Monday, 26 July 2021

My favourite chocolate treats.

Chocolate makes me happy. I’m having a good day, I shall celebrate with a little square of chocolate. I’m having a bad day, just one more square. I’m having some me time, a tea break or midnight cravings – everything turns into a little bit of chocolate. If I’m going to a restaurant and order dessert, of course, it’s going to be the chocolatey one. Do you share my love for this delicious treat? If you are reading this, I hope you do but if you don’t, that’s fine too.
My favourite chocolate treats.
Today, since chocolate is on my mind, I decided to share all the delicious chocolatey snacks and treats that I absolutely love, some of which you might or might have not tried. You can find all of these indulgent treats at Pantry House, fine food shop. This family-run business sources artisan and fine foods from business all across Europe and the UK and then deliver them straight to your door – I love them!

Really Missing Sleep is also a fan! In a recent blog post, Really Missing Sleep mentioned how thanks to Pantry House “I have been introduced to some wonderful brands that make the finest foods. Brands I probably wouldn’t have found in my local supermarket.”

Border Biscuits Dark Chocolate Gingers & Orange Biscuits
My favourite chocolate treats.
Fiery, rich and oh-so decadent! These biscuits are one of my go-to biscuits when having a cuppa. If you love dark chocolate, ginger and orange, do yourself a favour and try these! Even if you feel like you wouldn’t be a fan of this flavour combo – you’d be surprised!

Cocoba Vegan Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bar
My favourite chocolate treats.
This handmade vegan milk chocolate bar is perfect to treat yourself or as a gift to a friend. Made with Belgian milk chocolate and topped with crushed cookies, it’s simply fabulous!

Coolmore Chocolate Orange Cake
My favourite chocolate treats.
Orange and chocolate is a classic flavour combination… java cakes anyone? This rich and moist cake takes these delicious flavours to the next level. You will adore it! Mummy Fever recommended adding this chocolate and orange cake to your selection of afternoon tea treats!

Jude’s Belgian Chocolate Custard
My favourite chocolate treats.
Oh, how much do I enjoy some chocolate custard (on its own!) as a dessert. Please don’t judge! This chocolate custard is made with real Belgian chocolate and it’s simply to die for! Try it on its own or as a topping to your favourite dessert.

Brave Roasted Chickpeas Dark Chocolate
My favourite chocolate treats.
A healthy(ish) snack that you can have at any time of the day! Roasted chickpeas are delicious but when coated in rich dark chocolate, they are divine.

Sweet Revolution Organic Chocolate Latte with Cordyceps
My favourite chocolate treats.
Who doesn’t love a good latte? This will be nothing like the lattes you’ve had before, trust me. This uses raw cacao to create a decadent and delicious cup of hot chocolate. Plus, these are designed to be used with milk and non-dairy alternatives, so you can enjoy them, no matter your dietary restrictions.

If you are not a big chocolate eater, it’s still good to have some chocolate every now and then. As this article on Mind Food explains, eating chocolate has plenty of benefits, including being nutritious, fighting fatigue and anxiety and even improving blood flow! Chocolate is truly amazing!

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