Saturday, 18 July 2020

Pinterest Worthy Home?

One of my go to places for blog inspiration, recipe ideas, crafts and even DIY help is Pinterest, it also happens to be my biggest source of traffic for my blog! 
Pinterest Worthy Home
I have mentioned the use of Pinterest on my blog quite a few times, particularly when it came to renovating my bathroom and making plans for both the lounge and hallway with changes and currently on my hallway board there is a whole host of choices between Engineered Wood flooring and the Parquet that is similar to what we currently have. For the lounge, I am still stuck on deciding if it should be a new carpet, keeping it plain with a coloured rug, though my obsession with PomPom rugs is still very much there.

Now we all would love to have that brand new feeling to our home and achieving that Pinterest-worthy look does often seen unachievable with the white walls, marble effect kitchen worktops and the open plan kitchen and diner, but we can't all have that. So, taking my inspiration from Pinterest, I do have a few ideas I want to incorporate.

1 - Gallery Picture Wall. I love seeing people use their Instagram to show off the latest prints they have from Desenio or a store on Etsy and between Instagram and Pinterest, I have started to build my own gallery wall, making it a mixture of my own artwork and photos. 
Pinterest Worthy House
What I love is that there is no right or wrong way to choose how to hang your pictures on the wall, there are no rules.

2. The Sideboard.  We have noo room for a coffee table to style books on, I even have a coffee table styling board on Pinterest because they fascinate me. So instead we have a sideboard which houses candles, a few books and then some stationery for when we work from home. But on top, there is a nice bit of space which now houses my electric wax burner, a few books and a lantern. What I love is that it makes the corner of the room much cosier than it once was, but there is still room to add a candle or two, but it is a work in progress.

3. Plants.  I have shared the outdoors, my concrete terrace on Instagram a fair few times, showing off the homegrown veggies that we have somehow managed to grow. It all stems from my obsession with tomato plants, which remind me of my childhood and from there we have added onions, spring onions, runner beans, peas, beetroot, garlic, coriander, basil, chives, parsley, potatoes and carrots. But inside plants are where my attention has moved too and once again, Pinterest has been my inspiration. In the bathroom, I now have my Cacti and a recently added Aloe Vera, both fairly easy to look after and maintain. 
Pinterest Worthy Home
However, I am now pretty taken with water plants and, like this one again a Pinterest thing and have my eye on a few ideas.  I would ideally like to have at least one plant in every room!

4. Lights.  I really hate the light fitting I have in the hallway, it has been there since we moved in and now the hallway has been painted. As my hallway is fairly short, we need something that allows a lot of light, particularly in the winter months, so block colour, for me, wouldn't work. 
Pinterest Worthy Home
My current light shade of choice is this Hiko Easy-To-Fit from John Lewis, it has been sat in my basket for a few weeks now and at £55 it isn't as expensive as others that I also like.

I have kept my list quite small, I wanted to create something that was achievable and didn't turn into a bucket of stress. As one task is completed I will add another one to it and so on, until I have got as far as I can go. I am definitely not someone who is a master of interior design, but I am enjoying making a few changes to my home.

Do you use Pinterest and are there any changes you want to make?

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  1. That's a very snazzy looking lampshade! I love the idea of open wire, as like you said, it'll allow a nice amount of light to get in/out! xo

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