Wednesday 5 May 2021

NeuroSkinFeeds The MicroMilk

At the start of 2021, I shared a new brand to my blog whom I had come to meet in 2020, that brand is Neuroskinfeeds with their MicroOil. Today is the turn of The MicroMilk, a product which is described as being a hydrating and ultra-light body moisturiser which can be used daily to keep dry skin at bay and skin silky soft.
NeuroSkinFeeds The MicroMilk
NeuroSkinFeeds The MicroMilk
Neuroskinfeeds was founded by leading Spanish counsellor and addiction specialist Tatu Cutillas. Tatu believes that there is a strong connection between what you put on your skin and your mood, something I agree with when it comes to products such as fragrances, whether it is a perfume, a wax melt or even a candle. I know that citrus blends tend to be uplifting for the mood and anything Lavender related is relaxing and calming. So with skin products, especially this one, I was intrigued.

Delicate enough to be used on the most sensitive of skin, MicroMilk has a really interesting put together holistic formula that was created for moisture barrier repair.  This Milk uses  ingredients such as
  • Camelina sativa seed oil which is antioxidant-rich and has a calming effect on both the mind and skin and helps restore the skin’s natural barrier. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, calming sensitised skin, whilst adding moisture and boosting the immune system. 
  • Cannabis sativa seed oil + 1% CBD and this super booster is said to intensively nourish and regenerate sensitive and tired skin because it is not only rich in vitamins A and E, but it also deeply moisturises and improves the skin’s structure, whilst promoting those relaxing properties for the mind. 
  • Aloe vera gel for hydrating, soothing and cooling skin whilst also reducing inflammation and itchiness, leaving it smooth and soft; 
  • Shea butter which as an anti-inflammatory and one rich in polysaturated fatty acids (DHA) instantly softens, tones and conditions the skin. A must-try for anyone who is feeling stressed and has dry skin.
With all of those ingredients plus a few more besides, you can imagine just how soothing and hydrating this MicroMilk is on the skin. 
NeuroSkinFeeds The MicroMilk
It comes packaged in a pump action bottle, which makes it easy to use, you can control how much you want to use and then once it has been applied to the skin, it absorbs really well without being greasy, tacky, sticky or even slimey. It just leaves behind wonderful feeling skin and I can't help but like it a lot.

You can find this NeuroSkinFeeds The MicroMilk here and it is priced at just £33 here.

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