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Fat freezing – what you need to know*

For some people, body image and self-confidence are often closely linked, and this can be the case throughout our lives. Irrespective of gender, young people in their 20’s and 30’s to those in middle age and later life can all struggle. There are lots of steps people can take to improve their body confidence but not one is right for everyone. Finding what works for you to give you a body you’re happy with is really important.
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There are lots of diets, supplements, treatments and programs available to everyone in today’s society and this can make things difficult. It can be overwhelming in terms of the amount of choices and information out there. With this in mind we wanted to put together a quick guide on what you need to know about one of the options available to you, fat freezing. You may have seen it called cryolipolysis or even CoolSculpting, but in this article we are going to highlight the key information about this treatment.

How does it work? 
The most important thing to understand with any treatment is how it works. The first thing to point out here is that unlike other fat removal treatments you may have heard of, such as liposuction, fat freezing is non-invasive and non-surgical. It uses controlled cooling in specific areas to target fat cells. Scientists discovered that fat cells were particularly sensitive to colder temperatures. By using cold temperatures to target these cells they crystalise and ultimately die. 

Following a treatment session these cells will start to leave your body. This process will take place over the following days, weeks and months. It is important to note that this process is completely natural and is controlled by your lymphatic system. 

What areas can it treat? 
It is important to point out here that fat freezing is not designed to be weight loss treatment. It is designed to be a fat loss treatment which can target specific areas of your body. Everyone has areas of their body they may not be happy with, and fat can play a significant role in this. 

Because fat freezing can be targeted specifically to certain areas you can achieve highly localised results. Larger areas such as your thighs and abdomen are often areas where people would like fat removed as it can help them fit into clothes more comfortably. However, fat freezing can also be used on smaller areas such as your chin and jawline which are obviously highly visible areas. Another area which may be less visible but still one people may wish to target is the back, specifically around bra straps. 

What are the benefits?
There are a several key benefits to fat freezing, some of which you may already have realised reading the information above. Firstly, it is a highly versatile treatment as it can be used to target a range of areas on the body. Secondly, as mentioned initially, fat freezing is a non-invasive and non-surgical process. This means that there is no risk of scaring as there is with other procedures. Furthermore, invasive and surgical procedure have a period of recovery time which is needed to allow your body to heal, however, this is not the case with fat freezing. 

Undoubtably one of the main benefits to fat freezing is that because the fat cells have been destroyed and removed from your body, they will not be able to return in the future. Finally, it is worth highlighting that because it can take weeks for the fat cells to leave your body the change in your body looks natural rather than immediate. Yes, it will be a change but not instant, but rather gradual. 

Is it right for me?
To discover if fat freezing is a treatment which is right for you it’s important to speak with a professional. Do your research to find a well-respected clinic which offers fat freezing and organise a consultation or even just an initial discussion over the phone or by email. This will allow you to learn more about the process and for a specialist to answer any specific questions you may have. It also allows a clinic to ask you about your medical history in order to identify any issues which may impact your ability to have fat freezing treatments. 

Overall fat freezing can be a fantastic solution for many people and help them feel better in their body every day!

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