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Korean Skincare Techniques Which You Need To Try

South Korea is known for many things, and skincare is one of them. Korean beauty gurus have harnessed precise, delicate, lengthy skincare routines which produce clear pores, glowing complexion and blemish-free faces all round. Now world-renowned for their expertise, Korean beauticians have shared their skincare hacks with the rest of Asia - and in turn, the rest of the world. Asian citizens from the luxury Emporis Kota Damansara in Kuala Lumpur, to the Gangnam region of Seoul to the Shibuya in Tokyo know that Korean skincare is the best of the best. Even over in the West, throughout Europe and America, Korean beauty regimes have made waves in beauty communities. 

Want glowy, stunning skin? Read on to find out three Korean skincare tips you need to try.

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The Art of Double Cleansing.
If you have never heard of double cleansing, prepare to have your mind blown. This Korean skincare technique requires a two-step cleanse, rather than a simple foaming cleanser morning and night as most people do. Double cleansing involves two simple steps, which are: 

Oil cleansing.
Oily skinned people, listen up. Oil cleansing doesn’t make your skin oily - in fact, it can prevent your skin from overproducing sebum. Cleansing oil is applied dry to your face, even over makeup after it has been worn all day, and rubbed in as normal. The oil combines with the oils and dirt on the surface of your skin, creating a kind of balm. Then, apply water - and the oil will become milky and wash away.

Foam cleansing.
Next comes the foam cleanse. Foam cleansing is very popular as the only form of cleansing in most people’s skincare routines. But foam cleansing after oil cleansing allows the cleanser to penetrate more deeply into your skin - after all, the oil cleanser has already got rid of surface oils and dirt, so the foam cleanser acts as a deeper cleanser. Wash it away, and you have completed the double cleanse!

Layering Your Products.
The order in which you apply your products determines how effective they are. Korean skincare specialists believe that locking in the effects of each product will make them effective; if you don’t layer correctly, the product can be completely ineffective.

There is some dispute as to the precise order in which your products should be applied, but here’s the gist: cleansers should be applied first, followed by toner. After toner, serums or peeling gels come next; these are followed by eye cream, and lastly by moisturisers. This order will maximise the effectiveness of your skincare and improve the appearance of your skin by a long way.

Treating Your Skin To A Massage.
While layering and applying the correct products is important, the way you treat your face is also vital. Koreans have been using facial massagers such as jade rollers for years now; over in the West, things are just catching on. Massaging your face, either with clean hands or with a facial roller, helps to contour and preserve the youthful structure of your face for longer.

In addition to massage and contour, there is much emphasis placed on the amount of time for which you apply and massage in your products. Most people apply their cleansers for around ten seconds and wash them off. This is, unfortunately, a waste of your products and therefore a waste of money. You should be cleansing your face for around sixty seconds per cleanser. Similarly, patting in your moisturiser gently for around one minute is also recommended.

The Inside-Out Effect
Korean skincare specialists are obsessed with hydration, and there’s a reason. If you are dehydrated, your skin will give you away; your skin cells will be less plump than if you are well hydrated, leading to a sunken look. In order to maximise your skin’s health, you can’t rely on products and face massage alone to achieve this. Drinking plenty of water every single day means that you are giving your skin a chance to glow and be plump and youthful from the inside out. If you do not take care of your skin as an organ first, no amount of serum, toner, moisturiser and cleanser will make it look as good as the K-Pop stars you love. Hydration is the first step to success.

Final Thoughts
If you adore skincare and want to bump your routine to the next level, use this Korean skincare guide to achieve skin perfection. These tricks of the trade can be yours to harness, so get started tonight!

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