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Oppo Brothers Ice-Cream Delivered

If I was to tell you that there was an ice-cream delivery service which would deliver ice-cream right to your doorstep, would you believe me? Well it is true and I have had a try of the service and can only say, if you love ice cream, then this is a service you need - Even my kitty thinks so!
Oppo Brothers Ice-Cream Delivered
Oppo Brothers Ice-Cream Delivered
The Oppo Brothers, Harry and Charlie, have made it their mission  to change the way people eat by creating amazingly tasty foods that don’t compromise on health and they launched with Oppo ice-cream into Waitrose back in 2014 with the hashtag #GoodTemptation.  Fast forward to 2020 and not only have Harry and Charlie launched into Tesco and Sainsbury's they have won awards and created new flavours, so what was left to do? Be the first major ice cream brand in the UK to launch a nationwide ice cream delivery service whereupon which, your ice-cream arrives frozen - as shown above.

Arriving in my box, I had 5 full tubs of ice-cream, which arrived by courier and all perfectly packed and frozen solid inside the box which was filled with dry ice and a lot of packaging to keep everything in one piece.  If you choose to sign up to the service which is priced at £45 for one month, £75 for two months and then £99 for three months and from there you have a whole host of flavours to choose from such as:
  • Caramel Chocolate Crunch - Award winning Salted Caramel ice cream, a gooey chocolate swirl and crunchy buttery biscuit pieces. An ice cream that even millionaires would call rich. Only 199 calories per half tub.
  • Simply the Zest - Simply the Zest is the perfect blend of a zingy lemon swirl and smooth, creamy lemon panna cotta flavoured ice cream combined with lemon zest. All at only 157 calories per half tub.
  • Double Salted Caramel - Introducing our hero flavour: Lucuma. Known as 'gold of the incas' in Peru, it's a fruit shaped like a melon, with golden flesh and a naturally smooth caramel taste. Even better it’s known for being rich in antioxidants, iron, zinc, vitamin B3 and calcium. Only 178 calories per half tub
  • Vanilla Pecan Praline - Creamy Vanilla ice cream generously swirled with a caramel sauce and caramelised pecans. Extra virgin coconut oil is used to give a smooth and rich texture. Only 198 calories per half tub.
  • Colombian Chocolate & Hazelnut - A decadent Colombian Chocolate & Hazelnut ice cream, studded with finely chopped, lightly toasted hazelnuts. Full of flavour and the highest-quality natural ingredients, but with up to 70% less sugar and calories than traditional ice cream. Only 195 calories per half tub
These are just some of the flavours currently available and if those descriptions don't tempt you, then I don't know what will!
Oppo Brothers Ice-Cream Delivered
Oppo Brothers Ice-Cream Delivered
We have slowly been working our way through each and every flavour and whilst each tub holds 475ml of ice-cream, which is a fair sized tube and each and every one of them tastes just divine, I have a preference for the Caramel Chocolate Crunch and the Mister has opted for the Dairy Free Simply the Zest.

If you know someone who loves ice cream, even if it is yourself then this would make such a unique gift - be it for birthdays, an anniversary, Christmas or even just because you want too. I know a few people who would just love this as an idea.  If that isn't enough to persuade you, Oppo’s ice cream containsup to 60% less calories and sugar than regular ice cream and 10% of the profits will go to the NHS as a thank you to our healthcare heroes.

You can find out more about this service due to launch in November right here via the 
Oppo Brothers site and I am struggling to find anything I dislike about this as a gift offering.

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  1. Ohhhhh this sounds absolutely wonderful - I'm going to have to drop a few hints about a birthday subscription present (also, I'll be thrilled if mine is delivered with a cat too...)

  2. Now this is the kind of delivery I just love to receive! I'm not sure I could choose which flavour to try first though!

  3. My mother is an ice-cream fiend, actually everyone in my family is - perfect gift for them! x


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