Friday, 4 September 2020

What are the benefits of facial massage?

Today's post is written by the lovely Laura from Persephone Beauty, a site which sells a  collection of all-natural, organic and vegan beauty, helping you care for your skin and our planet.
The perfect way to relax, unwind and transform your skin? Facial massage. The addictive, relaxing method signifies the end of a busy day and the practice helps to melt away any tension, give skin's circulation a boost and promote a glowing and luminous complexion. Sounds good, right?

What are the benefits of facial massage?

The short version is that facial massage helps to give you glowing skin. The act itself helps to increase circulation to the skin which gives a natural glow, as well as increasing firmness in the facial muscles, reducing puffiness, melting away tension (calling all teeth grinders) and stimulating lymphatic drainage. All in all, a solid addition to your daily skincare routine. 
What are the benefits of facial massage?
When to give yourself a facial massage
We find it easiest to give a massage in the evening, as part of a relaxing evening routine. Easy to do in the bathroom as you cleanse or whilst sat in front of the TV for a little bit of down-time. When done properly, a facial massage is also incredibly relaxing, both for your mental state and for any tension you hold in your muscles. 

Add in some slip
Before you get started, make sure to apply some product to your face or fingertips, to give your fingers or tools a little 'slip'. A facial oil is deal for this, as it easily allows for you to freely massage the skin and the act itself has the bonus of increasing product absorption. Meaning, all of the ingredients can get worked into the skin, helping to nourish and add radiance. 

Keep it simple
We find it easiest to commit to doing a few simple moves frequently, as you're more likely to stick with it. Three of our favourite moves involve the jaw-line, the brow-bone and the neck. To encourage lymphatic drainage (this helps to increase the speed to which toxins are removed from the body), placing both thumbs under your chin and all fingers on top of the chin and then dragging firmly out towards your earlobes five times can leave your jaw-line looking more defined.

Tools of the trade
Of course, using your fingertips is an effective tool, and a method that we recommend for daily use. Whilst cleansing skin, it's easy to add in an extra two minutes of dedicated massage time. If you're looking to upgrade your routine, then we love The Sculptor and The Roller. The Sculptor is the one for you if you're looking to train up your facial muscles and carve out some definition, whereas The Roller is our go-to for helping to smooth away any puffiness from the skin.

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  1. A facial massage is so relaxing and makes a big difference to the skin x


  2. I need to give my skin more of a massage!

  3. I have just ordered the Gua Sha tool, thanks for the recommendation.


  4. I definitely need a facial, haven’t had one since February!

    Jess x

  5. I have a jade roller and find it so relaxing, and it really helps with circulation!

  6. What a lovely facial massager!


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