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SheWolf Hydrating Collection

When you read that a brand has taken years to get their product just right, to look, feel and smell how the inventor wanted it to, that is quite impressive. Enter SheWolf, a hair care brand which is the brainchild of Mariano Ruiz and through rigorous testing, feedback and consultations, the brand was born and I have been lucky enough to give a few of them a try over the past few months.
SheWolf Hydrating Collection
For me, hair care is something I am very picky about.  I have what is best described as being combination hair - greasy roots, dry ends and if I am stressed, run down or not well then my scalp seems to give the tell tale signs of needing some TLC. To that end, I use a weekly mask, I exfoliate my scalp, I use leave in treatments, I don't over wash or condition my hair and I try as best as I can to not use too much heat. 

I was kindly sent the Inca-Oil Hydrating Shampoo, Conditioner, a mask and a hair oil to try and together they create quite the routine, especially if your hair does need a little bit of TLC.

The Apricot Butter pre-shampoo mask (£22) is the first product I started with, anything that is pre-shampoo usually get my attention and over the years, I have tried quite a few different branded products.
SheWolf Hydrating Collection
From SheWolf, the mask is described as being a weekly indulgent and luxurious deep conditioning treat that is perfect for hair that is tired-out and dried-out. Designed to be applied from the mid-roots to the ends of your hair, this mask is luxuriously thick and very smooth, it uses Apricot Butter for deep conditioning and with it is the scent of Fig and Tuberose, which if I am being honest is just delightful. Once on damp hair, you need to leave it to work its magic for up to 30 minutes, or it can be left on overnight, before washing out and continuing your routine of shampooing and so on.

The Inca Seed Oil Hydrating Shampoo (£18.50) is designed for weakened, dry hair and its job is to bring dry, stressed-looking hair back to life.

As a shampoo, the formula is really silky and not too thick, so you need a really small amount to apply to your hair.  My hair is shoulder length, so a walnut sized amount is more than enough for my hair.  Using Inca Seed Oil and Brazil Nut Oil blend to help lock in moisture, you will also find the very same scent of Fig and Tuberose, which for me is much more dominant within the shampoo than it was within the pre-shampoo mask.
SheWolf Hydrating Collection
Then we have the Inca Seed Oil Hydrating Conditioner (£18.50) and as well as complimenting the shampoo, this conditioner is designed to make dry, stressed hair look shiny and fabulous again.

Again, as with the shampoo, this conditioner has a lovely lightweight formula to it, instead of being thick and almost mask-like.  As I have greasy roots, I tend to use this conditioner twice a week and not when I am using the pre-shampoo mask, but it is delightful to use and once again it uses Inca Seed Oil and Brazil Nut Oil blend to help lock in moisture, you will also find the very same scent of Fig and Tuberose and again, it is most definitely noticeable within this conditioner and it really does linger on your hair for hours after using.

The final product within this little group is the Tsubaki Smoothing Hair Oil (£25) and this is my favourite product so far. Designed to turn frizzy, dull, dry hair into smooth, silky, luscious locks.
SheWolf Hydrating Collection
What I love about using this oil is that it isn't oily, an odd description to share I know, but it is similar to a serum in texture.  You will only need 1-2 pumps of this product I have found and you warm it between the palms of your hands and then apply to clean, dry hair just before styling, or you can add it afterwards if you wish.  The main ingredient within this Smoothing Hair Oil is Tsubaki Oil and it is said to be a much treasured beauty secret of Japanese women dating back many centuries. Tsubaki oil is created from the seeds of Japanese camellia and it works to smooth the hair without weighing it down whilst also restoring shine.  Also added to it is the signature scent of Fig and Tuberose.

I absolutely love this collection, it has worked wonders on my dry ends and I am delighted to say hasn't caused any issues with my scalp and my hair has been very receptive to the smoothing oil, which tames the frizz of new hair without leaving it feeling lank and greasy.  I should also mention that the scent of this collection is incredible, it is fresh and zingy whilst being relaxing, definitely something which should be bottled and sold as room or linen sprays and maybe even a candle!

Shewolf is on sale via both the brand website and Feelunique and alongside the Hydrating Collection, there is also Colour Protecting and Volumising product ranges too.  However, if you want to grab yourself an absolute steal, QUEEN20 gives 20% off on GlamourGenius!

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  1. I haven't heard of Shewolf as a brand before, but I like the sound of the Smoothing Hair Oil! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  2. Ooo I’m absolutely loving the sound of this brand and how it came about. You know a brand is good when it takes a long time to make the products perfect. I have really frizzy hair so I’m defiantly going to be checking these products out, they sound amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this new brand with us, I’ll for sure be purchasing from me asap! Xo

    Elle - ellegracedeveson.com

  3. The scent sounds divine! The whole range sounds perfect for hair in need of a boost! x



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