Sunday 15 November 2020

Wall Art, Posters and Framed Prints - For the Home

(AD) Having just decorated a third of our house, we are still in the midst of adding some finishing touches, trying to combine hanging framed prints and our wall art between working from home, zoom meetings, ensuring the cats get some attention and trying to find time to relax is quite time consuming, especially as we still want to decorate the kitchen this year as it looks a little tired and dated - the bedroom can wait!
Wall Art, Posters and Framed Prints
When it comes to wall art, thankfully the mister and I both have similar tastes , whilst we would both love to own some original pieces by Dali, it is not a position we are likely to ever be in, so we tend to stick to the more abstract wall art pieces and he has even taken up painting himself, so around the house we plan to display some of those pieces.  We did look at using Bumblejax Acrylic Photo Block as as way to show off some of our art work, I love that they can change the look of your works of art to 3D giving you the option to hang them or stand them on mantlepieces, book cases or even shelves around your home.

On our walls before we decorated in the lounge we had just two pieces of art featured, both of which I have shared on my Instagram many time.  As the decorating started to take place, we need to find new homes for them - one is more abstract than the other, but we bought them with money we had been given as a Wedding Present many years ago and I really want to see both of them hanged somewhere.

We have both always wanted a feature wall of sorts, but instead of using paint or wallpaper, we wanted to use art and with the lounge set up we have, realistically, because it is a short L-Shape, we only have one wall that we could use, which wouldn't be too much of a distraction of the cats. Before we move onto the lounge, we decided to deal with the hallway first. In there are family photos and prints we have taken and collected over the years and have never quite known what to do with them.  So, I bought a whole lot of black frames so there is some continuity and then having laid it all out on the floor, we have hand drawn a plan as to what it might look like and so we can change them round before we hang them on the wall.

I'm clearly no expert at all of this home decor stuff, I have watched others do theirs, read websites on how to create feature walls and pretty much have done my own thing, once it is all done and dusted - the task of Lockdown 2.0, I will share it with you.  But I know some of you are pretty good at this kind of stuff, so if you have tips, find a way to message me, direct me, what goes where or can I just be a bit alfresco about it and do what I want?

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