Friday 21 January 2022

Emma Hardie Moringa Candle

Imagine having one of your favourite cleansing balms being turned into a candle - well okay not quite but the scent you have come to identify as being calming, relaxing and part of your favourite skincare routine. That is exactly what has happened with Emma Hardie and the Moringa Candle.
Emma Hardie Moringa Candle
Emma Hardie Moringa Candle
I have declared my adoration for Emma Hardie as a brand for many years now, I’m yet to find a cleansing balm as enjoyable and as good as this one, though a few do come a close second. For me, there is something about the scent which is both calming and relaxing whilst at the same time has the ability to just give you that spa like treatment at home time and time again. 
Immerse your senses in pure indulgence with the Emma Hardie Moringa Luxury Scented Candle. This deluxe candle fills the room with the earthy aroma of Moringa. Relaxing and tranquil, this spa-like scent helps to create a soothing and peaceful atmosphere in your home. Housed in a decorative gift box, this luxurious candle makes a perfect present for loved ones or as a personal treat for an evening of self-care.
As well as the candle, the Emma Hardie range has expanded a lot in the past year and now includes a whole selection of delightful body, bath and shower products, which I have shared already and of course stocked up on! 

This candle, as soon as you lift the lid on the box gives you that relaxation and calming vibe, it is definitely the scent of the cleansing balm in candle form only slightly more potent with the scent, something I happen to absolutely love. If you are familiar with the cleansing balm then the notes of neroli, jasmine, rose, mandarin and sweet orange are all there and better still, this luxurious candle from Emma Hardie has been created using a natural blend of biodegradable wax made from pure soybean oil, rapeseed and bee's wax.
Emma Hardie Moringa Candle
To use, the advice is to light the candle wick and let the spa-like aromas fill the room for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 hours, this will help to ensure that the wax burns evenly. Once alight, I am so glad to say there is no black soot that often comes with candles and this is down to how the candle is made. 

At £45 this is definitely a luxury item but one that is worth every single penny! 

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