Wednesday 10 March 2021

Special Moments Mother’s Day Set - Margaret Dabbs London

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day which is said to be an annual reminder to say thank you to the special person who has done and still continues to do so much for you. Like many of you, I haven't been able to see my Mam in person for over a year now, the odd Facetime or text is as much as I have been able to do and whilst I do live over 200 miles away from my family home, I never forget Mother's Day. 
Special Moments Mother’s Day Set - Margaret Dabbs London
This year, Margaret Dabbs London has put together two wonderfully luxurious care packages as a gift to those people we call Mum, Mam, Mom, Step-mum, Mother and not forgetting those Gran's, Nan, Nanna, Grandma or whatever other affectionate name you might use. These packages have been carefully put together to ensure this person has everything she needs to have some time out for a pampering of her hands and feet, which of course for the time being will be at home.

Whether that’s mum, step-mum, grandmother or another special person who is always there for you, treat them with a pamper package to really make sure they feel loved this year, in true lockdown style. Margaret Dabbs London has put together two beautiful, luxury care packages that give her everything she needs to feel pampered from her hands to her toes. With anti-ageing ingredients that really work, these results-driven, highly effective treatment products for feet, hands and legs are a joy to use, and are sure to add a touch of indulgence to her day, no matter how busy her schedule.

The Special Moments Mother’s Day Set (RRP £55 - Offer Price £45) features four products to pamper those hands and feet and as I am a huge fan of the brand, I have been enjoying pampering myself.

The first product is the Crystal Nail File (£15) and it is one of the best nail files I have ever used and I always have one as a back up in my desk drawer. This nail file is regularly voted Best Nail File, that is how good it is.
Special Moments Mother’s Day Set - Margaret Dabbs London
This nail file is slim enough to fit into your makeup bag, weekend bag or even have on your bedside table and it has been designed in such a way that you can use it in both directions, backwards and forwards, across the nail and it is fine to be used on both fingers and toes because it isn't overly abrasive like other nail files I have used.

The second product is the Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Serum Pen (15ml) and ever since it arrived, I have been obsessed with it and I am not the best at remembering to look after my cuticles.
Special Moments Mother’s Day Set - Margaret Dabbs London
My one issue with Cuticle oils is the faff and mess they create when being used, so most of the time I just don't bother with it, but this serum pen is a whole new ball game. The pin point dispenser, which gives this a crayon look, has been designed to ensure exact precision during the application stage of the serum every time with little or no wastage. The serum is enriched with both Emu and Tea Tree oils which together help to lock in moisture and then work transform dry, damaged nails and cuticles and effectively treats and protects against infection.

Is there ever a pamper pack without a hand cream? This Intensive Hydrating Hand Lotion, 75ml is absolutely divine and it is one of those that just shouts luxury.
Special Moments Mother’s Day Set - Margaret Dabbs London
This hand treatment is enriched with anti-ageing ingredients such as Hempseed Oil, White Water Lily and Kelp, all of which are usually reserved for facial skincare products. Designed to instantly hydrate, plump the skin, improve skin firmness, elasticity and collagen levels as well as boosting the skin’s moisture levels. The hand lotion smells absolutely beautifully with the scent of Geranium and Mandarin, which delicately lingers on the skin after using.

With this hand treatment, you need just a small, the forums is non-greasy, and added to the ingredient list is the added benefit of Comfrey, which with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, also to help soothe and protect the hands.

Finally within this gift set is the Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion (75ml). I am a huge fan of this Foot Lotion and it’s formula and I’ve taken to using it 2-3 times a week to keep my feet in good condition after using a peeling mask. 
Special Moments Mother’s Day Set - Margaret Dabbs London
This foot lotion has been expertly formulated to work on a treatment level, much like the rest of the products within this collection, for this one we have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and hydrating properties all in play.

Described as being a lotion helping to protect against the natural ageing process of the feet and gait related changes, which in turn can lead to common foot complaints including dehydrated skin, hard skin build up and tired aching feet, this product is also and good for bone and joint inflammation. 

On the feet, this lotion is delightful to use and it immediately absorbs on contact, moisturising an hydrating the skin of the feet to leave them feeling fresh, soft and smooth to the touch.

Without question, these products from Margaret Dabbs London* are as luxurious as it gets when it comes to products for the hands and feet - they are very much more treatment than your average high street cream. Together they create a wonderful pampering routine for the most hardworking parts of the body - your hands and your feet!

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