Thursday 16 December 2021

STYLPRO Squeeze Makeup Sponge Cleaner

The Stylpro Brush Cleaner is one of my most used gadgets and I love it. Gone is that never ending chore of cleaning makeup brushes and leaving them to dry all over the house on various old towels.  Imagine, that that same kind of invention was created to clean your beauty blenders! Oh well here it is!
STYLPRO Squeeze Makeup Sponge Cleaner
The Squeeze Makeup Sponge Cleaner is an originally invented device, by the one and only Tom Pellereau aka Inventor Tom, who has only gone and designed this device to clean makeup sponges in 1 minute and leave them ready to use instantly - absolute genius!
The STYLPRO Squeeze Makeup Sponge Cleaner deep cleans your sponges in 1 minute, squeezing and spinning them until they sparkle.
The Squeeze uses a combination of our specially made sponge cleanser and recently boiled water to clean your sponges of bacteria, makeup and dirt, leaving them ready to use instantly.
I use a beauty blender, makeup sponge whatever you prefer to call them all the time and for me, there has only been so many times you can 'clean' them before they look too grubby to even contemplate using, but now I can get a bit more use out of my beloved blenders before they are consigned to beauty blender heaven.

I was lucky enough to watch Tom demonstrate how to use the STYLPRO Squeeze during a live demonstration, whilst blindfolded and whilst it was one of the funniest things I have watched on Zoom in a long time, it was also amazing to see just how simple it is to use.

How to use
  • Dampen sponge and place in ‘bowl’. Soak your dirty makeup sponge in 20ml of ‘sponge sparkle’
  • For best results massage cleanser in using the ‘press’.
  • Carefully fill the ‘bowl’ to the fill line, with recently boiled water.
  • Push the button on the ‘press’, pull the handle up and lock the ‘press’ open.
  • Using the open ‘press’ knead the makeup sponge a few times against the ‘bowl’ base.
  • For best results wait 60 seconds. Scoop up makeup sponge, push the button on the ‘press’ and carefully squeeze it closed.
  • Attach the ‘pebble’ and spin your sponge to its former glory. Depending on how long ago you cleaned your sponge you may need to repeat this process!
I am really impressed that the STYLPRO squeeze comes with everything you need, there is no extra bits you need to buy, you know how annoying it is when you buy your niece or nephew a toy, only to find out it comes with extras and you haven't ordered them, well not with this.  
STYLPRO Squeeze Makeup Sponge Cleaner
STYLPRO Squeeze Makeup Sponge Cleaner
Inside the box you get:
  • The main Press device
  • The Pebble spinning device and batteries
  • The Bowl
  • 85ml of Sponge Sparkle Vegan Certified Cleanser
Without question, I absolutely love this gadget, there actually isn't anything that Tom has invented so far that I haven't loved. In recent months I have shared the STYLPRO Glow & Go Mirror and the Luxury Makeup Brush Collection.

The STYLPRO Squeeze Makeup Sponge Cleaner usually retails around £39.99 but if youre quick, ASOS are selling it for just £30 and it is worth every single penny!

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