Monday 25 January 2021

Making Your Own Bedroom

If your home’s décor is still the same as the day you moved in, you may be keen to make your house truly you own. By adding colour and style you’ll be able to finally personalise your pad. And no where is this more important than in your bedroom. A space that should feel like it’s yours. So how do you make your bedroom your own?
If you’re like me, you’ll probably want to create your own dressing area. Most of us don’t have the space for a separate dressing room, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use part of the bedroom for this instead. You might need to reconfigure your existing bedroom furniture first. And you’ll need to create it in a corner or area where there’s plenty of light, so you can see to apply your make-up and so on. Your dressing area could feature a dressing table, clothes and shoe racks, and perhaps an occasional chair or full-length mirror too. Try to tie it all together with a colour scheme or style.

Why not get yourself a designer bed for elegant nights in? If a new bed isn’t within your budget, you can restyle your existing bed to give it that designer look. Making a bed look stylish isn’t as difficult as you might think. If you have a detachable headboard, you could upgrade this for something more on trend. The rest is down to how you dress the bed. Layering up the covers is the secret to making it look the part. And plenty of extra pillows and cushions.

Going dark and moody with your décor can add a grown-up and sophisticated vibe to your bedroom. There’s a growing trend towards painting bedrooms in matt black, dark blues and dark greens. If you like a colour but think the bedroom will be too dark, try painting a single accent wall instead.

The only downside to painting dark colours is getting a decent finish with your paint. Brush and roller marks can show up, so you might prefer to hire a decorator. If you don’t fancy getting your hands dirty (and who does), have a look to see what the painter and decorators day rates are like in your area. 

And lastly, no bedroom will feel personal without something on the walls. Bare walls don’t feel very homely or stylish. Choose a set of pictures that reflects your tastes and hang them together in a grid formation for extra impact.

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