve never found it awkward to talk about, shop for and even share the effects, symptoms - I’m talking cramps and PMS with anyone who asks (or doesn’t).

There is now, I’m pleased to say, many different branded period pant brands. From the highstreet with Primark, M&S and more recently Boots to brands such as Modi Body and Wuka and more that have frequented my inbox. I did a lot of research before making the switch, like choosing your brand of sanitary products that suit your menstrual flow, it is worth taking the time to work out what you need.

I choose the trusted M&S to start with, they had an offer that was too tempting to turn down with a buy 3 get one free deal. The initial outlay is something to bare in mind too. Where a box of tampons might cost between £2-£10, period pants come at differing prices starting around £12 rising upwards to £30 depending on the brand. But… they are reusable and can be washed, dried and worn over and over again.
Are Period Pants Worth It?
Are Period Pants Worth It?
For me, I have a medium to heavy flow and one thing that has always made me self-conscious is “have I leaked” the age old - sanitary towel has moved and I’m not protected or have I changed my tampon, I don’t want Toxic Shock Syndrome… none of this I’ve had since I switched. There is no “smell” that I’ve seen some refer too on social media, if you choose right there is no leaking, there is no need to panty liners, no need to carry around extra products - all you need is that one pair of pants per day, two if you feel more comfortable and you are good to go. Depending on your brand, period pants have what is referred to as a three-layer gusset and it’s job is to draw moisture away from the body, within that three-layer is an absorbent, anti-odour middle layer and a protective outer layer
Are Period Pants Worth It?
The average pair of period pants is said to hold up to 3-5 tampons worth of fluids - so depending on your flow, depends on the type of pants you will need. For me, I wear them from showering in a morning until I shower in an evening and then change to a fresh pair for overnight. What’s more, they’re easy to wash and dry:
  • Soak or rinse your pants in cold water immediately after removing them.
  • Next, wash at 30 to 40 degrees with your other clothes and normal detergent.
  • Once washed, do hang up to dry, rather than tumble drying.
Whether you favour hipster, high-waist or full brief, there is a whole range of period pants available and so far, it’s been worth every single penny I’ve paid and I’m glad I made the switch. They’re comfortable, easy to wash, easy to wear and are much better for the planet than sending products to landfill. 

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