Thursday 13 January 2022

Aroma Active Laboratories SOS Chest Rub

Over the last few months my immune system has been horrendous, firstly there was a really bad sinus cold, then I caught Covid19 and then a really bad cold hit again and with it that stuffy feeling of not being able to breathe clearly through my nose. That’s when I turned to Aroma Active Laboratories and their SOS Chest Rub which happens to be in the same range as my favourite SOS Forehead Balm.
Aroma Active Laboratories SOS Chest Rub
Described as being an uplifting balm which works to soothe and clear which opens up your airways to make breathing normally that much easier.   This formula is perfect for the days you feel under the weather with sniffles, colds and blocked noses.

If you are familiar with Aroma Active Laboratories, they are the sister brand to Aromatherapy Associates and each product has both an Aroma part and a Therapy part to it. In this case this Balm, which is non-greasy and feels similar to a cleansing balm, uses a restorative blend of invigorating Eucalyptus, Palmarosa, and cooling Peppermint, all of which come together for their clearing, uplifting and soothing properties.
Aroma Active Laboratories SOS Chest Rub
To use, you simply need to rub a small amount onto the chest as and when needed to help soothe and clear the senses.  For me, as soon as the balm is massaged in, the scent of Peppermint and Eucalyptus come to life to ease the strain and then Palmarosa, which is great helping to deal with stress, anxiety, moods and it is also a great balancing oil.

For me, this Aroma Active Laboratories SOS Chest Rub has been just perfect for use, it isn’t too potent a scent it makes my eyes water, it is as soothing as it is calming and it costs just £10.

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