Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Top Tips for Moisturising Dry Hair

Dry hair can be a nightmare to deal with, especially if you’ve tried everything under the sun. Cracked, split ends and a shaggy bird’s nest appearance can all be consequences of excessive dry hair. The good news is that there are ways to not only manage dry hair but to nourish it and make it shine. We explore a few of those ways below.

The Right Shampoo Matters
With dry hair, the right shampoo matters — a lot. While it might seem fine to just go with any old shampoo, choosing the right kind can make a huge difference to the feel and appearance of your hair. It may sound logical, but only select shampoos that are specifically for dry hair. Even those that say they’re suited for ‘normal’ hair can sometimes be too drying. If you’re uncertain about which one is best suited for you, take advantage of Boots discount codes so that you can buy a few and do some test runs. 

Use Masks and Leave-in Conditioners
Dry hair requires as much nourishment and oil as possible. Depending on the degree of dryness, you may want to also use hair masks or leave-in conditioners on top of the conditioner that you use in the shower. Masks are especially effective ways to deep condition your hair and improve its overall state. 

Don’t Shampoo Every Day
While you may enjoy the feeling of cleanliness that comes from a daily bath or shower, washing your hair every day will also strip it of its natural oils. If you do want to bathe regularly, give your hair a miss for a day or two as it will give it time to replenish its oils. Again, judge this by how dry your hair is as you’ll be able to tell how soon your hair requires a wash or not.

Ensure You Have Oils in Your Diet
Dry hair can be a result of your diet. If you often eat dry, cold foods, and you already have a predisposition to dry hair and skin, you could benefit from adding more healthy oils to your diet. Incorporating things like avocado and natural oils such as omega-3s, sesame oil, coconut oil, and olive oil to your food can help condition your hair from the inside out. 

Avoid Heat
It’s no secret that heat dries the hair. This is important to note when it comes to hair irons, and dryers as chronic or daily use can contribute to cracking or frying your hair. If you do use any heating implements, try to use these sparingly. Let your hair dry naturally sometimes and only use the iron on special occasions. Your hair will thank you for it!

Be Careful in Extreme Weather
This applies in both summer and winter. Too much sun or even icy cold air can dry out your hair immensely, so if you must spend extended time outdoors, make sure you use UV or heat protectors. Or ensure your head is protected with a hat or a scarf.

Dry hair can be an unsightly pain, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Employ the above tips, and those dry split ends could soon turn into a smoother softer look!

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